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Why didn't it have any good RPGs?
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there is no such thing as a good rpg
>Paper Mario
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it does its called QUEST 64 and its the greatest RPG of all time

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ITT: Autistic shit you did in high school
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walked down the hallway playing the isis theme
I thought I could run on walls like Prince of Persia and ended up falling down a flight of stairs instead
Now this is full weeb mode.

All women have to do is not get fat, why do they fail at even that? Why are so many losing on tutorial mode
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food makes me happy
of course it does, cause you're a lazy sack of shit who doesn't give a shit about ANYTHING this world has to offer despite having it all handed to you on a platter.

Get a hobby you fucking retard. It says a lot about you if out of all the things you can be doing & enjoying in life, you just pick overeating.

We all like food you dumbfuck whore, doesn't mean we all get fat over it. Hope your heartattack is as painful as can be.

They're lazy and food gives them pleasure. Not hard to figure out.

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who here /half nigger/ ?

my only solace is that I'm not a full nigger
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i hate niggers but i also hate race traitors, i don't know if i should class you in either categorie and hate your guts or just simpatize for you anon, but if you reproduce with a withe girl and if your offspring do the same your genetics baggage will be erased. also curious why do you despise your own ethnic background? was your father/mother a black man or woman of full fledged niggers (you know what i mean)
>tfw blue eyes blond hair northern european living in the u.s.

My father is white and my mother is from West Indies.

I'm a 23 years old NEET.

When you light those candles up there on that mantle, setting the mood... I just lie there staring, silently preparing for coitus.
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This is the first time I have ever been a NEET. I feel really guilty for being a financial burden on my family but I've applied to a lot of jobs and except them to get back to me soon. The worst part is that I am loving every second of it even though I shouldn't. I'm really scared to transition back into the workforce and having the get up in the AM. I've only been a NEET for 1 month and it feels so good.
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I've been a neet for over 5 years and I'm not looking back, these have been the best years of my life so far
how old are you neet anon? when did you start your neet journey?
33. From 23 to 26 I lived with my parents, doing nothing and not having any money. Then I worked for a year, didn't spend a cent, and I used the money to live on my own without working for 2 years. Then I applied for neetbux and I've been living on that for the last 3 years

Rate my Sunday morning purchases

Reno 911 The Complete Series: $17.99
Dishonored 2: $29.99
Benchmade Emissary 470-1: $159.99
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>paying for a show
To top it off
>from the 2000's
coulda bought something cool
>not waiting for the Dishonored 2 all DLC included edition
for what purpose did you have to buy this right now?

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Anyone else here angry for no reason? I'm fucking furious right now and don't know why
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Eat a snickers. You get angry when you're hungry.
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listen to dubstep and break something in your house
Used to be like that, than I tried NoFap, every time I'm on a 3days+ streak I'm peaceful and calm

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why aren't you helping japan
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What does it need help with? I'll help out, sure.
Help with what? Their declining population? Have they started breeding grounds I can sign up to?
i'll help them when they need immigrants

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Post weird feels. I'll start
>My ex is pregnant
>It is NOT mine
>she is gonna be a single mom
>she kept hinting she was single now
>she lives 4 states away
>I had to keep saying congrats for an hour yesterday on the phone.
>I felt ill.
>now I feel... jealous? weird? like I wish it was mine but I don't.....
>I have no way to describe this feel.
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You're a fucking stupid cuck, and should let her and her child live the horrible life that's set out for them. Don't raise the little bastard baby.
I'm not raising the fucking kid, it just feels weird
Well you're stupid for having it feel weird. Instead, let yourself know that her life will be ruined because she was a dumb whore who got knocked up.

Have I made it, Robots? Onetis kept replying so I went with it.
There was even an instance where I held back a reply for 3 minutes and yet she was replying in seconds.

>how into me is she/10?
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>how into me is she/10
0, she's bored and has nobody else to talk to.
just straight up ask her out, its the more surefire way to find out how into you she is, who gives a shit about signs
Stop schmoozing, holy shit.

>"Ready for bath time anon? Let's make sure we wash every inch of ourselves~"
What do you do?
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*breaths heavely*
t h i c c
>What would you do ?
I'm getting the towel attached to a stick

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Don't be afraid to deride one and other for your poor taste.

Pic relate.
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you'd have to watch that girl 24/7 to make sure she doesn't fucking kill herself
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Her name is Mika Hoshima.
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>worshiping thots
kys my man

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Being a half asian male is the worst thing in the world. Most of the time ur white parent and your asian parents genes dont match up so you just come out awkward looking, and on top of that a lot of asians have the gross flat face with no horizontal growth.

also my parents always tell me im good looking even though i know im not and it just makes me hate them more. they think im "irrational" for thinking im ugly and they want to send me to some fucking mental health hospital.

if you're a half asian male you might as well neck yourself cause you're never gonna get a girl
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Why are half-Asian guys not popular with full-Asian girls?
Because asian males are considered to be the most unattractive males.
I'm sure they'd be popular in Asian countries.

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>tfw found a diamond in the rough robot
>super attractive like 8/10
>anti-social and shy

He has been a shut-in practically his whole life so no other girl has found him. I found him by pure luck via steam. I'm gonna make him my BF.
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I dont have steam tho...
Something doesn't add up.
Some of us are average or even good looking, but just social failures. There is a not insignificant amount of overlap in users with /fit/.

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