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Any edgy music? Bonus points if listened by school shooters
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Marilyn Manson got the blame for influencing columbine with Antichrist Superstar, though they turned out to be rammstein fans in the end. Downward spiral by NIN ends in a school shooter sort of way. That's about as edgy as I get
swans - filth or cop
whitehouse - (literally anything by them)
literally all power electronics music
witch house is also pretty fucking edgy
anything off of Nihil, Xtort, or Symbols by KMFDM, plus Godlike of course.

shit's what the Columbine shooters listened to.

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Yea yea sure wagie, right after I get my side of fries. Chop chop.
Where do you anon work?

Bartender here, busy as fuck. I hate it
>tfw working as a bus boy at a local restaurant
>tfw mainly old people come in so it's not that busy and when it is still pretty calm
>tfw getting paid plus fucking tips because it's in a pool

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Have had sex with 7 different women.
Porn is better than women:

1) Won't divorce rape you
2) Sex for free
3) Doesn't have all these bizarre double standards and expectations
4) With porn you focus on your pleasure. With women, you focus on HER pleasure.
5) You know how to get yourself off better than she does
6) Unless you're raw doggin her, your hand feels better than a condom
7) No chance of pregnancy
8) No false rape accusations
9) No pressure to socially impress a woman or risk rejection
10) You'll definitely orgasm with porn
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it fucks you in the head and develop mostly unreachable fetisher
Also no stds, forgot about that one
The point of being with a woman is to make a baby with her, and raise a family.
At some point people in the west lost the plot and thought it's all about "love" and sex, both of which are false, the pleasure from sex is temporary. This is the major cause of all the disillusionment, restlessness of young men and discord between the sexes that plagues the world today

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>There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who unironically base their self worth on sex and are contemplating killing themselves because they didn't get to stick their genitals into someone else's genitals yet

how fucking beta can you be lmao
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I dont care about sex I just want a gf who loves me
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I just want my mom to get well and to have my own place to stock with video games.
I have up on the idea of having a wife and family when I was fourteen and realized people will never get better.
Sex isn't as important as a loving relationship or professional and personal success and I have none of those things

I have had sex before, more than a few times in fact.

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>cannot become chad
>roasties laugh at you
>start fucking chad better than roasties
>chad starts wanting me instead of roasties
>laugh at roasties
>roasties on suicide watch
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Calm down tranny...
Once Chads family presses him to have a wife and children than the ride is over. Plus your shelf life is 10years at best considering how passable you are.
I'm not a tranny
stay mad roastie
so are you gay or something?

I sure do love adding filler to my comments as otherwise it will be seen as spam

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Metal is rap for white people
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No it's not, Metal sounds nothing like Rap.
Babby cannot into abstraction.
Death Grips is metal for black people

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>start new job about 2.5 weeks ago
>Most of my coworkers ignore me, outside of relaying information about the job
>Even when they shoot the shit, they ignore me
>For example, if it's me and two other co-workers in the room, one co-workers would call the other by name and ask their opinion on some random trivial thing
>If they are in a circle, they sometimes move or give the indication I'm not welcome
>I'm not sure if it's because I'm still "the new guy" (and I have yet to build a rapport with them), it's because I'm shy (and a little awkward), I give off some weird aura or what

I'm overthinking it, but it's weird. Even the weird guy who spews memes and Rick and Morty references wants nothing to do with me.
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Are you good looking or ugly?
I'd say I'm 4 out of 10. Average, but not super good looking.
everyone is average/ugly in the real world so dont sweat it too much. The fact that your making a thread on this shows you are socially awkward at best. You probably know this but people can literally sense your awkwardness, just stop trying to force friendship and instead try to connect with them.

Just say dumb trivial normie shit like "this weather is getting x" or "its finally friday!" and ask what they have planned for the weekend in a non creepy way. Its bound to start conversation and just let it flow from there

Hello Brobots.
I've had a serious nail biting issue for at least a few years now. I can't seem to stop doing it, it's always unconscious. Usually during tests, home assignments or other nervous situations but recently noticed I am doing in public or when just chilling.
Any tips on how I can stop this phenomenon?
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>be me, 5 yo
>see dad biting nails
>been doing it ever since

Fast forward to the present

>go to friends house
>a chad
>chad has nail clippers on bathroom counter
>afraid that people will know my habit
>buy nail clippers and set them on counter
>they've never been used
Not needing to manually clip my nails is probably the only advantage of this.
Do people even care about that? I've been biting my nails since i was 4,my dad has an habit of doing that so i guess i picked up that habit

I'll start.

Morrisseyposter >>>>> Huskyposter > Connieposter

Everyone else is irrelevant.
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that's pretty spot on desu
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Tomoko Posters >power gap> Misaki "posters"
>implying cancerous avatarfags are important

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It's just genes. why wont you eat it?
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>motivated to change lifestyle
>work out everyday
>Loose 50lbs
>start feeling pretty confident about myself
>go to bar&grill for drinks with the bros
>qt waitress gives me her number
>filled with joy because it never happened in my life
>she use to be a cheerleader at a high school not too long ago (just graduated)
>last couple boyfriends played sports at uni
>conv skips to sexting
>sends me picture related
>block number on my phone

Lost hope in women having pure vajayjays
I'm allergic to denim.
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>I'm still a virgin anon, be gentle!

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What's /r9k/ having to drink 6/10/17

why are my wrists so small?
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I just had a cold sprite with the bois.
drinking fucking lolly water drinks I found in the fridge because they've been there for over a week and no one has claimed them and since it's the only alcohol option I got I'm downing them as fast as I can.
also have a bottle of mountian dew.

>drinking the liquid cancer

water, lemonade, goat's milk, and tea are the only acceptable choices

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Do I tell her the truth? I work two jobs too...what do I say next?
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If you just wanna shag her, then just lie
If looking for a gf say a thing like, I'm currently on the search for a job Yada Yada

Lying would only make it complicated if anom wants a gf.
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Let's see.png
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Do whatever. Just post the results.

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Do you still feel a squeeze in your chest when you imagine her having sex with another guy and enjoying it?
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No, my heart became numb after she killed herself.
Yes, as well anger, resentment, then sadness.
No, because there never has been and never will be one to feel this about.

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/r9k/ discord no Faggots allowed AGHnd
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Too late, you're already there OP
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friendly faggots allowed, stay out bullies

OP will never EVER recover

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Alright how do I make a game? Im a 28 year old NEET with no job prospects or programming knowledge. I want to make the next morrowind. How can I do this?
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you don't

1. you're too old to learn/start a development career
2. every good game idea has been thought of
3. why would anyone want to play your shitty clone when they can play a real elder scrolls game?

sry senpai
it isn't that hard anon
i'm making a working RPG in a visual novel maker with self-taught programming knowledge i learned from this game.
I disagree with points 2 and 3. There are hardly any games like morrowind

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