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I've been losing sleep over this ltcorbis kid, there's no way she could be that streetwise. Someone on /pol/ did a thread about her a while back, many of them believe her brother is writing her scripts for her. Her videos are obviously scripted. Although, I listened to an interview that she gave and she seemed as precocious in the interview as she does in her videos. I don't know what to think. Literally nobody on youtube has called her out on it. Something seems really off about the whole thing. Personally, I remember being a dumbass as an 11 year old, and a lot of my peers were even dumber.
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Interviews are scripted
It kind of creeps me out to think that the interviewers were in on exploiting a little girl who was made to say all that guy talk.
Isn't she like 13/14 by now?

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derp derpington.jpg
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That moment when you realize there can't really be that many people in here.
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There isn't, r9k is as slow as it's ever been. But everyone knows that by now and needs to get over it, what's on your mind OP?
I like people are thinking we're in some sort of cold war. I don't really think that's the case. I wouldn't call it a war at all.
You can expect lurkers on a board of robots

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>had a dream about her
>in my dream I confessed my love and she loved me too
>it was the happiest I've ever been

>i woke up
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Thats what you get for still having hope idiot
She's cute. What's her Instagram again?

Wagie Wednesday Edition
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Just how many of you are NEET?
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Britfeels should go to int
Leave pls
/int/ could never relate to our NEET and fallen wagie ways

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SMASH training.jpg
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I encourage all my fellow robots to join me for a productivity challenge, The rules are simple. Roll and whatever the lat 2 digits of you post number are will be the number of minutes you have to be productive before taking a break. The task you choose to dedicate this time to is up to you, as long as its something you consider to be productive, whether its cleaning, reading, working out, art, whatever. Feel free to mix it up if you complete a task.

I';l be back to check in once I'm done, don't let me down guys! 99 get!
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Oeegano pasta
I want to be productive, please. (:
I'm going to consider sleeping productive

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This is a general thread for all loners/introverts/minimalist or those interested in a more reclusive life style to maximize freedom, knowledge and pleasure.

I've made this thread for recluses to connect and talk without the general negativity of r9k. In this thread we don't care about your lack of social lives or why you think women are awful (although dating discussion is acceptable).

So, introduce yourself and your thoughts!

>Just bought an extremely affordable trailer
>Working as a 2nd shift security guard
>Plenty of money, Plenty of Time
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OP are you me? I'm so sick of all this talk about women, all they do is weigh you down from the things you're interested in. I'll list three since you did
>Just got off an r9k minecraft server and had a really nice time with my fellow bots
>No money but I will look for a job after college summerschool is up
>Played a few hours of Chrono Trigger for my first playthrough, and I already love it
>No money, Plenty of time
Second shift security guard sounds pretty comfy, any stories on that?
I've been fantasizing about a recluse life, how much money do I need to sustain internet and food for the rest of my life? I could live on a small property in a remote rural area and grow things/use solar
I've been browsing /out/ homesteading threads but I don't want to go completely off grid
I'm with you on that, going off the grid sounds quite scary seeing as you could get mauled by a bear/bitten by a snake without any medical help. What I would like to do is save up my money and retire in an affordable area in a small town so I could have access to the internet and social services.

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Your 20s won't last forever robots! What have you done that'll be memorable in your later days?
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I posted on 4chan and spend time around universities, measuames, and historical government locations.
I've shat on the street and got drunk several days in a row.
I admired the culture and gained information that I could. There's a lot of information out there that is very useful to decision making if people would just look for it. I don't have access to any information that isn't public record, I just spent a lot of time consuming information. It is the information age after-all.

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How do I find a qt 3.14 Christian qt? I checked out ChristianMingle and there were 4 grandmas and one 30-year-old black woman.
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Look at her TurboJew nose and frown lines though. Is dat u?
I want to say they find you but they don't...

They find some other dude and stuff

Christian Mingle is unsuccessful, just like every other dating site and the real world

Girls want tall aggressive alpha males
>30-year-old black woman.
Why would God accord you a gf when you are a racist fuck?

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>be chad looking but awkward and sex gives me anxiety
>trying to sleep
>sister's friend knocks on door and asks if i want company
>tell her no
>the rejection made her like me more
>people think i'm gay because girls like me and i never reciprocate

why are girls so scary
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>OP is a normalfag and a faggot
>denies wincest
>OP is a gay fag
not even surprised, impolite sage.

it wasn't incest you stupid fuck

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Shitty beta fetishes


Can you guys help add to the list?
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>body switching
File: IMG_0019.jpg (68KB, 587x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nose hooks my nig

fucking help me ive been into this shit since i was 8
I like this but sometimes they throw in snot shooting out of it and it's fucking gross so I avoid it now

Who here /munchies/
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This reminds me of a seagulbro thread. Who remembers him?

>One of the more memorable thread series on r9k.
sure bro. i'm a little drunk and munchin' on some croutons, pretty tasty snack.
Is that just white bread sealed in a plastic bag? For what purpose?

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>work alone with the cute girl for 3 hours tomorrow
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You see this is the problem with autism
Babysitting your neice again anon?
She has a boyfriend

>Start working awkward cute girl
>Chad brings flowers up to counter
>Loves talking about her bf

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No, i'm legitimately serious, how is Youtube getting away with this stuff. I mean, I know it's for money, but do they have ANY idea on what impact the next generation will have. People will just be really retarded and have weird fetishes because of these "Spiderman and Frozen Elsa" videos. Now when I click "Kids Videos", they come out of nowhere. I feel this needs to stop.
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Don't watch their videos
Flag their videos
Write to YouTube
Write to Google
But no matter how much you flag, they still keep coming, like those prank videos.
It hasn't broken any of youtube's rules. Blame the parents, nothing wrong with this

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peterson - robbins.jpg
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all they do is give you a mediocre paradigm shift and leave you hanging.
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Dedication has a hard art to master.



Because ultimately you have to do the work and fix yourself like they did, the can only give you the right attitude and strategies. They are the coach but we are the players, and the players are the ones doing the pushups and getting tackled on the field.

>Favorite film
>Favorite tv series
>Favorite book
>Favorite vidya
>Favorite album
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>ur mum
>ur mum
>ur mum
>ur mum
>ur mum
>the night i bombed Manchaster
>the night i bombed Manchaster
>the night i bombed Manchaster
>the night i bombed Manchaster
>the night i bombed Manchaster
>for me, it's the mcchicken
>for me, it's the mcchicken
>for me, it's the mcchicken
>for me, it's the mcchicken
>for me, it's the mcchicken

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