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...why are there no people outside?

i-its saturday...there should be people outside...r-right?

Why is the weather like this? is it the doomsday?
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the going outside thing was a meme, anon..
>Robot learns about rain
Thank you anon this is my first laugh this week
It soothed my terror a little bit

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>semy psych ward is full of old, creppy and insane people
i expected to get a qt gf there but nope

another year virgin hehe
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I got a qt gf(male) there

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Who else wants to /fuck ranran/?
I simply can't be the only one. Also, autistic projecting and oversimplification general.
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/r9k/ros, wtf bump my thread. I thought we was homies n' shit

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le amzing discord server guys come join and share le memes only for real 4channers xdxdxd /CY3pdB
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very good server, great meetups every week

just... please be a nice person

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pepe ....jpg
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>25 years old
>Live with parents
>They're away for the weekend
>Try running the dishwasher for once
>Fucking break it
>Dad's ordering a new part for it
If anyone's more pathetic than me get in here.
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>open freezer
>can never close it again

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join up lads
i'll give you a suck
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yui irl.jpg
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Rare image of cloud.
filled with gay weebs
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we need more filthy gay weebs in our discord, too many reasonable people make discord boring


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but i wish that I could..
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>Hey, are you leaving already? The party hasn't even begun!
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3-2-4-1. Yah, she's beautiful.
4-3-1-2 for me personally in my original opinion
They all look deformed. Or Jewish.

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I don't come here, so all I know is what other boards say about you guys.
Would a sufficiently advanced VR life satisfy you all?
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>Would a sufficiently advanced VR life satisfy you all?
Yeah, fuck real life. Just plug me into the matrix already.
How do I know I'm not already plugged in and living as a failure? And how do I know I won't just plug in and live as a failure again?
Depends on how much I have to worry about the shit outside the virtual world. If it was your body dies and your consciousness is uploaded to a virtual one then obviously it would be the better option.

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When did you realize that Chad envy threads are just another, more subtle form of cuckposting?
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All admiration is cuckoldry when you think about it
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Truly made me contemplate.

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>be me in middle school
>always quiet but had 2 close friends
>get anxiety around them
>cut contact
>be me in high school
>start to get anxiety around others
>drop out
>become neet
>stay in my room all day
>get anxiety around family
Where does one go from here?

>inb4 the therapist
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What are you anxious for ? What makes you feel bad when you are with people you know very well
>inb4 normie bullshit
I have anxiety but arround close friends/familly it s ok
I dunno, the gym? Maybe get a warehouse job or a graveyard shift job. Learn web development and work remotely?

Why inb4 the therapist? Have you tried and it didn't work? Go to a psychiatrist and get meds.
I have OCD and my parents hate me because I have it. I probably have other stuff but I lied to the doctors to leave
I've been to the therapist she can't do anything, she only talks to you. It's a waste of time

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Who here would not lick a pussy?

Can you help me understand why not?

I prefer licking pussy to penetration. I've met others like me. It's the absolute hottest thing to lick that area and have my face sat on. Why wouldn't you want that?
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Well that all depends, did she shower?
Does she smell bad, have an infection, on her period?
I like the taste of blood though.
Obviously if shes clean and not on her period, why would you even have to ask that???

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Pepe sad.jpg
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My dad told me to go outside, should I? Is it dangerous out there?
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Its raining so unless you want pneumonia, stay inside, drink some black coffee with a ton of sugar in the raw, and watch treasure planet

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What do you guys do when your health is declining and doctors say you are gonna be fine
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Honorary seppuku
In what way is your health declining?
Personally, I post on /sci/ claiming I have lung cancer. Not sure why.

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Post autism stories

>Rent a room in a house, this 50 something year old chav couple rent the other room
>Exchange polite "hello" whenever I have the misfortune of running into them, hoping they take the hint I don't want to talk to them anymore than I have to
>Apparently that isn't enough, they seem to take offense that I don't want to be their friend and ask how they are all the time
>One day the woman walks into the kitchen and doesn't bother saying hi, she's obviously insulted I never say anything but hello to her
>Fuck it, if they're gonna be like that I won't even bother
>End up ignoring them completely even when we're in the same room
>This makes them even more annoyed
>Don't care, keep doing it anyway just to spite them now

Just because we live in the same house doesn't mean we have to be buddies, I made it pretty clear I'm not interested in a polite, subtle way so why are they so assblasted? They're scum anyway, they never change the bins and before I started hiding them they'd use all my kitchen roll and toilet paper and never buy new ones. I have to leave my washing up liquid out in the open because they'd never buy any and just keep using food encrusted dishes.
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They're the autistic ones, anon

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