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I think I've been possessed by someone's skill to completely envelop my mind and trap me inside
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my mind is rotting away and im trying to stop it. but its too hard and im trying of just letting go
i cant pronounce words i used to
i have feelings i cant express or put into words
>retard makes a mistake in the sentence
*but its too hard. im tired of tryin g and i might just let go and die
i know what you mean. i'm being ground to sand

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Who here 99 cent food shopper?
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Me for basically everything besides meat
not that store in particular, none around here. though I do live on instant noodles & tea here. close enough.
>Dollar Tree
>Lays Stax


Give me hope /r9k/. Give me screen shots, personal anecdotes, even hearsay. I've felt like shit for 9 fucking years and I finally feel like I can move forward. Just give me proof it can be done.
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Nothing lasts forever, we're all gonna die, we're all gonna experience lows and highs, and a whole lotta lows again, and everything good will end, often painfully


Those are the facts of life. Nothing we can do to change the truth. So we can either accept it and seek out happiness as much as possible or wallow in it and let it consume us

Which will you do anon?
It finally stopped eating at me. I still have weird anxieties (have trouble studying for example), but I hope I can overcome it.
I'm with you, OP. Recently, everything has sort've... leveled out.

I don't know, it's strange. My courses have gotten a LOT harder, I've been sick to my stomach all week, my sleep schedule is out of wack, but for some reason I feel ecstatic about just being alive.

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>move into college dorm last fall
>hire out an escort to pretend to be my gf for first month
>new roomies think I'm a normie
>pretend to break up with escort
>now get to be a shut in without any shame because roommates think i'm still getting over her

who /smart/ here
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>>hiring an escort for a month

Nigga its like 800 for the night for a decent one
smart move anon
It's a high entry point investment, but the dividends will pay off for his reputation.

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Where did it come from and where can I get more
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Pepe is too mainstream, and is being assimilated by mainstream organizations (Hillary campaign, Adult Swim, reddit, "alt right" normie fags, etc)

We need to start moving on and creating new content that only the board recognizes. Pepe is now a normie meme. We need to always push to be original, distinct, and unique. That's what makes this website great, and that is what will protect us from the faggots who want to copy us and exploit our creativity to their own benefit.
Many thanks traveler
mayke maymays grayt agayn?

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Whats the happiest you have been /r9k/ ?

For me, it was back when I worked 98 hours every week. Sound stupid but hear me out.
There was a brief moment in time, a little less than a month, where I could work as a retail store manager for 14 hours a day. I would open up the store, work with the owner for some hours, then drift into working with the other 9 to 5 employees, until finally working with the highschool kids in the evening.

It was actually amazing in a way.

I would wake up, shower, brush my teeth, get some food, go to work, and then just follow the agenda and talk with coworkers, then, once its dark and almost night, I close it down, bicycled home, and spent an hour or two online. Went to bed, slept, and then woke up to start it all over.

It was so nice. Normally I would spend all my time browsing the net and playing vidya all day, long after it lost all appeal.

Instead, I had structure, direction, people to talk to occasionally, and even became noteworthy at my job, since people noticed I was literally always there.

I miss it so much. Right now I am stuck as a NEET.
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I've never been happy in my entire life
Umm...Idk before hs I guess. Then I realized what a fuck up I am and it's been downhill from there.
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I was a writer for a large website for 2 1/2 years.

I was good at it. Writing is one of my few interests, and not only was I able to support myself on an interest, I made good money. On top of that, as I was a contractor I set my hours and only had to meet deadlines and work with in-house teams. Beyond that, I set my schedule and how I worked.

It was freeing and enjoyable. I didn't have to even work 8 hours in a day to get my obligations done, and had so much more time to do what I wanted with the $$$ to back it up.

On top of that, the writing gave me the momentum to write loads creatively. I dream of getting a novel published, so getting that time to hone my skills and develop as a creative writer was amazing.

No, I still didn't have friends and still >tfw no gf, but I was content with what I had. I had freedom, I had time, and I had my pride intact from supporting myself in a job that I could live with and even do well.

Now I'm a salarycuck at a soulless job that pays worse, chains me to a desk, and comes with gossiping coworkers and terrible hours and a terrible commute. I have no energy to do anything but shitpost on a Bengali figurine carving forum and get plastered night after night. Life is getting darker.

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Have a pic of bootman
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Hows the 'tism treating you?
Thanks 2006
That looks pretty tight. I'd be scared the boot would get stuck and I'd suffocate

There is literally nothing wrong with cruelty. Prove me wrong.
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Prove yourself right faggot.


4chan. Most posts are just assholes being assholes to each other.
its fun famalam

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parrot death.jpg
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>tfw women have made it impossible for you to jerk off because you can't fathom a scenario of a woman finding you attractive enough to have sex with
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I have a parrot that looks just like that. He's an annoying fuck.
Thanks, my day went from shit to shittier because I forgot I was unwanted until now.
That's not women's problem, you fucking worm. That's something wrong in your own head, sort your shit out. I've seen the ugliest people you can friggin imagine hooking up, looks are no excuse.

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Only real robots may post here

How do you deal with being ugly?
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I use to deal with the feeling of people looking at me because I look weird, which I do. I have red hair, fat, and I'm a general ginger.

However, I no longer get nervous from people looking at me because I intentionally act flamboyant and loud, attracting attention on purpose. Now I know people look at me because I'm weird, not because I'm ugly.
they're looking at you because you're lolsoweird~~~ and because you're ugly, faggot

Either way, now I don't have to deal with not knowing whether or not they have negative feelings about me.

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What does it feel like to hurt a girl in her precious place?
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That's strangely cute. Like I want to help her but also laugh.
supposedly it hurts like shit, it's somewhat unspoken but the "kicked in the balls" thing goes both ways
Can someone explain this image? She hits the ball, he dabs?

>What does it feel like to hurt a girl in her precious place?
Good I imagine.

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Who /HandsomeRobot/ here?
Share your story
>Unironically 8.5x6.5
>been told by multiple women, that im "incredibly handsome"
>intelligent, studying engineering
>not picky at all
>Every woman i meet is in a relationship, otherwise disqualified or simply doesnt like

>Saw a disheveled girl from college ive met before on the subway at 2am
>shes high
>very pretty but looks legitmately homeless, though she lives with her sister
>literally invites me back to her place
>her sister wont be back till 11
>im too afraid of STDs and skank puss

Why cant YOU get laid
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fukc off social anxiety pussy chad.

to answer your question: 5'5 and ugly and poor
>handsome robot
no such thing

>been told by multiple women, that im "incredibly handsome"

Pics or gtfo

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What the fuck happened to her rehab?
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You know that this tumblr is fake...right
1. That tumblr is fake
2. That is an old pic
if that tumblr is fake then how did he get her medical records
did he just make them up?

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Anyone get matched with really hot girls on Tinder? I do, but I never message any of them because I'm socially awkward. I check every day to see if I have a new match. I get matches regularly, but don't message ANY of them...

Staceys thinking I'm a chad...

I'm autisitic and dont know how dating works
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Yeah, it happens. Most never reply back. Never thought this happened to guys.
What's there to be scared of? There's nothing to lose. They're literal strangers. If you make a fool of yourself, just unmatch and that's that.
OP here,

well I messaged like 3 girls. Neither replied. I see one on campus a bit. Never went up to her (she is one that didn't reply). She didn't unmatch me either and I'm mutual friends with someone she knows.

The other 2 I messaged unmatched me.

Currently I have like a lot more matches that I haven't messaged.

One really hot girl unmatched me after like 2 months of being matched and not messaging,

Since I have so many matches any one particular girl doesn't matter that much to me.

I got a new match tonight.

I have very low confidence. I dont know if they'd like me in person

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