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What is your political ideology? Feel free to write out any ideology you hold to be true. Also please include a political compass. Try not to become /pol/ on me here.

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Anarcho-capitalism, its the only way things will ever be good
Political compass?
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I really think I should retake mine it's been a while before this I was really green and left but that was years ago. SJWs have made me hate the world more

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Have you ever been to a therapist?
What did they tell you?
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she didn't look anything like the girl in your picture I can tell you that
>"Hey I'm depressed because _____"
>"Well I think you're a great person and very strong :)))"

It's a fucking meme
The psychiatric industry exists to report political dissidents or "undesirables" to the government while drugging anyone gullible enough to visit them out of their minds while turning a profit.

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Don't like the old image? Fite me den
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Stop raping children please. Your only industry is molestation.
Stop reading the express
contemplating wearing my buttplug to work tomorrow to deal with the crushing boredom but worried I'll randomly have an orgasm and ejacluate in my pants

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Press 'F' to pay your respects, please, everyone.
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Bumping because I need to get at least one post before this thread 404s lmao
:( rip lil buddy
rip frog

i filled out a captcha for this

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What bothers you the most about your life anon?
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The shear patheticness of it.
That ill never be in love
Care to share? Just curious.

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Make Male Genital Mutilation (Infant Circumcision) Illegal


Needs 99K more signatures before a month is up.
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Actually 99.9 K
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Fuck off, I actually want to get my son circumcised and now I have to deal with these troglodytes screeching about it.
My God maybe Islam is the answer after all
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>I actually want to get my son circumcised

Then you don't know what it is.

The foreskin isn't extra skin. It's the most sensual part of the penis, contains almost all the penile dartos muscle, and it provides a rolling bearing during sexual activity.

What you're proposing doing is mangling your child's genitals based on lies you were fed.

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Post your fetish

Have you gotten to live it out yet? (if possible)
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instant loss 2koma

Same, and no not really
I'm waiting for my cage. As for the rest, no.

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>when you're past your bedtime and haven't slept more than 10 hours in a week and you get this sweet heartmelting suprirse!! :)
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You've been shitposting too much the past few hours, just go to bed.
>You've been shitposting too much the past few hours, just go to bed.

it's been hours..? oh god its 1


thank you no.374!

>Being this highschool fag and gay

You should literally stop wasting the planet's resources

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Join the Marines you autistic cucks, do a bit of service then get out with some neetbux and good insurances, fee housing, etc.

If you want a bit more from the VA and are feeling lucky look for an IED to step on and get disability benifits too.

>I'm too fat
Do the delayed entry program and get fit or join the army, they take fatties.
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I've been in the mental hospital twice or i would, i fucked up.
Grab neetbux for your mental health then
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>join the Marines
>get cancer

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Why is sagging a thing?
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Considering its origins, I couldn't even begin to imagine how it became a thing, op

My theory is that some negro kid had to shop for clothes at goodwill, so they did not fit. He was cool though so everyone started copying
It's because they don't let you wear belts in prison

Basically that. I'm lonely, but whenever I hang out with people I find it so boring I just want to go and be on my own again. I find the topics of conversation invariably revolve around gossip, or asinine 'drama' or stupid memes or makeup or clothing, or I go to parties where people get even more boring and drunk. I have lots of acquaintances but no one I'd call a friend.
Yes, I know this is my problem, I know I'm a terrible person etc. etc. I just can't bring myself to find that stuff interesting. The constant cycle of "lonely so I'll hang out with people/hang out with people so I get irritated and bored and go back to isolation" is really exhausting.

Is there any way to stop being like this? To find people more interesting?
>you're just not trying to talk about the stuff you find interesting
I have tried, with different groups-they aren't interested
>you're just boring
Maybe I am, but that doesn't solve the present issue, does it? Besides, I feign interest in what they're talking about well enough.
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Why fix it? It sounds like the people you hang with don't meet your standards, so just keep looking. If you never find a person or group that you don't hate being around, then oh well.
Where do I keep looking though?
Take some advice from the 1940's perhaps?


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>tfw can't stop watching porn
>but stop myself from ejaculating to conserve the jing, mojo, prana, mana, etc.
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Your mana has already left the sacred spot, it's ill-mana

I suggest relieving yourself then stop edging
Porn is bigger problem.
Am I the only one that doesn't fap to porn? I watch porn a lot but I never developed the habit of fapping to it.

Mostly because I always shared bedroom with a brother so I had no privacy

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Why does nobody want to date me?
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>Why does nobody want to date me?
I will be you're friend sweet anon. No rude pls.
Because you are

out of shape
no driver's license
still going to school

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ITT: Why we are robots

pic related
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this is just cute tho
poor naive pandaloverforeverandever
yo dude wtf

did she die, how did the wolf not bite her face?

Goddamnit, I just relapsed on opiates (poppy seed tea) after being on Buprenorphine for over a week and the anxiety from knowing my next drug test will fuck me is ruining my high
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I'm no expert and I'm not Search Engining that but, I'm pretty darn tooting sure the seeds contain squat
Incorrect. It's the way that huge fucking pussies do opium.

Get some pills like a god damn adult, OP
Why would I spend so much money on pills when Poppy seed tea is so much cheaper?

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