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I wanna be porn productor and actor

can i get money if i create a webpage, and i put add in there?

the videos will be free
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I don't know but I'm guessing becoming a porn producer would require you to have business sense and basically be an entrepreneur. And being an porn actor does require some skill (and looks) as well. You'd have better luck posting on craigslist then your own site t b h

>the videos will be free
oh never mind. Where are you going to get the money?

Why the Internet ofcourse. There's lots of money on the Internet! Op has it all figured out.

Question for you OP? What product would pay you to advertise their services on a porn website with initially no even porn videos? What girls would even work for you?

You won't get ad revenue because you won't get ads. You're going to have to Start by creating a profile on pornhub and uploading there. Buy a good camera, and film yourself fucking hookers and role playing with titles like "Mom/son" "I met this girl on tinder etc.". Make ten or so of these videos, wait and read the comments and work from the feedback.
Find the niche.

Then maybe you can start casting with referral to your channell page.

Fuck it I've wrote too much already I'm not holding your hand through this.

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Why is it so impossible to find a virgin gf that likes anime and cuddling. I'm not even worried about looks, they just don't seem to exist or when they do they're always half way across the world.
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Because girls have unlimited access to dick/attention to males

They have zero reason to stay a virgin

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you're not a real robot unless you recognize the logical fallacies in your ways of thinking but are too depressed to fix anything in your life so instead choose to do nothing and wallow in your pity
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>he doesn't take pride in his shittiness
I don't think logic is a good solution too easy to realize nothing is worth caring about

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>When I listened to these guys in highschool normies called me a loser
>Now that Chester killed himself (who didn't see that coming?) they're claiming they were fans and they're so sad
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i remember when i got called a loser alot for liking comic books now i get to here normalfags talk about how there so geeky for how they watch marvel movies so i definitely can relate

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>tfw no traumatized bf
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>tfw no maw tied art gf
When did you supplant tomokoposter?
>tfw op hasn't been rangebanned on all boards yet

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What boards on 4chan (if any) are free of the usual reddit-cancer we are constantly seeing?
I understand a lot of you browse and enjoy reddit but i do not and i want to avoid it if i can.
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/news/ you faggot.

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forgot one


>G20 Conference
>Trump seated next to Japan's 1st Lady
Are we 1 step closer to making anime real lads?
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>"We demand cultured cute virgin GFs!! NOW, before we burn this block down!!"
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If you even use r9k you are a normalfag. Don't reply to this.
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Got it, thank you very much
Nice trips
Goes to show, never listen to OP
o look found the tripfag

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Guys I fell for the momcest meme and I'm even worse off now

>have an attractive mother
>always been into momcest type porn
>/gif/ threads made it even worse
>jack off exclusvly to momcest porn on pornhub
>one night feeling bold steal mothers panties (she's 50 and still wears thongs and shit, still has a nice ass) and jack off into them
>cum harder than I ever have before
>decide I am going to try to do something like the porn memes I watch
>decide I'm gonna "accidentally" jackoff to porn with my door to my room left open
>I drink a little bit and finally go through with it
>she hears it and catches me
>awkwardly clothes my door and says nothing
>later that day says we need to talk
>tells me that I need to start thinking about leaving the house because I am too old to be living at home and need to start my own life

This fucking sucks guys, I can't get pussy at all I can't even get my own mother. What the hell am I gonna do now? Literally every single woman on earth hates me. Fuck
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Rape herr

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I always believed that everyone in this world was far nicer and smarter than me That no matter how unlikeable they seemed to be they still had a good conscience and had justifiable circumstances for acting the way they did That s why I hated myself for being so timid and depressed when I didn t even have any good reason for doing so But now I see that there actually are people who re despicable in every way and don t blink twice at ruining another s life
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That's the actual redpill fren. They want you to think like that. hold you head high anon

Why don't you own the official shirt of robots and incels?

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I haven't played black ops 2, so I'm pretty sure using that shirt would be a violation to some law or something
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>I haven't played black ops 2
What are you doing on this board then?
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Everyone on my class played bo2 on their PS3s, but I'm stupid and bought an xbox 360

*Stares at you awkwardly*
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Why would Taylor Swift stare at me awkwardly, OP?
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h-hey im here all day, t-thanks
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She has nice Tay-Tays


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Why are anime lesbian sso common these days?
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Fan servicing
Most shows use yuri bait to draw in otaku that want a pure waifu. If a girl even had an implied male love interest it would turn a lot of viewers off.
Lesbians are all well and good until you get cucked by a woman

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