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If women actually hit the wall and get desperate for male companionship once they get older, why are there not any older women online trying to swoop in on the more successful lonely guys in places like this?

Pic unrelated
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>Tradeable in-game items for Skyrim
What did they mean by this
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Steam attempted to make paid mods for Skyrim via the workshop, the community rioted and they pulled it, and no doubt this was just left over.

To showcase the mods you've bought with real cash.

They said they were bringing it back, it's happening.
Oh Jesus, again?
Fucking Valve

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any other fatbots having a sore throat after force vomiting?
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What's wrong with Atkin's you fat fuck?

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Rate my futa waifu boys and choose a one too so I can bully you for your shit taste

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>it's another mom's friend visits close to dinner time, delaying dinner for 2 hours episode

Fucking normlings
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Why do blacks and Hispanics cough like they're dying when you ignore them?
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>overprotected by my parents
>they didnt let me go outside when i was 13yo and had friends because 'muh cars, muh drugs, muh gipsies'
>they are angry with me because im a hikikomori and i dont wanna go outside to talk with people
really makes me think
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>tfw u cum in ur moms vajeena
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OP you faggot, elaborate.

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I think i'm going to a private college since no public schools accepted me, how the fuck am i suppose to pay for this?
My parents are gonna help me a bit but i spent all my days being a lazy shit and now i'll have to work at a supermarket to come home at 9pm ?
Fuck i ain't ready
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you just said your parents are giving you money

ask your gran to sell her house
They need to pay for my sister aswell and they have a below average income
Idk if i'll be able to work all day but i guess that's my only choice

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Tired of trying and failing at college for basically 2 years, only ever done 5 classes to completion, have a job that allows me to pay back the small debt I have and sign up for classes for the next semester and take them
I feel exhausted mentally and physically, I would say spiritually but I'm not religious

I'm faced with either renting a place with two people I don't trust in order to try to throw parties, but I will have to ride off of their social networks, and the networks of a handful of other people I know who may or may not even want to do this and may or may not even be around anymore when the time comes
Or to abandon it, the other two people will probably not have anything to do with me anymore, and sign up for classes and go into a normal college semester and just hope I somehow stumble into getting a girlfriend or maybe weasel my way into a random party and end up somehow hooking up with a girl or who knows what, when I've already tried that twice and both times failed (I didn't go to college the 2nd or 4th semesters) (spring 2016 and spring 2017)

Should I just get an escort and end it already?
Thoughts from people who have done it before?
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i would rent with 2 other people and leech off their social networks. I didn't live with the people who were socially savvy, but they were my friends from outside college. I'd basically let them invite people over and it always turned into a huge party. I fucked plenty of girls for literally just having a house to party at and a room to take them to
You're in college, just get tinder. Western women on campus' are like degenerate fish in barrel.
That was basically the plan but I don't trust the only two people I can find who both are willing to room with me and *supposedly* have the money

Neither one of them is reliable financially, one gets something like 80% of their money under the table and is constantly living paycheck to paycheck and who's entire story doesn't add up (way too much to talk about), the other is a NEET minus working at walmart,

I have an extremely strong feeling that I will get financially ruined if I live with them, no parties will be thrown, and I'll be legally bound to a 12 month 1200 dollar per month lease with 0 to show for it

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ITT: we're /r9k/ from the Hyper Era
>woe to the Hwan who dare post on our board
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i never thought i would say this but
go back to >>>/his/

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hey guys chad here. need your help. i'm looking for the best wife-material, but can't decide.

1. Ugly girl, but very traditional, wants big family and wants to be stay at home mom.
2. very pretty girl, former stoner,, doesnt go to church, probably doesnt want kids, but still interested
3. pretty girl, christian, virgin, wants a family, but lives across the country
4. cute girl, we sent nudes already and she doesn't go to church, but is open to maybe going, and wants big family.
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I choose option 5
gtfo and bring your potential retarded religious spawn with you
How do we choose the best wife for you, Anon. We know nothing of you aside from Chadhood.
Anyways 2 or 4 depending on what you want out of life. Don't taint a 1 and 3.

Part of me wants to fuck her.
Another part of me wants to wear her dress, get on my knees and suck on his cock.
How do I make myself only want the first?

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Do the second thing enough to the point where it stops being that hot anymore.

t. ex tranny
Stop watching porn which places an emphasis on oral sex and the cumshot.

I had the same problem for a while, to the point where I decided to try sucking dick.

Wasn't even remotely fun for me, because I didn't - and don't - find the male form physically attractive at all. I was just in it for the dick, and that wasn't enough to keep me turned.

Sometimes you have to suck dick to know you don't like sucking dick, Anon.

Literally this.

Porn/fantasy creates this idea that X is the hottest thing ever.

Reality will knock you back down to earth. It's not magical or impossible, it's putting some fleshy tube in your mouth.

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How do I get away with grabbing a girls ass?
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look like chad
Go to a concert. Your hands will be indirectly touching ass anyway.
When you're a star they let you do it.

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is is just me or is Crywank not only the most appropriatly named musician but also the most robot-like source of music?

most of the songs sum up a robots life and feelings.

for an instance:

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>the most robotic music?
Close the thread. Didn't listen to your music.
I liked Sockweb recently, not a robotic music, but definitely out of normalfag range.




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