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Was no GF our destiny? or did we create a no gf life
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you create it and you know it, but you won't admit it
Nice and oribinul
All of the parts that make up "you" weren't up to you, nothing is, so in that vein it was at least not a choice to be who we are.

Tell me stories about the times you satisfied your lust.
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>felt good
>that time I came in a girl's mouth while I had my nose pressed right up against her asshole in the 69 position, sniffing her sweet musk
Best orgasm of my life, tbqh
are girl clothes more comfy?

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>tfw you learn your brother is going through the same shit as you
Anyone else know this feel? I'm talking about issues beyond depression, like personal insecurities and shit like that.
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Thankfully I don't know this feel. My little brother is a chad but we get along pretty well, and I would be pretty devastated if he turned out like me. I'm surprisedtgat he didn't honestly, I caused alot of problems in our family when he was still a little guy. I'm trying to make up for it now in the small ways that I can by spending time with him when he wants me to, but most of the time I just stay out if his way. He has his own life to lead and I have already fucked it up enough.
My little brother is infinitely more successful than me but has depression.
I don't know what else he has but he saw what I went through and tried to climb out of it. Here I am still wallowing in my sorrow though.
Oh well, I really do want the best for him, he deserves it more than he could ever know.
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>tfw younger brother always had a great sense of humor, many friends and treated much better by our parents
>has a gf very close to my ideal
>no obvious mental problems
>successful in college, already has a job lined up in another country
He at least is willing to listen to me talk about shit occasionally but damn does it feel like my life was just a test run for his.

How come black men are never gay?
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How come that's not true?
Out of the irl gay people I know 4/6 of them are black.
Why is it black on black porn is such a massive turn off to me?

I don't think I'm racist because I'm half black myself, and I think black/white/asian/latina is just fine, but seeing black on black porn, whether it's gay/straight/tranny stuff just puts me off.

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Tenshi no 3P.jpg
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>it's another "Borderline Personality Disorder makes me act like an asshole to someone who doesn't deserve it and I can't relax for the rest of the day" episode
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>I have no self control or mental fortitude
>not my fault lol
No, everything is my fault. I'm terrible. Please stab me in the head, that's far more helpful than telling me the obvious (that I am shit).
>it`s another "Lol I don`t care, I feel great pushing the limits of my sanity and going full Patrick Bateman on coke and doing awesome shit like writing diary or watching anime which is pretty lame actually but feels fucking awesome anyway because my mind makes it so" episode
Fuck my life, seriously.

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Can someone explain hazing to me? This guy from a frat walked into class and he had these bruises on his arms because his frat decided to turn off the light in a room and they hit him with socks filled with rocks for god knows how long.
I tried looking it up and they all say "Dude BRO it makes us like...closer to eachother dude." What? Fuck that.
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funny that gang members do the same thing. wanna know the connections between street gangs and frats? freemasonry
All members of fraternities should be locked up and put down by the government. Fucking degenerates.
To understand hazing you need to try and capture the minset of the people who go through it. People in frats and societies need to conform to be satisfied. They need to fit in and feel like part of an exclusive group. To them the suffering is worth it because just being a normal person and making friends the normal way is more suffering than the hazing is. On the whole "we became closer because of it" note imagine going through hard times with people. Having friends to lean on and face challenges with together. That would obviously make you closer.

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>28 white guy
>autism requires strict schedule and structure
>out of work a 4:30pm on the dot, pick my dog up at 4, on the way back to the shop
>4:45 go to gas station and get beer and a snack
>5:15 at my secret beach with my dog. Stay there until 8:15pm
>8:30 go to grocery store and by my meal for the night
>8:45-10:30 walk my dog around my village
>at grocery store older black woman I've become friendly with asks
>you don't have a wife?
>haha nope
>a girlfriend?
>no pool
>why not? You don't want one?
>I'm just fine being on my own
>would you date a black girl?
>uhh, Idk. I haven't, so I'm not sure
>oh, well I have a daughter she's 23
>oh cool
>would you go on a date with her?
>I, uh, y-yeah, I don't see why not
>good. I told her about you. Nice quite white boy that comes in every night.
>what are you, youre family?
>German, scottish, and itilian, with "note worthy amounts" of Neanderthal DNA
>I see, ok I'll talk to her tonight and get back to you tomorrow.

Wtf do I do. I really am fine with being alone, prefer it desu. Just the thought of going on a date disrupting my schedule is giving me anxiety, not to mention I'd be stuck somewhere with a girl I don't know. I can't fucking talk to girls I've known for years. And tbqh, I'm not really into to black girls. At almost 21, and again at 23, i was able to get 2 high school seniors to be my gf, but that's mostly because I have my own place and could buy booze I think. They were both short, porcelain skinned, blue and green eyes blondes. Help.
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Hello Richard
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Matthew, my dude. But give me Richards contact info, so I can see what another me would do.
I like how you wrote an inaccurate time and added "on the dot"

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How the fuck do normies date Stacy when Taylor Swift exists? It's like seeing ice cream for the first time then eating sand the rest of your life
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well we can all have ice cream, we can't all date taylor swift...
Normies don't care that deeply about their lives and loves. They're leafs in the wind
There are plenty of normie girls who are as attractive as that memewoman

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I'm a white girl and I NEED to get blacked. I want to have black children. What should I do? Do black guys like white girls?
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Uh, just walk into Oakland girl
>What should I do?
give yourself the old shotgun mouthwash
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Dutch women.jpg
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Oh yes, black men love them it's a genetic victory for them, but don't forget you will be devalued forever and your offspring will not be there to take care of you on your old day.

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I'm voluntarily mute. AMA.
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When was the last time you spoke?
Are you that older stoner female I used to have AIM conversations with or is there more than one mute still alive
What in life made you choose to go voluntarily mute? Has there been difficulty trying to go about your daily life while being mute?

>be me
>14 year old pasty mexican
>go to heavily funded liberal public school
>see edgy faggot yelling during lunch
>try to talk to him politely to stop
>throws a bottle of apple juice at me
>says he's "da whit man trying to oppress me"
>i repeat until the phrases
>i get bored and walk away
>he spergs outs
>lunch ends, i get called up by dean
>rich black somali
>says "(call him jon) says you made jokes
>about people of colour being oppressed"
>"rambles about 'POCS' being op[presed
>reminds her im mexican
>she changes her tune real quick
>she ask 'why did you do it"
> i say "we disagreed on race issues"
>i sneak a "dindu nuffin" unnoticed
>she says "i will have to give you a week of ISS"
>anxiety kicks in
>bones turn into jelly
>she lets me out 10 minutes late to class
> ask for pass
>she gets rude and says in a bitch tone
>"no you deserve to be late"
>I walk slowly away angry as hell
>a week passes i get in trouble for a pepe wallpaper on school given laptop to everyone
>heavily heavily funded school
>different dean
>skinny black dude
>'blah blah white supremacy blah blah"
>reminds im mexican again
>continues on
>i say is just a 80s themed pepe
>he doesn't care
>now my computer is monitored extra
>i promise to delete the wallpaper
>i did with anger
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underage banned

sorry lad, just gotta wait a few years
Is it just me or are todays' underages much bigger attention whores than past underages? I see about 2 "hey I'm 14 here's my completely fucking pointless story with a bunch of filename memes" threads a day
>posting pepe outside of 4chan
that's underage b& if I've ever seen it

>Intelligence, physical attractiveness, physical prowess, mental health, robustness, height and even personality and piousness are things that are all largely determined by factors outside of a person's influence such as upbringing and genetics and there's next to nothing you can do about any of this
If there is a god, why is he so cruel?
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bump, world is a fuck
be agnostic, do good things.
Is there anything that's completely within one person's influence?

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Lurking /r9k/ for about a year now I've came across one thing most robots have in common:

They lack thr ability to sufficiently cope with negative events and emotions.

As most posters here live in a first or second world country, there are hardly to none negative events like a famine, genocide, etc. Therefore most negative experiences result from society or simpler forms of human interaction.

Becoming anti-social or even a NEET is therefore an instinct of your personality to protect itself from additional damage.
As the title says: It's not your (as in concious mind) fault.
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I'm bumping this as it has more meaning than the 20th fembot thread today.
Okay. So? Knowing it's not my fault doesn't make it any less scary to go outside.
How do I fix it op? I hate dealing with other people at uni 90% of the time cause theyre all faggots

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look at this pathetic sissy black "boy"
why don't you have a cute black sissy housewife with a cute little TBC? anon?
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Cut the shiposting and post more of this hottie.
How is in that any way "black"?
Wypipo are trying too hard to call us faggots.
Nah that person is white and I know white people are bigger faggots because I'm a bottom myself.

Should I leave friendos?
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they aren't the most articulate, but it seems like their heart is in the right place
I need some context but ask them why they care
>you have the same worth as a house cat
>they only want you around for their own selfish reasons, because they would feel bad, instead of any caring for your well being
Kys my dude

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