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>Selling extra car parts on Craigslist
>Was supposed to meet a guy at my work on Wednesday
>Forgot parts, let him know
>Tells me we can meet on Friday for them
>Forgot them again
>Tell him a family emergency came up
>Block number out of embarrassment for forgetting them twice
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How can you be that stupid
>Forgot them again
This is the point at which I would kill myself out of shame.
This is so real it hurts. I've done shit like this so many times and each time I consider suicide

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>when you realize that if you had superpowers, you'd be the villain
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This thread is really gay, like you anon
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>when you reaIize that if you had superpowers, you'd be the villain
I want to fix what's wrong with the world, whether the normies want me to or not.

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If dubs, I will an hero
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I'll follow suit if trips
If you're feeling really ambiguous about it, is that a good sign or a bad sign?
saved by 1
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Both were off by one number

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bucko. It's that simple.
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I'm doing a little bit every day to put my life in order. My bedroom is clean, and my kitchen is clean enough to prepare food in, although I could still do a little more work to make it fully clean. My other room has a bunch of out of season laundry sprawled all over and some boxes for packing stuff when I move into my next place, and I'm working on cleaning the bathroom right now. I have one more room with a couch that i slept on throughout the winter, and that room is a total disaster, and I'm going to start on it next week.

In the meantime, I've started some light exercise and bought a digital scale to weigh myself on each day, and I'm exercising my note taking abilities by taking notes for JBP's maps of meaning course for an hour every day after work.
I don't take orders from canadian sophists.
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Well me personally, I LOVE Jordan Peterson. In fact I'd like to take this opportunity to mention our sponsor, Sortingbox. And what Sortingbox basically is, is you pay Jordan a low sum every month, about um, 40,000 dollars monthly, and in exchange you'll get a collection of little self-help advice sent to you.
I mean it's all stuff you can find in cheap 99 cent self-help books at your local thrift store, or in fortune cookies at your local Chinese restaurant, but really it's more about the EXPERIENCE.

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>"Don't worry anon, you will still grow."
>24years old - 165cm
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Don't worry anon you don't stop growing until you're 25 :^)
Congratulations that is a very long benis


Can someone translate that to English for me?

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Is there a cure for yellow fever?

I wish I had an asian gf
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She's mildly attractive. I only really fall for he really white looking ones, or ones that look latina
There will be no shortage of asian woman if you join the co-prosperity sphere.
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What about lilypichu?

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Guys, I don't want to alarm you but I have reason to believe that some people on this board...may not be virgins.
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The ancient wizards put a barrier in this place. Virgins were guided here naturally while normies were unable to find their way to this sanctuary. With time, the great wizards started to vanish. Now the barrier grows weaker and there's nothing to protect us from the normies. Robots are now being kicked out from their home. Some believe this may be the spark that ignites the Beta Uprise.
I hear this happens every summer for some reason
cyborg here
of course im not a fucking virgin suck it up you little bitch

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Every dot on this diagram represents a structural formula, consisting of at least 6 symbols.
Every line, connecting two dots, represents an enzyme. Most enzymes have an unpronouncable name, consisting of at least 10 letters.
I have to memorize AT LEAST every single formula, the name of every single enzyme and the correct order of every step in this diagram in order to have A CHANCE not to fail my exam.
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boo hoo, you chose your path, its only your fault if you're unprepared
Holy shit do you think 4chan is your personal blog or something? Man up you pathetic retard; if everyone else in your course can do it, so can you. Curb your victim mentality or fucking kill yourself tbqh.
what is the fucking point of memorizing it?
all you have to know how to do is how to apply given information to get new information... there is no value in memorizing it since you can look it up in 10 seconds and you probably wont remember it anyways after the exam.
wtf are these normies thinking?

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Who /deliveryboy/ here? The most comfy job there is
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there is a pizza shop opening in my town soon and i'm going to try get on as a delivery driver
have you got any tips for getting the job?
the chances of being assaulted by crazy people must be high.
>have you got any tips for getting the job?

Just have a pulse, I work at Dominos and they hired me 2 days after I put in my application because they had a shortage of drivers. Just make sure you work in the good part of town. My store is surrounded by $80k average income houses so there's zero chance of Tyrone running up and shooting me

Hasn't happened to me yet, though I had to deliver to some sketchy basketball court and the friendly black people there told me it was probably a set up and I should just leave

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>shhh anon, she's sleeping
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*starts scratching chalk board with nails*
*slaps your neck*
dude what the fuck???
*starts firing blanks from shotgun*

When did you realise it was literally all about neck?
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Lef one looks way better.

He looks slightly retarded on the right.
Left one he looks like a faggot, right one he looks like Chad thundercock
>Left one he looks like a faggot
Your benchmarks are out of whack due to taking in so much Chad cock.

He looks more than fine.

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Eggy appeared on Ice Poseidon's stream yesterday.

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Idk who ice is... but I know who eggman is.
lol wat a cuck
ice poseidon was kind of a dick, why do people like this guy?

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Food Places Thread

what food place you like to go?, and what is your favorite order like? when you commute .
btw What are the awkward things normies do that makes you despise them, they bother you ???
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A place called Trocadero. i like it for its Mega Sized Pizza but it costs 18$ aaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Another place named Paname, i have been hating it lately because not enough SALT. and when you demand salt people be like O_o staring at you, like wtf you never saw SALT. fuck you.his Mega Sized Pizza costs 14$ meh but i dont like tuna once it goes into the oven.

I don't go anywhere, i just order pizza, i don't want to leave my house this rest of year
I work at dunkin donuts and get half off the sandwiches they're pretty good

www.strawpoll.me/13262553 keep voting
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what are we voting ? For books we like have read want to read will read will read in another life that we long to read but can't that we try to read but can never finish
vote for what our first reading material's gonna be. Looks like Mishima wins.

but I read that already and it isn't even one of his good books and i was too dumb to pick up on the each character represents an element of society without googingling it but even knowing that it doesn't make the book much more interesting

also how to join this book club ?

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God answers your prayers and gives you a personal loli. But she's a real human, with life, family e.t.c.
What would you do with her?
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le slepp loli.jpg
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insert sharp objects into her poopoohole
I'd cuddle as much as possible with her.
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What sort of life does a loli have? Besides, she's mine now so her parents can kindly fuck off

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