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I started Prozac 2 months ago and now I keep craving dick. I've never gotten hard to the thought of a dick in my mouth but now I do. I also keep thinking about dressing up as a cute girl and taking it in the ass. I'm already a worthless NEET I don't wanna be a faggot either
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just accept that your gay and suck that dick, fag.

Antidepressants mess with the hormones, but yeah, it's not like it's the end of the world. You can change your mind later when you are allowed to leave prozac
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I don't wanna make my parents even more disappointed in me. Being gay seems awful

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>2 years of qt gf, love her
>she is kind of overly attached / clingy
>she has a bj/cock worship fetish
>receive bj every single day, except if I don't want to
how lucky should I consider myself?
is this rare? did I hit the jackpot?
do Chads experience this too?
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where did that post go

if you let that go, youre the dumbest fucker alive.
what do you mean let that go
why would I let it go
I don't want to break up with her, I'll probably marry her eventually
we already live together

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The guy on the left looks like he's about to shoot himself.
why you gotta be that guy dude?
im not your dude bro

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Black Chad = Tyrone
Black Stacy = ?
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It's Laquisha

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>be me
>no friends
>try my best to leave the house but there is just nothing to do
>today literally just went to the beach,sat in a puddle,got wet,went home
>it has been like this for the past year,studying at home because cant afford to go co classes because of shitty job,i work as a bartender
>live with abusive mother ever since i was 5 years old,dad gives her money for shopping and she buys alcohol,comes back hme to abuse me and then when he gets back she stops
>told him this for the past 13 years he just shrugs it off
>i try to go to social events to not go crazy,at fry day go to different dancebars or regular bars to try and meet people
>everytime i go it's just people who come with friends and cant get a conversation going,no matter how i try
>come back home late,alone and try to forget the evening,wake up in the morning,make my self breakfast
>study at my desk for a couple of hours,sleep if i have nothing to do
>at the evening go on 4 chan in the dark
how is your life going?
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>a LOT of shit happened in my life
>over and over and over again things just go so wrong,so much anger and misery and is just too much to put unto 1 post
>simply numb to life,have potential but see no reason to accomplish it,just too fucking tired to live but cant take own life
friends? is someone here?
>no friends
pathetic. why are you blogging here? go meet people.

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ero man.gif
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how do i make it go away every thought is of her i cant stop
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Those feelings are tormenting and fun at the same time.
you can at least be absolutely certain that these feelings will not last, anon

they're going to end
like everything
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that means you're a fucking faggot who needs to commit suicide, you fucking normie baster, gtfo off this board you b8 poster, saged

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>Never lend money to anyone, not even once or they'll be bitter and hateful the next time you refuse them
>Never trust anyone, especially women as they're all out for themselves and do petty, vindictive shit for no reason
>Never get too close to anyone, it opens the door for them to snoop into your private life and ask favours you'd rather not be bothered with
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>Always look people in the eye
>Stand up straight
>Give them a firm handshake

These are the keys to success, son.
I hate this meme

Stupid fucking smug boomer face
Why so offended? Are you incapable of these things?

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Who else /cringememories/ here?

Sometimes I get hit by a truckload of memories that just remind me how mentally fucked I am. Anybody know this feel?????
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All the time. What I thought was cool to say, all my edgy opinions and my behavior was top cringe.
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clenched teeth.png
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>family barbecue
>someone asks me what music I like
>'well if it's in a video game soundtrack, i'll listen to it"
Every. single. day.

The most random things will trigger it too.

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So you finally get a loving girlfriend and just before sex you find out that she is a roastie, what do you do?
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Suck on those succulent lips and play around with them with my tongue.
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I dont care because its genetic
as a femanon i find this roastie meme extremely offensive and i would like you to all stop, thank you.

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is this man right fellow robots should we break out of our (((cages))) is it that easy?
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The real problem is:
Break out and go where?
I myself have absolutely nowhere to go and belong in.
I have no goal in life, nothing to accomplish, i don't want to have kids, nor do i want to chase women.
All i want is a swift death.

Btw if you're interested in assisting someone's suicide and taking all their belongings as a payment hit me up.
Why would I listen to a guy like that? He doesn't have problems with his looks. If i looked like him I wouldn't be a robot.

What the fuck does he know of our struggles?
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Get a job, pay attention to your appearance, if you don't want kids or a woman then just work and try to get rich. Or influence your nation trough politics
remember Goebbels and Hitler were once neets roaming the streets of Munich

"Heh heh, Anon, I bet you can't steal my pencil without using your hands."
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"I can always try with my mouth ;)"
I'll grab it with my foot. I'm good at that.
>wordlessly remove shoe and sock
>crane my foot up to the pencil
>grab it with my toes
>drop it at her feet
>put sock and shoe back on
>walk away

Dumb cunt should learn to not make bets she can't win.

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Just stick your penis inside and shoot your load. That's all it takes. Don't guys really like to do this? Then why has no one done it yet?
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Post contact and location and someone will.
I dont get why you're talking to guys with that title
Because you want a Chad to do it and not some beta fag on this board

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Does anyone here suffer from anxiety?

What does an anxiety attack feel like to you, anons?
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>Asking this on /r9k/

Of course we do.
Please help me, anon. I don't know if I 'm suffering from an anxiety attack or if I'm actually dying.
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>suffer from anxiety
anxiety is just a meme, everyone has it just like depression

You guys ever check out r/incels?

Holy shit, and I thought you guys had problems...
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no because i dont go on reddit and you should get the fuck out and stay there
Most incels and robots have no real problems in life. How do you think that not getting pussy is equal to someone forcibly and painfully fucking you? If getting a gf and having sex will truly fix your shit life then you don't know anything about true depression. When I was a depressed, suicidal virgin, pussy was the least of my worries.
I post there


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Western women have a hell of an attitude. I can easily tell whos a roastie on here just by the way they type. They are also more organized because of the sexist feelings they feel. I understand why women should be beaten. You cannot rationally debate with a woman. She does not follow logic, wisdom or sense. She follows her wayward heart and own logic. It is only with the rod of discipline can you make her understand. It is the same with a child.

Anyone else agree? I feel like knocking out a woman.

The 3 attributes of a woman today in the west are:

Also when you give a woman your attention and praise her you are making her stronger. And she develops this attitude and narcissism as a result. She respects no man.
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A-tit-it-ude? Is this a boob joke?
Sheeeit itz al god nigga i on tak Dem wit womyn four yu nigga cuz muh dik
>implying there is alturism

I hate them too but both you and them are unconscious egoists and quit frankly spooks.

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