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At what point did you realize that you will never
>get married
>have children
>finish a college degree
>have a career
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>get married
Just recently as a 26 year old virgin. When I was 19-23 I would just joke about how I would never get a gf as a defence mechanism for not getting a gf. I just recently realized it wasn't a joke.
>have children
See above.
>finish a college degree
I'm half way through my BSc.
>have a career
Recently as well. My country is being flooded by immigrants so all the good jobs and degree programs like doctor, pharmacist, etc. go to them.

I'll probably wind up as a 40 year old, handholdless, kissless, virgin, who works a crappy job not related to my degree, making just enough to survive but never enough to have anything that will ever be nice.
eh soon enough we'll see how things play out.
>have children
realized this about about 1 year into current relationship. why have kids when my brothers will probably have them. i can be the cool uncle
>finish degree
about that check that off my list
>have a career
I'm not a stupid frog poster. so once i'm done with school here we'll see what job i land

What country do you live in anon? I know immigrants are becoming a problem everywhere.

>tfw 20 years old
>mommy grounds me and takes away my DS
>ask for it back
>she tells me she can't remember where she put it
>doesn't even remember that she grounded me
>now I have to shell out another 200 dollars for a DS again
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I have a call centre interview on monday, and fucking lied that I worked in call centre before... How do I prepare for this lads?

>inb4 hurr don't go to call centre worst job of your life

idc, it's only for a month anyways
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who works for a single fucking month?
I do, got a problem bitch? We're moving in a month and need some backup cash.

Just say yes to all... I mean

>Do you know how to do this shit?
>Yes i know

Then you lear or ask to somebody how. That's all

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>Women with crooked teeth look cute and young
>Men with crooked teeth look like rapists
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Males will always find females cute even if they have things that would be considered a flaw. A female that acts shy will always be seen as cute. If a male is very shy he will most likely die a virgin. Females only like the outgoing Chad guy. Males like nearly all women. This is why females no matter if they're super fat or ugly can never be robots. They will always be wanted by someone no matter what.
yeah that's a good reason to hang yourself
Crooked teeth is probably the one minor flaw that I can;t stand on women

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>tfw first day working at fedex
>already want to die
is the labor builds character thing true or bullshit?
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it's your first day bitch. It takes a month to break into the habit.

We get deliveries at my work from multiple couriers, and every fedex delivery person has been unfriendly or miserable.
I'm not a delivery man, I carry packages around nonstop

so is the work builds character meme true or bullshit?

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This girl i went to skool with literally has no job etc

i recently looked her up on instagram and found out all she does is hang out with celebrities

>photos with rappers
>photos with athletes
>photos with actors
>photos with her on yachts
>photos with her in mansions

Shes a 5/10 with no make up
>her make up boosts her to 8/10

Really makes me think as in

why dont all women just do this?
this girl was relatively poor

i have no idea how she got in the mix with this shit

it also makes no sense as to why this is allowed to happen
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She's a whore. Sucked dick to get to where she is.
there is only one celebrity worth getting pictures with and hes dead
Why doesn't it make sense? She fucks guys who have connections. It's very simple.

>why her?

She actually puts out and got lucky that one of her fuck buddies actually had connections.

Its that easy champ, what have you got to lose?
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I wish stock photo boomer dad was my father.
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bump, oriiginal curmp
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>Tried to give the hiring manager a handshake at the end of the interview
>Pretends to not see me

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>get a job
>don't spend any of my money, except for paying my parents rent money (I pay about 75% of the standard rate to rent a room. So it's a little cheaper, but far from free)
>quit my job after two years because I fucking hate it
>parents ask me if I have another job, or if I am looking for another job
>I tell them that I've got enough money to continue paying them the rent money for at least another 10 years. So I have no reason to get another job. There's a decent chance that I'll die within 10 years, anyway. I'll worry about it when I'm out of money.
>dad flips the fuck out. "OMG ANON YOU NEED TO HAVE A JOB"
>"but why, dad? I'm fine for the next 10 years. If you want, I could pay you more. And since I don't have a job, I can clean the house and stuff, too"
>dad gets really mad
>"dad, if you don't want me here just say. I wouldn't mind if you kick me out"
>dad just ignores what I said, and keeps going on and on about how I need a job.

Looks like I'm moving out, boys.
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imo the technology boom in the last 20 or so years really fucked our generation (idk how old you are but I'm 20). Parents can't comprehend how we can be content spending most of our lives alone in our room because we have internet the internet and everything that comes along with it, porn, games, discussion boards. Especially if you're a male and not born with chad features, you see most girls are going for the top percent of males, and there's an infinite amount of porn out there that's a lot easier to access than pussy.

Hopefully the world ends in a nuclear holocaust pretty soon.

You thought you were there to guide me,
you were only in my way.
You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you.
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would you hold hands with any of these girl(male)s from >>>/lgbt/
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Our culture should require beta white bois to become qt girls. It's the only rational solution.
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Sounds good to me :3
Are you a beta femboi who is going to transition and get passed around by all the robots?
>passed around by all the robots
maybe not then lmao

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>He still thinks carbs make him fat
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>>He still thinks carbs make him fat
then what does?

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jotun 6.jpg
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Jotun Free To Own


Get a permanent copy while you can.
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>tfw you are Chad to her

Im ignoring her texts. I just watched a movie about a cool Chad knight guy that had a cute lady and I feel like I can emulate him. He just went about his way and didnt care and to her he was the true ideal man

in the end, he left without saying a word
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Iktf. She doesn't know the real me. I hope she doesn't realize who I truly am before I bang her. It took some maneuvering but now she's begging me.

>"best friend" only talks to me when he wants something
>semi chad friend is going to the military
>teacher who i was cool with, acts like a dipshit
>sister ignores me
>mom is ill
>havent showered or cut nails
>dont ever wanna go outside again
>too afraid of dying

i wish i was a normal human being
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