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Which one tickles your pickle, robots?
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None since I'm not attracted to children.
8 is optimal, methinks.
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none of them. 2d is trash.

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who lit tn
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About 5 bowls of amnisa deep
Got some box wine left over. S'good my man?
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was smoking a shitty mexican cigar earlier to get my head straight, but otherwise trying to be able to pass a drug test so I can enter the wage slave life.
have a gif

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>having an uncircumcised dick
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>posting another shitpost
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good thread OP anteater dicks are disgusting
File: 1497570584628.jpg (36KB, 500x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>caring about other mens penises


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>"Skinny guys are sooo gross! :)))"
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That's not fat, that's a bear
Fat guys are not the best at knowing how to treat you.
What the fuck?
Both are disgusting
you just know that the woman who drew this comic is fat

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Gonna be homeless soon /r9k/

Any recommendations? Any tips?
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come live with me and become a qt femboi for me and you can be a neet all over again
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Take the buttsex redpill, whore yourself out to other men, and go from there.

No one will hurt you.
homeless why? if your parents are douche bags throwing you out find a relative who isnt a cunt, beg to stay in an attic or a basement, tell them you will be a ghost's ghost and be out of sight out of mind, and then find a way to make money.

if that doesnt work, and you don't have any health problems, join the military, if you are in the US i'd recommend the air force.

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Who is your favorite Patreon girl, robot?

What girls on Patreon do you support?
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unironically kys yourself

unironically revive yourself

Who's this succubus?
>giving women money ever

anyone got a link to swimsuitsuccubus and doublemaximus shit

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smug pepe.jpg
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ITT: Times You Were Naughty

>see a t-shirt that says "Question Authority"
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>therapist asks if I'm suicidal
>say no
>was lying
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>Know it all sack of shit co-worker leaves his chocolate milk in the fridge at work
>drop a fat loogie in it
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>bathroom at work has paper sign on the door that says to not flush paper towels down the toilet
>rip the paper sign down and flush it down the toilet

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it is time to create a hmm thread
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Me on the right in an original way
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if that's you, I feel bad
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I really just had the one for OP, but I'll post a couple hmms in case people haven't seen them

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I spent weeks, WEEKS, wondering how to make this board only for us robots. When one day while i was eating my chicken tendies it hit me
the one thing normies LOVE more then themselves are their gods they worship. A normie would never praise a god that isnt his.
1. you must swear on your life that you remove yourself from any other good
2. you must not hate neets or fellow robotians(thats the name of the worshipers of the religion)

The name of this religion is ROBOTicians
pic related is our symbol
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Well this looks good but too bad won't stop the reddit flood...

I propose that any site visit that was Google reddit or Facebook as a referral gets redirect to /b/
>All in one
Leave normie.
you gotta say it, normies would never like this because they are to connect to their other faiths

its perfect

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If men are so superior, why are the vast majority of reaction pictures of women? Is it, perhaps, because you sympathize more with women and therefore recognize emotion in their faces more than in men's faces?
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It's because they make their wee wees hard. Is it really that hard to figure out?
Most of 4chan is gay.
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no one is getting hard from a reaction image, I would think

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Playtime's over. Are you ready for another grueling week at the office? Barely got to enjoy the weekend, eh? Thats too bad.

Anyway, better go to bed early. Heard Mr Sheckelstein talk about downsizing to save money, so you better be in tip top shape and be ready to do WHATEVER it takes to keep him happy. He might really fire you!!

Just some friendly advice for a NEETlord.

Tick tock, wagecuck.
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Hey there neetie, software engineer with a 92k salary here. See this cup? Well, I'm not earning a single penny towards your NEETbux until it's completely empty. Only after then can you have your $320 monthly check to waste on video games and junk food. Remember, stay poor neetie!
>software engineer
how much code do you write per week?
I make $10k a month. By the time Sunday night hits I'm so bored of 4chan and sitting around in my underwear that I can't wait to get back to wageslaving.

If you really do live the NEETmeme of reading and working out and stuff then good on you, I guess. But I know I would never do that, I would just sit here and rot and get more and more depressed, so at least wageslaving gets me a lot of money and distracts me.

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> "Son, i'm going to take a sunbath at the courtyard! Hurry up and apply the suncream in my skin!"
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>suncream in my skin!
Injecting semen is a great way to block uv rays
Get Dede to do it

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>yfw you realize the sole market of high school drama anime is pathetic losers like us who want to pretend a girl would ever give us the time of day
I can't watch slice of life anime anymore. I can practically see the wishful tears of the artist as qt3.14s swoop in to flirt with the broody, self-depreciating """hero""" for no discernible reason
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Really? I always self-insert as the girl, desu.
you've never noticed it before? It's kinda obvious
what kind of sick fuck would sexualise 10-15 yo girls aside of people like us?

It's often through the eyes of a highschool young boy who somehow manage to get pussey despite being a huge loser, it's just trying to live "back" the years of your youth that you never lived and will never experience again
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I don't care if it's just wish fulfillment desu. Life is shit so I'll take what I can get. I'm past feeling "pathetic" about anything.

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It's ok, don't worry. Within 5 years I will save society from this degeneracy. You can count on that. And I'm not going into detail on how I'm going to do it, just count on me saving us from this hell. About 5 years anon's, hold out until then and things will start getting better.n
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I love this picture. Orig
>save society from this degeneracy

That's why /r9k/ was made, it isn't that easy
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Dont believe you. Probably going to be dead either way

>close you eyes
>Feel me now
>I don't know how you could not love me know
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>you should do what you want with him
>but i don't want to see you with him
>i can't stop you now and i won't try
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Lonely Town.jpg
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>For all the lonely ones
>Who live life in their dreams
>It's so cold and lonely outside
>So it seems...
>So you keep on searching
>Maybe you'll find someone tomorrow
>'Cause you haven't today
>So let your mind be carried
>With the breeze
>For you know you're not the ones who carry
>The disease
>'Cause you're the lonely one
>The only one...
>The lonely one...
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Nude and violated I raped the life from her body
Lying dead the insects bite her pale skin
My marks of torture
Left on my daughter
Body badly beaten
I remember
My ropes and chains
bruised her arms and legs
I wiped her blood on my face
her tender body I disgraced
Slow strangulation
her neck twisted and broken
Abdominal lacerations
Blood pouring from
Control of the mind
feelings left behind
dreaming inner hate
I create an alternate state of the grave
Scared to death
homicidal premonitions
horror fills you
As your soul is ripped from you
Dreaming my dream of death
I cast the spell
Intertwine your mind with mine
Dreams become reality
Enhancing the imagination
Murder is my infatuation
Killing off generations
Families torn to pieces
but the one they love
Possessed by another
My pleasure is to murder
Entering your dreams
through my spell they will bleed
Night after night
Reoccuring killings
Someone wake me
from this nightmare
I've become my darkest fear
Awaken to the sight
of your hacked up family
their spirits are trapped
beyond the cemetery
Bodies rotting, but I'm not sleeping
Scream you're not dreaming
Someone wake me
form this nightmare
I've become my darkest fear
Came to life

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