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itt post and r8 other anons meme oc
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very nice anon, never thought of that
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nice one anon r8 and like

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just got back from the gym lads

not even 8 am yet i've got the whole day ahead of me

might study some physics or philosophy then do some chess theory

in the afternoon i'll go have sex with the woman who lives next door
she's lonely because her husband is away all day at work

in the evening i'll have a gourmet meal prepared by a michelin starred chef before heading down to the piano lounge where i will showcase my virtuoso skills before the community

NEET life best life
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All wagecuck boy pucci belongs to our our superior NEET cocks
>neets hitting the gym

They are evolving!
>might study some physics or philosophy then do some chess theory

Porn. You're going to jerk off to porn and that's it.

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"are you alright?"

Why do normies always ask me this? In work especially
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>Your Mommy's alt right
>Your Daddy's alt right
:They just seem a little weird
Because you probaly look like someone who's about to kill himself/ shoot up the workplace
Because you're autistic and can't display appropriate facial expressions or body language, so normies can't read your intentions and naturally assume the worst about the quiet person who keeps to himself.

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>Having trouble beating a boss on a game
>Ask for help on a forum
>He ask me to add him on steam so we can team up
>I don't have any friends so I ask how
>Finally have one steam friend
>He asks me to start a server (The game is Terraria)
>My toaster can't handle multiplayer
>mfw can't even make steam friends because too poor for new computer

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my 2008 rig could run terraria, while hosting a server and listening to youtube.

what's your specs?

Its a notebook, I'm too lazy to get you the specs, but It has 2gb of ham and windows 8, wich by himself consumes 40% of my ram. I can't even listen to music while playing, but thats okay, the soundtrack is great
ah, figures. my 2007 minibook runs a modified XP installation. it boots up real fast and also runs terraria on like 800x600 in multiplayer. consider windows 7 maybe.

terraria is a great game. what boss are you stuck on ? also, expert mode or mods ?

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>bf knows I'm a weeb
>knows the "uwu bulge" meme and other RP stuff
>keeps saying it to me when he touches me to make fun of me

why do my bullies and my bf say the same things to me?
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Because he wants you to kys, as you rightfully should for being a degenerate faggot.
Sounds like the fuckwad is trying to be playful and coy but has problems with delivering the lines

Maybe your bullies just want to pound your Mittens too
I'll answer you if you suck my dick

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Do girls want CHAD or a RICH OLD MAN?
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>as if bots, even fembots, have wants
Of course they'd prefer a rich old man over Chad. But they'd probably spend the old man's money on many different Chads.
they certainly don't want a beta cuck like you

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>tfw only friend is busy all day
>tfw lonely all day

I hate being a neet with nothing to do
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>he has a friend
>he can't pick one
>tfw celebrating a decade of nofriends
No honey you're just a broke normie

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how can i make a gas leak and kill myself without killing everybody in my house? also don't have a car or garage. canadian so no guns
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>rent car
>find garage
>carbon monoxide
old habits die hard i see. Adolph Hitler would be proud of you anon. he would of gassed you (assuming gassing was real), yet here you are trying to gas yourself
>he just gassed himself
my credit is to shit rent a car

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is this what a real wizard looks like?
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jestem cwelem pedauem 59.szukam bezwzglednego sadysty ,nie lubiacego cweli .,ktory podda mnie torturom i karom cielesnym-chlosta przypalanie itp.piss scat upokorzenie publiczne w klubie,jebanie bez gumy calkowite wykorzystanie finansowe-do zera-na koniec zniszczenie i kompromitacja cwela
polaks out
>thread about a real legit wizard/robot
>only 2 posters, 3 now including me.

/r9k/ is now full of normie and fake "robots"

>What do you think of my new little black dress anon? Isn't it just the cutest?
What do you think?
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Yes, I really like it, you look amazing in this.
You're asking the wrong person about the wrong subject, fashion ain't my thing
*wonders where this sheboon came from*

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What are your thoughts on dick?
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Feels real good when dipped semi-flaccid into a lukewarm jar of jelly.
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I fap to those who have it, yet I don't want it.
I only like dick in my Chinese cartoon pornography. In real life I'm strictly into women.

Life is over now
Join deaths bitter sweet embrace
And release yourself.
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>Whom is he quoting
>What is he quoting
Who I am quoting?
Only the voice of my heart,
It is all I hear.
>Someone's been sleeping in my bed I see contours of a head

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Why is it called greentext and not yellowtext? Am I color blind?
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Because it's green, anon. Not yellow.
it's clearly green
It could just be your monitor my man.

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tfw all you want in life is to go on an adventure.
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Silly anon, if you go on a wild adventure in the real world you'll just starve or get raped in a foreign country
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I know, feels even more bad man. I just to experience the kind of roller coaster journey that an adventure is.
If you are a girl (female) I'll take you on an adventure. Good timing as I'm flying to Asia tomorrow, you can come along.

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Comfy pics thread for my evening I'll start.
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Who comfy here yet?
Nein! Rate me rare pepe please? SO comfy right now.

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