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Is not arguing with liberals at my college as much as I could have done a legitimate reason to hate myself?
Pic vaguely related
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No, you have to to try and convince them to stop being stupid. Be proud of yourself. Destroy their arguments at all costs
>No, you have to to try and convince them to stop being stupid

This is futile, most of them are not interested in having their opinions changed. You're not obligated to waste your energy on self-righteous people who don't want to be challenged
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>SJWs/feminists campaign for free the nipple and go on slutwalks topless
>They also campaign to be able to breastfeed anywhere
>SJWs/feminists now against breastfeeding because it implies gender roles

The left is imploding upon itself. What a time to be alive.

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never gets old
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God I love braphogs I used to brappost for fun but now i've actually gotten girls to fart on my dick and I become diamonds every time the girl i'm seeing lets one rip what the fuck is happening to me
How did you do it? Have any stories. Please, I must know.

>it's another sleep paralysis episode
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that shits scary for no real reason

>Be me
>having dream
>some crazy ghost women in dress standing in front of manor house
>im there too
>she seems spooky so i kick gravel at her
>she moves as fast as goku and grabs my heart, hand goes through me
>panic and realise this is a dream
>think better wake up or im gonna die
>shit felt so real like if i didn't wake up i was gonna die
>wake up
>can't move
>feel like she's in the room
>instantly even more scared
>still sleepy so half dreaming
>get visions of a mirror where my fridge is in my kitchen
>fridge is gone
>im stood infront of mirror
>mirror cracks
>still hanging on wall
>one shard flies at me
>just as its about to hit me
>wake up
>still can't move
>wait for about 15 seconds struggling
>no longer scared and realize its sleep paralysis
>another 10 seconds go past and it wears off
>can now move
>take a piss and go back to sleep
>have dream about waifu

similar thing happaned again about a week later, i started sleeping longer but kept waking up around 3-4am with sleep paralysis, sometimes on my side barely able to move my arm, tried shouting for family but couldn't until it wore off, once it wore off i felt fine
>it's another OP doesn't reply to his own threads episode
Try moving your feet up once you realise you're dreaming. Will help you wake up

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I want to ejaculate inside human female
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Are you white?

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i feel it broy. i want to do it as well
I suspect it'll be a disappointment

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Seriously, why can't I just say shit like this in an interview?

What sort of a fucking retarded question is "why do you want to work here?" I want to work here because I need money. You want someone to work here because your company need a certain amount of things doing that you otherwise do not presently have enough people to do. I am happy with this exchange and will do those things in exchange for the money you are offering. This seems like a very reasonable transaction to me.

I went through school and university getting top grades without giving a shit, why is it necessary for me to care about this company?

You're paying me the money that I fucking need in order to live. That's my fucking motivation to work hard, not fucking dying on the street. I don't really give a shit what you want me to do for 8 hours a day in order to avoid this.
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Part of the things they want you to do is suck up to them. Why do you have a problem with that?
Is it not enough for them to effectively own me for 8 hours a day? I'll give them my time and do the tasks that I am given but to have to grovel for my own slavery and then pretend to be grateful for it? It's dishonest and I don't like it.
They ask that question to test whether you've researched the company, which is fair. Culture fit matters.

Though there's also "Why are you the best candidate?", which translates to "Beg for me." Anyone who asks this deserves to lose their pension and spend their retirement age jerking off high school dropouts for a job at Taco Bell.

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If black people are so dumb why are you not going to Harvard?
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Because I dont have affirmative action boosting my test scores and lowering my tuition

Because of political correctness, colleges rather take a black person with a 3.5 GPA than a white person with a 3.9 GPA because otherwise they'll get blasted for being racist because the amount of black people in that college is lower than national average.

Ofc there are extremely smart black people but they're much rarer than smart white people.
Theres this nigger trend where they apply for all the Ivies and get accepted to all of them, then therell be some kind of news article NIGGER ACCEPTED TO ALL IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS. When if you get into Harvard/Yale you basically get into the others automatically. No one with actual common sense does this,but i guess its good Jewish propaganda.

Is anyone else a twin

Me and my sister were talking to some other twins and they were giving us shit for being fraternal and not being "real twins." What am I missing out on from a "real twinship"?

Also I'll answer questions too I guess
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Are there seriously no twins on r9k? or even no one interested in twins.
Have you ever fucked your twin?
Nah, I've touched her everywhere and she's done the same to me, but actual sex hasn't happened.

How would you guys handle this situation if it were to come up?
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Bitch on tumblr about it
I would have an intelligent discussion with him over why he has those opinions and not flip my shit like a spergy sjw.
Don't worry mate, this won't come up

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Alright, r9k should I kill myself?
>Born with a fucked up voice
>Literally sound retarded
Does anybody else deal with this/ have any ideas to make my existence less painful?
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vocaroo? can't be that bad
>fucked up voice
Fuck You Normie
No. I'm too embarrassed.
Originalio comment

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How's that youtube channel coming along robots?

Link your videos and get some shameless plugs I'll check out them all

Here's a video I just uploaded

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Here's the last video I did

nicely animated f-friend
Why are you scared Anon?


What kind of fantastic gf would you have? Id probably have a fairy one.
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A virgin one.
This i need a virgin and pure gf
Now lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Teach these newfaggots a lesson please. It's really NOT hard to make a unique post.

You can't append one single sentence to your one line posting to make it pass? You have to be literally retarded to be incapable of doing this.
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Just report the people who do it and move on.
>It's really NOT hard to make a unique post.
And yet it has zero value, when it's unique in any merely technical sense.
the robot isn't context sensitive

Go grab a nice hot pizza from Little Caesar's anon. Just $5 for a hot n' ready.

Pizza, pizza
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Little caesars is fucking garbage
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Why little caeser's when Wendy's exists?
how much are you paid per shitpost?

can i get in on this hot new lucrative market

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ITT Your most and least favorite porn actor.

>this fucking guy
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those are dudes.
well, op said actor not actress
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>not exclusively watching amateur porn
shiggy diggy, my niggy

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Keep your virginity, keep being passive witnesses, learn from others mistakes. This is the way to live life with the least pain possible. Trust me.
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Please listen to me.
You can believe in somthing even if it isn't true. Virtue, honor and courage matter more than anything. Good beats evil and true love never dies. And by love I don't just mean love for some roastie, but love for what you do, what you believe in, a person, a place a thing. Dosent matter what.

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