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Why does society expect me to get married.

I just want to play video games and masturbate, leave me the fuck alone
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Because your only purpose is to serve the economy, and have children to replace the aging members of the workforce
Where is debate pls
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Why should you care about what society thinks of you ?

If you're happy playing videogames and cultivating ur leek you should stop giving a fuck about the normiecucks and start trying to enjoy your life.

Why haven't you got a cute blind gf yet, /r9k/?
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I'm trying.

Where the fuck do you even meet qt disabled girls?
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I'm still holding out for that hideously scarred burn victim who's actually still pretty somehow
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pic related proves it is possible to find one
where to find one is tricky

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>Chad broke my boipussi hymen
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>>Chad broke my boipussi hymen- 0 post shown.
Dumb sissy white boi.
You know what to do.

Chad doesn't realize he's mortal.
No Chad would ever be a faggot

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When i was 10 it started, i was playing wow and suddenly i had cramps that feel unbearable, and an extreme need to shit. My shit felt like it's stuck in my ass.

Since that day i have this shit at least 3-4 days in a week.
>lower intestines start to cramp up
>urge to shit
>while shitting it hurts
>slimy diarrhea
>sometimes fresh blood on toilet paper
>need to shit at least 3-4 times a day when these "phases" come up, it literally tores my asshole up, it burns the whole day after that

Now i'm 22 and it's still there, i never went to a doctor, i just endured it.
To make the pain go away i now mostly shit in the shower with warm water, helps it. I'm not obese for anyone thinking that this is a fatso problem.

I start to worry, what if cancer develops from this shit?
The result of this was that i started skipping school, because i was too afraid to suddenly have the urge to poo and the teacher forbids it, so i am now a 22 yo NEET. I was also too afraid to tell it to my parents and read horror stories about doctors putting things into my hairy asshole.

Somewhere i've read that the intestines and the mind are connected, maybe that's why i'm such an angsty depressed shit.

I've tried veganism and it helped for a few weeks but then it started again, i'm going fucking mad.

My whole life went to shit because my intestines are fucked up. I don't wan't to die of ass cancer fellow robots.
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It's probably just parasites.
the second you started shitting blood you should've went to the ER
what the fuck is wrong with you? with your brain?
go get some fucking help.

Have you been tested for gluten intolerance?

Black women are so underrated.

>Some are really beautiful
>Lovely and loyal
>Most of them have really good curves
>Black men run away from them and worship white women
>Most of them hide their love for white guys until you give them attention. They will love you.

Why don't you get yourself a black girlfriend?
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Pretty straightforward
Black chicks really dig latinos though.
l don't want mixed kids

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Heres a challenge r9k

I recieve $1500-2000 a month (without working) and I have to pay $900 in rent.

How do I live of this without working? I live in Europe btw. I need tips and tricks.
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How do I get $1500-2000 a month without working
Eat light, save money, don't spend it on stuff you don't need. Don't go out and do stuff. Grow a garden. Find something interesting to do that'll give you a few bucks here or there.

That's basically what I live on while working, and it's manageable. You'll be ok if you just live frugally, anon. Focused on cheap canned foods, ramen, and drink only water. A cheap hobby to pick up if you get bored from shitposting is working out.
Rent out extra room using airbnb and make sure to pay minimum taxes

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l wish l had a personality.
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I wish I had talents and hobbies.
I wish I had the will to finally kill myself. I already ruined my life, the longer I live the worse I become.

Always wake up, put the food in my mouth and continue my "life".

she was right I am pathetic, she didn't even have to ask what I was doing, she knew it already.
I wish a cute girl had a crush on me for the rest of her life.

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sad pepe.jpg
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>chad sisters bf is in my house AGAIN
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Does he bully you anon?
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when i was in high school my mom was an alcoholic who would get drunk talk to a guy on a dating website for 5 minutes then invite him over to fuck her. luckily our rooms were on different sides of the house so i didnt have to hear that degenerate garbage. she doesnt do that anymore and is sober and has apologized to me for it so its cool
damn dude your mom's a freak. 5 minutes? I bet i'd have a shot with her.

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WELP I fapped to a trap freak, I want to just forget about it and never do it again
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I'm a trap. Why do you feel bad about it?
Get up and go for a run right now until your legs give in and then when you're there on the ground remind yourself of the sin you've brought on yourself.

If you don't have the strength to do even this then you're probably just going to be jerking out your kids to another man's asshole next week.
yeah, I'm going to do this, I feel so fucking ashamed

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>tfw no bf
>tfw can feel a distinct tinge of emptiness in my boipucci every night
it hurts to live friends
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iktf anon, I'm sure you'll find a bf someday :)
>>tfw no bf
>>tfw can feel a distinct tinge of emptiness in my boipucci every night
>it hurts to live friends
Dumb sissy anime boi.
>iktf anon, I'm sure you'll find a bf someday :)
What are you gonna do about it??

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>ass burning like hell
>awful stomach cramps, can hardly stand up
>take a shit
>nothing coming out
>push for a bit
>finally feel something squeezing out of my asshole
>takes forever to come out, also pretty painful
>finally drops into the toilet
>look down
>nothing in the bowl but a weird bit of flesh that looks like a month-old fetus
>burning and cramps are suddenly gone
>ass bleeding for the rest of the day
a-am I gonna be okay?
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Did you shit out a tumor or something?
i hope so, i'm not ready to be a father
what color is the blood?

if anything besides red/bright red go to the ER

>when someone mentions something you did when you were still in the mentally retarded stage of life
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>when your parents mention something embarrassing you did while your brain was still developing
That's fucking annoying, it's not like I could do anything about it.
How do I get out of the mentally restarded stage of life? Do I just commit suicide?
Jokes on them, I still am in the retarded stage of life and don't know how to get out of it

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Evening lads. Frogs & feels Tavern welcomes you to an evening of frogs, feels and drinks. Get in here, order a drink and 'ave a jolly good time with the boys.
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Aye, i'd like 2 shots of depression mixed with 1 shot of autism on the rocks, shaken not stirred
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1 ennui elixer on the rocks

I've spent over $2000 on weddings in the last several weeks, invited by people I went to high school with. I'm 33 now, no gf since Bush was in office, NEET for the last month, and these weddings are filled with younger people with Ivy League graduate degrees, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, mathematicians, and I'm clearly the odd man out in every situation but I don't want to say no to the only friends I've ever had (even though they've long since moved on in life).
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Damn man, that's some really heavy feels. Cheers to that. Just ordered another glass of red wine for 95 SEK (10 EUR) What are you up to at this age? Myself, I'm 24 and dropped out of law school in Sweden. My father wants me to take over his import business, but it's located in northern Sweden and I really hate the coldness and the darkness there. Feels really bad. It feels like I'm disappointing him. But I really feel with all my heart that I do not want to live in northern Europe. I despite it. The nature, rhe darkness and the bitter cold collectivist mentality of northern Swedes. What do?

What do you think of my comfy jammies?
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thats the gayest most un good thing to me ive seen alll day.
does anybody really think this is funny past a certain point?

what's the actual message here? You're an autist who masturbates and has no self respect? You might as well wear clown makeup and howl into the night in agony until society burns you at the stake.
It's meant to be ironic. I jack off to only hentai but I don't tell anyone about it. Who tells people what porn they get off to?

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>anon are you a virgin
i just say im a fuckin virgin
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I'll have a myth of bacon, small pot brownie, and a cheese monster.
Finally, someone who isn't a complete retard about this thing.
>getting asked if you're a virgin
underage please go and stay go

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