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*beep beep* [initializing Lorde post]

You have 10 (TEN) seconds to point out 1 (ONE) flaw in this photograph.

You CAN'T.

Lorde is literally, L I T E R A L L Y perfect.
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Origibal bost
But that's also a perfect photograph.

You failed.
Her eyes are too far from each other

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What are you gonna do when the special day comes.
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masturbate, probably

they were cute
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Holy Trinity copy.png
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Watch that episode of Zero Hour for the 9000th time.
this holy trinity is more like the "murderously envious of normalfags trio".

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sad elfont.png
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>tfw dont know what to major in
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Economics or something?
Well I haven't been to college in over 20 years; but in my day, 'Communications' (whatever the fuck that is) was full of girls. If you can't figure out what to do with your life, may as well take a major that'll at least give you an optimal shot at meeting someone.
Major in being a faggot

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So, after years of depression and being a fat hateful outcast, wishing death upon stacies as one does, I finally gave up and tried the normie advice of "be yourself XD". I now have 3 friends and feel no anxiety when approaching women. It took 1.5 years of painfully trying over and over again to find people that were willing to tolerate me, but it seems that I've finally done it. Fellow robros, the key really does seem to be being yourself. What normans leave out is that the time it takes to succeed varies from person to person. There is a way out for everyone!
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How do you "be yourself" whenever I try, I become really self aware of all my flaws and worry about being judged
But "being yourself" only works if you aren't a despicable monster who wishes for the suffering of everyone around them. How do I stop being so angry and bitter

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anyone not mind the idea of solitary confinement?
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i'd have more free space than i do living at my parents' house. they are hoarders.
Give me internet access and it's pretty much my life right now, i'd probably eat better too.
I'd prefer it actually. Most people on here are schizoids.

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There's too much despondence on r9k. let's change that itt. I'll start.
>even when all else fails, the sun will still rise tomorrow.
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Discipline > Motivation

Motivation won't get you anywhere in life. You need discipline and hard work.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I got plenty of them OP, you should lurk /fit/ and go to the motivational threads.
There is always that one /r9k/ faggot who talks shit about these though.
Por que no los dos?
Here's one and will post the last one that is my main.

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My boyfriend uses way too much tongue when we kiss and I don't know how to make him stop. What can I do?

What kind of kissing is good kissing?

KVs get out - regular Vs welcome
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Why don't you fucking tell him instead of coming here?
remember to not respond to bait

I told him and he'll be good for a few seconds and then it's like he forgets and dives right back in.

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>tfw thoroughly dissatisfied with your life and hopeless you'll ever improve it
>tfw you realize your dreams are hopeless fantasies and you don't have what it takes to achieve a contented existence
>tfw you're just running down the clock until your NEETbucks, youth, and all pretense of a better future inevitably run out and you finally put that shotgun in your fucking mouth
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I just want a minimum wage job that i can afford a studio apartment with. that is all I care about.
>have vocal cord and diaphragm issues so I can't vocally project consistently well to people, especially when my social anxiety acts up, which it always does when around people, so any jobs that include talking to people (face to face or over the phone) are out (no fast food or call centers for me)
>have herniated disc and arthritis of the back so can't do manual labor
>have foot and leg issues on right side so can't do security job because requires too much walking and it gets super painful after walking half a mile
>have no skillz of any real kind
>don't have car to go to the one pure data entry job over an hour away (by car, by bus it's like 4 because of our horrible public transportation)
Is there anything I can do from home?

If I could get a job that didn't require any of the above I'd survive work and then get comfy af in my apartment watching teen dramas from the past 30 years. instead I live with mummy her husband and his kids. it is so uncomfortable in this house and i can't do anything i want.
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>tfw 26 no NEETbux and got fired from my job this week after totaling my dads car

I'm getting real close to eating some buckshot OP

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>fapped to THAT shit again

Why go on
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>fapped to shit again
>see this post right when alan watts say "why go on" in the background

nofap is gettin magical all up in this
what was it op?
don't hide, spill the truth

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How much money do I have to make/save to get a qt gf?
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M-more please?

~1/2 of your week salary m8

girls are expensive

That sounds retarded.

Should be $0.

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Can we get a proper thread about roasties getting btfo?
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I gotchu famalam...
>This fucking picture
I unironically hate women so fucking much. Do they not see how reprehensible this behavior is? Do they have any fucking sense of honor or shame?

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Who else
/criesfornoapparentreason/ here?
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desu I wish i could have a good cry
At least you are able to cry, I can't get myself to cry, no matter how sad I am. Sometimes I wish I could just let it all out by crying.
same here
I wish I could but it's hard

>tfw NEET parents
>tfw NEET myself

its my parents fault right?
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my family comes from a working background, yet i'm a neet and have been for 6-7 years now lad
it's the 1% who were born in money.

well at least your parents can't tell you you're a fuckup.

t. Dad is an MD.
It's the "fault" of a complex mix of factors. Only you can do anything about it though

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So how did you get rid of your suicidal depression and anxiety, anon?
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i havent save me
Opiates and benzos. I not only feel pleasure and bliss but a shining optimism for my future and abilities that wears off in 4hours
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Wouldn't you like to know? Heh.

i wish i was a girl..

i want to play with boobs
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tfw no Sento gf
You don't have to be a girl to be able to play with boobs. Get a gf.
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I wish I was a cute loli girl!

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