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I really need help getting clean in the next 2 weeks. I smoke about a bowl or two a day, and have been for about 10 years. This job is the most important thing in my life right now, if I don't get it, I probably won't get another interview, my job history is dogshit and this place the only one I feel comfortable driving to and it's right around the corner where there is not much traffic. I don't want to get into an accident trying to get to work every day. What have you tried in the past that worked besides water and exercise?
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sauna. sweat it out. literally.
You are looking for an easy way out of your situation I see. Like smoking weed has been your easy way out of facing the morbid depravity afflicting your life. I can't wait to have your soul in my hands. The only method that will work for you, because it is far too late for water and exercise to help, is to use synthetic urine.
Vegetables. Preferably steamed.

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ironing it out.gif
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Hit me up with your best suicide memes to dull the pain.
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>dull the pain
the pain never stops, it's just going to come back, laughter is just a moment but suicidal thoughts last until the end
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It s a long ride to nowhere land
Will they last my entire life? Is there nothing i can do? I'm kinda scared now.

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>Who here /loves Coricidin/?

Some say it's dangerous because of the antihistamines combined with DXM, but I love it. It's one of my favorite highs. You reach catatonic dissociative state. Once I did it two days in a row, went to a movie with friend, left my car in a random spot on the side of the street, then drove all the way to Vegas to go gambling.

Seriously if you are depressed just take some Coricidin you'll feel better right away. Just don't do it very often or you'll get psychosis. But a little NDMA agonism is good for ya once in a while. Great antidepressant effect, great afterglow. Superior to cough syrup.

>tfw on SSRIs
>Still going Walmart to buy some Coricidin
>tfw risk getting serotonin syndrome
>i don't care, I fucking just love Coricidin

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weight height dose
>making fake feels from chemicals
welcome to r9k you must be new want a tour?

ITT: Reasons not to kill yourself

>my family

That's all I can think of
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>my family
financially it wouldn't impact them so i can't use that reason anymore
>my family
>there might be a god
>i dont want to give up, there might be a good ending to my sad story
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Transhumanism. One day I may be able to modify my neurochemistry to remove all suffering, and ascend to become an Ubermensch.

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>starting new job tomorrow

I'm scared, I have been NEET for so long
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You be fine, after a few weeks you just become a brainless drone doing everything second nature
You did good anon. You can be the first NEET success story on this board. It's a very difficult transition to make.
I lost my NEETbux, I had no choice. Forgive me

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who are you?
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yes. a girl that hasn't had sex and lives a pathetic life is a robot
>haven't become a cum dumpster by 15

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Are slav girls as hot as /int/ claims?
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yeh, unfortunately
t. polack
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Tell me about butifel polish women
They are. I'd like to see SJWs from USA come to eastern Europe to see how much of a white privilege we have here.

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When I tried to join the Army they said I can't because I'm mentally ill. But when I apply for disability the government says I'm perfectly normal. What am I suppose to do?
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Get a job

completely homegrown original
Get a job

you described most people
I got disqualified from ROTC for misdiagnoses in my medical history. I wanted to be military too. I had the 4.0 GPA and was going to learn another language for free. Now I'm a housekeeper. I clean toilets.

So yes. Get a job. But still be nice to the military.

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>tfw withdraw my bitshit
>tfw unemployment benefits stop
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is this actually real - I am 100% convinced bitshit is sunk cost meme.
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I put 30,000 pounds of of inheritance in a few years ago and it went up over 10x lol.
Nah it's very real some people have made millions. I always thought it would go nowhere or crash but people really like their cryptocurrencies apparently

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>two girls looking at me and laughing in the line of mc donalds

is it because my hair or because im ugly?
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Its because you stand like a virgin
find out who they are and rape them
>is it because my hair or because im ugly
Both. And probably more.

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anyone else see others like you out and about. I'm 27 and a few days ago I seen some dude who was fat, mid to late 20s, and with his parents. there are many dudes just like us out there for some reason.
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Spoiler: It never gets any better
Did Mathman make any other 25+ autistic?

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>spend every day doing nothing at all, impatient for bedtime because sleep is the only thing I enjoy anymore
>do it 12 hours a day, every day

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how much dick is she getting and from who exactly?
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do you like the bbc channel too?
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this is the only dick she is getting.
>tfw she actually has a cute face
that's always the worst

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what are some tips I could use when helping people in customer service?

I want to come off as someone who doesn't hate you and is not a weird guy
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Make eye contact
Get your cock out
Smile and take control of all situations and conversations

Hey Anons I updated my precious wife's dakimakura some days ago now he's red.

Say nice things about him.
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anon I...
Cum on it and post picture
im not even gay, but if he wanted, i would let him.

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I am going to guangzhou in china for 1 month as part of my asian studies course at uni.

Any robots been to china? How much pussy will i be swimming in as a white man?
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If you're tall then they'll love you but if not then not as much
Watch out for scam artists, chinese people don't give a fuck. Especially not if it is a foreigner.

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