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that Asian girls don't want you.

You can settle for a chink tho xd
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>implying the Han aren't the master race
Enjoy your low birth rate (1.2!) and high suicide rate Gook. Can't wait until you are extinct.
Why that bitch look like a Junji Ito drawing

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>it's another you didn't get the job episode

why do they keep rerunning this one? One would think they'd get as tired of showing the same old thing as I get of seeing it.

seriously though fuck this shit

>go to job fairs, networking events
>go to mock interview and other career workshops
>get a masters degree, bunch of certifications
>spend hours creating linkedin files, professional resume, hundreds of cover letters
>one year later still no job, 5 interviews from probably 300-400 applications total
>they won't even interview me for fucking $12/hr positions, I LITERALLY MADE MORE MONEY DOING UNSKILLED MANUAL LABOR and they still wont even entertain the idea of hiring me

what the fuck is wrong with our society?
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>get a masters degree, bunch of certifications

Is it rational to assume you may be considered overqualified or unlikely to be satisfied with a low wage?
Please respond OP.

>what the fuck is wrong with our society?

I have also been stuck in marginal employment since I've graduated.
Your robot aura is probably too strong. Every employer wants a social team player employee. The job market is so saturated that they can hold out for just those types of people

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>be streaming TV shows
>"son, stop watching porn"
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is it even possible to have no screen tearing on this outdated dinosaur? do people just accept god awful screen tearing on XFCE?

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No screen-tearing on my Thinkpad x230 Tablet, all I had to do was set "TearFree" to "True" in video config settings. Xubuntu just werks.
>he doesn't use a compositor
Just use compton, steal a config from somebody and enjoy zero screen tearing
wrong board
xfce is shit
DE's are shit
tile master race

>go to see Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-Time
>play about a sperg
>rest of audience is a bunch of fucking normies who laugh at every foible or misstep the main character makes
>it feels like the entire theater is fucking laughing at me
Fuck me, god damn it.
Does anybody else here enjoy theatre but fucking HATE audiences? Drunken baby boomer cunts.
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Oh we read that book in 9th grade
The only thing I remember was how weird I thought it was that he wiped his dick after peeing. But then I started wondering if maybe that was normal. Or maybe it's a british thing.
To this day I still don't know. I hope I haven't been doing it wrong.
Otherwise you'll get some piss in your pants afterwards, there's dribble, Anon.
It really spoke to me the way it was put together, I just wish I had been the only one watching it, or that our culture shared an understanding of complete silence in theaters.

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Hey /r9k/ i could use your help making sense of a dream i had last night

>this part is real before the dream
>Be me
>Unlce is a diabetic
>Grandama and uncle live together
>grandma goes on vacation for 6 days
>i stay with uncle to make sure he's okay and doesnt die
>uncle is gay
>for the entirety of the 6 days he has a gay friend over
>mind my own business without minimal disturbance
>now im back home and sleep in my own bed
>now its time for the dream
>be in shower
>gay friend rips open shower curtain
>"Hey wanna come have sex with your uncle and me?"
>in real life im going what the fuck but my dream self goes okay
>he gives me a gimp mask with a tube attached to a helium tank
>we go into bedroom where uncle is
>we're all naked smd uncle doesnt realize its me
>im sucking off my uncle while taking it in the ass from the friend
If you thought this was weird then buckle up
>now my parents walk in
>im in a gay sex orgy with my uncle and dad
>none of them realize its me
>and then i woke up

What the hell does this mean? I've always been straight and never even questioned i might be gay before. I've never done drugs either. I dont even watch porn if theres even as much of a dude sound in it. Help me
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>be a femanon
>hire a personal trainer to help me get fit
>even gives me a 80% discount because i sucked his dick
>get /fit/
>men want to flirt with me and compliment me all the time
>get a bunch of free perks like someone buying me dinner, free alcohol, i even signed up on some website where i can look for sugar daddies and sure enough im juggling 3 of them RIGHT NOW
>school is already paid for and i get free rent for living with another of my daddies
>have thousands of instagram followers and making bank selling lewds on patreon
why dont you uggos just get in shape and stop wasting your time with trash
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Nice bait malady
>80% discount

What so you got a $50-100 PT appointment knocked down to $10-20 plus dick sucking?
Who would charge you 20% of their normal rate even after you sucked their dick? Is this your personal trainer?
You get shit easy because your hormones will fuck you like a horse stampeding over Angel cake on fine china. You really can't feel jealous of girls like this. Past 30 is downhill.

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4chan = Michael Cera, Aziz Ansaris, Chris Chans, Elliot Rodgers
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>4 years ago i renewed my license and I realized i could barely pass the vision test
>when i looked into the machine the left side was blurry, i paused for a second and squinted my left eye and was able to pass
>i was relieved that i was able to adjust but in the back of my mind i thought "you have 4 years before you feel like a nervous wreck"
>well, a couple months ago i started to look at the expiration date on my license
>realized that my eyes are probably worse and there is no way i will pass
>this was about 3 months before the date
>google what takes place in an eye exam
(i have never had one)
>uncontrollable anxiety boils in my stomach
>the thought of someone looking into the interior of my eye and finding something wrong makes me recoil
>put this thought on the back burner of my mind
>approach the two week point and I have decided that i will go to a wallmart vision center to get an exam
>do not drink the night before because i assume they will be able to tell
>park at the wallmart and walk in
>walk past the vision center and scope it out
>anxiety wells up inside me
>walk around the store acting like i am shopping
>make a couple passes and get the courage to walk in
>"hey i was wondering if you guys take walk in (i could never call in an appointment) appointments?"
>"no, the doctor does not take walk ins, would you like to schedule one?
>i mumble out some words involving not knowing when i will be available next, take a business card
>drive home relieved that i did not have to take an eyetest with a doctor, buy a 24 pack and some eggrolls
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>mere days before they deadline and i have a day off from work
>i have been telling myself this is the last chance to get some glasses and pass the test
>get drunk again and rationalize that i can just get an early morning appointment at lenscrafters on a work day
>apparently they make same day glasses
>2 days before my license expires and i have convinced myself that some glasses i bought at a thrift store which happened to improve my vision will allow me to pass
>today i wake up after a night of chugging beer and stare into the dirty carpet as my mind races
>i realize the day has come
>my irresponsibility has led to this
>i could have gone to the eye doctor months ago and got this sorted out
>i put the thrift store glasses in my pocket and make sure my faucets are not running before i leave my apartment
>drive to the dmv
>say a quick prayer before i enter
>grab a ticket for service
>number 32
>my number is called and i say i need to renew my license to the clerk
>"all set, just head over to the wall for the vision test" she smiles
>i am a husk devoid of thought
>press my head into the machine and the letters on the left side are so blurry
>squint just like last time and i am able to pass
>my life has been consumed with worry for the last month and i just procrastinate and walk in on one of the last days
>feel relief wash over me

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No really, what do you want from Manlets? I.e. perfectly normal men who are just shorter than average. When we are just minding our business you let out a flurry of vicious insults at us. When we get angry, you call us insecure and defensive.

You know we can't change our height. You are literally bullying us for something out of our control. Why are you all so mean to "manlets"?
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Genetics are everything. The unfit are born to suffer. its life.
Not in this day and age normo. We can compensate, deal with it.

So you are saying an army of manlets should exterminate all life?

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Do you ever feel infinitely superior to others in the internet? Simply knowing the cues better than anyone else, feeling above arguments and even having transcended the feeling of ironic distance, to the point that you even could loop back into a normal, functioning person, wasn't for the fact that the only kind of porn that gets you off is futanari on traps

It sucks
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What do you think of the way the Internet has gone in the past 10 years or so, robots? Was 2006 the last hurrah for "old" Internet culture?
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Take a look at the videos in that picture. What exactly there marks a cultural high water mark?

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Who else /chad killer/ here?

I dun killed me a dozen chads already.
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Proof please. I don't believe you.
I don't believe you kiddo, prove it
op slaying that boipussy

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Come talk with us, no topic to the discord

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How many times have you masturbated today?
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