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The world would be so much better if women didn't exist
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The world would be better without humans. It would be pure

women made men impure and themselves impure thru sinning against the creator being, and he left Earth that is why there is suffering in this world.
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>would be pure

>Okay everyone, partner up!
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Time for everyone to introduce themselves and say one thing they did over the summer!
>turn right, everyones partnered up already
>turn left, everyones partnered up
>"Does anyone want to be anon's partner, he needs someone to group with?"
>*crickets chirp*

>Pick your seats!

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>you make a post about how you want to get gf
>get called a beta faggot that put pussy on a pedestal
>make post about how you are not going to do shit to fuck some roasties
>get called a faggot by Chad larpers again and a virgin by females
Can someone explain to me why normalfags think that every single post about wanting a gf is by someone that is only looking for sex
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I wish you were john krasinski
most people only see relationships as sex tools and not as a way to get someone to support you through life
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There's no discernible difference between wanting a gf and sex. You have a facade of noble intentions but your desire lies in the same place as the rest of them

Why aren't you taking antibiotics to treat your acne?
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he didn't see me. DAN

Just signed up for accutane :)
this retarded shit is going to be why antibiotics are going to be useless within 100 years

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>invite girl to dinner
>she actually says yes
>i cant cook
>the night comes
>i make grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese
>she doesn't eat
>doesnt make a second date

Why am i like this
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Got any left overs, anon? Hate to have a good meal like that go to waste.
LMAO ok hannibal lector, next time take her out to a nice diner, pay for her meal and make sure you shake her hand firmly.
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>invite girl to dinner
>i make grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese
>grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese
>grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese
>grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese
>grilled balogna and instant mac and cheese

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>tfw girl says hello to you
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You have that in the wrong order.
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>tfw girl hits on you

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>accidentally pocket dialed a qt from one of my old classes who i later found out had a crush on me
>she called back immediately and left a message on my phone asking what i wanted and telling me to call her back
>don't call her back out of embarrassment
>she sends a text asking me what's up
>don't answer it, still out of embarrassment
i realized there's something therapeutic about not calling girls back. especially since i know if i show any interest it'll suddenly turn against me and i'll be the one not getting called back.

should i send her a text now that it's been over a day and leave some really lame excuse that's an obvious lie? that's what a girl would do to me in this situation..
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Text her, why not?
And maybe just tell the truth? She'll find out about your...anxiety? sooner or later...
(but I' just a cyborg...)
just text her back you pocket dialed her and wait til she texts back if not forget it
>having a girl's number on your phone
Get the fuck out. You don't belong on this board.

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Sad pepe.jpg
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>listening to sad music
>thinking about how i'll die KHV
>mother jokes about bringing girls over
>fighting back tears
>blankly respond yeah mom haha
>dad looks over at me
>can visibly see the sadness on his face
>he was watching me
>look away and start sobbing

neither of us said anything
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Iktf bruh


My mom is a fucking God damn bitch.

Well at least somebody does.

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Post your best sad/melancholic songs.

>got pic related from here in 2013
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Keaton Henson
'Polyhymnia' for example.
Crywank is one of the few bands I know that make songs about depression that doesn't have to do with love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEgTppFqksk&index=144&list=PLNDDdz25VA6aBEloBuR5epOkb3HAFomX6

>r9k hangs out
>decides to order pizza
What do you want, anon?
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H-h-how about a $5 hot and ready sine we're all broke?
Hot n ready's only come in cheese or pepperoni.
I work at a pizza shop

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>a-anon, would you please suckle the sweet nectar out of my feminine penis
what do?
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Cut off it's head and grab it by the hair and face a camera and tell the world traps are all degenerates that deserve to die
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I would do what he says
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I am the Primarch Rogal Dorn you will let me post this.

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About to do 700mg of DXM, What am I in for fellow junkie robots?
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Learn to live life without drugs and chemicals altering your brain. Then you will have a much more happier life. Until you realize that you will continue to suffer. This is your obstacle that you are facing in life. If you don't overcome it, it will overcome you and you will die. And the hell and darkness and depression that you feel inside you will manifest and become your new world that you will live in forever.
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kek, faggot detected
Gayest shit I've seen all day and I just finished jacking off to 3 dudes taking turns fucking each other
Also, literally everything you feel is due to a chemical altering your brain
But i have profound Adhd, i failed every class ive been in from grade 1 to 12

>go to the gym & have a decent physique
>join a frat and finally have cool friends at this school
>go to shows with my best friends whenever I can
>hook up with some decent looking girls

At what point am I supposed to be happy? I'm like a failed chad.
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you're supposed to do what you personally like, not what others do
I live for live music & the gym. I don't know what else is supposed to make me happy besides the occasional (actually becoming more frequent) hot girl bang.

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everyone post wonderful smells

my favorite smell is lilac. I wish I had the opportunity to smell them more often.

what does everyone else like

inb4 brap
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fir tree, cinnamon, muffins/fresh bake stuff, many flowers/green house, many fancy girl perfume, random candles, in the forrest fall, rain snow
lavender, ocean, many foods, coffee/chocolate, woods/woodshop
gasoline, bubble soap, skittles, cardamom

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Why is Slan always depicted as a white woman, when she clearly is black and has black features?(full pouty lips, soft feminine face, exotic eyes, etc)
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Slan is demonic entity, not a black or white human. Stop looking for accurate portrayals of race in a Chinese cartoon, you nitwits.
but the godhand started as humans, so yes she does have a race you dumbass
Are you just being this dumb to cause a shit post argument?
These are the retard boards
Try those on for size while you learn to act like a FUCKING ADULT

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