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You can't be a robot if you don't have pale, white skin. Niggers and tanned chads get out.
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eat a dick whiteboy
I traveled on my own to the beach on the summer and burnt the shit out of my body just to hide my powerlevel.
If you're not insecure to this point you don't belong here.
Fuck you, mongrelfolk are the truest robots cunt

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Who wants to get a life and make some money with me? I'm looking for a partner for team driving. CDL, over the road, trucking, you know. Good money, good scenery, puts chest on your hair.

I'm serious about that and would like another robot to live with in our little cuckshed. Preferably have a CDL already (I do but no experience), but since that's unlikely, we'll join a company that has free CDL training. Most likely it'd take somewhere between 1-2 months before we're actually teamed since we have to go off with our trainers first.

Lemme know I guess...
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where do you live, op? I don't have a cdl but this is something I'm considering more and more each day
henderson, nevada. basically las vegas.
gonna play some PUBG. my steam is noiradle if you wanna add me and talk more about it, assuming you're in the states.

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Reminder if you have an ugly face and you're a guy just give up
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Its true.

I'm ugly and I never tried , what's the point spending energy to receive unfavorable results?
I have a pretty decent face actually. Everything else is a mess though

I've been told I'm decent looking.

It doesn't help one bit if you still can't talk to people.

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>take a shit
>It's like 10 inches long

My erect penis is six inches

What the fuck! Why can't it be the other way around

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shut uup
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for fucks sake manerino
You know 10" hard usually have a hard time getting erections, right?
I'm 7.5+" and I still don't get fully hard most of the times

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>Find an apartment on craigslist
>Great rent price
>Lots of space
>Decent, if working-class neighborhood near my job
>Snatch it up thinking I made a really smart decision

>One week in
>Have seen two mice so far
>Live on a busy intersection right by a red light
>Niggers blasting their hip hop or spics blasting their Mexican gibberish as they drive by
>The honking, the fucking honking all the time

I might end up killing myself soon. Holy shit. What have I done?
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oh no two mice

how terrible
Have you watched the movie "Willard"? Do it.
adopt the mice and make them your pet

name one Sneaky Johnson

Hey robots, it's finally happened, I've finally got a gf. Thanks for having my back and keeping me company all these years. I feel like I'm on the right track to be a normie again. Life was hard, I was about to give up, but you guys provided me a place that I felt like home and kept me going. This grill may not be the best looker out there and she may be a little on the rounder side, but hey I'm not complaining, not anymore at least. Maybe in a few months when I have some nudes I'll dump them here just to show you robots my appreciation. Ciao for now!
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Greentext how it happened nigga. How the fuck are you gonna deprive us of that shithead?
Have fun while it lasts.
girls eventually find a way to send u back down this shit hole
why the fuck would u want a roastie girlfriend wen all they do is scream and cry?

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I'm going to kill myself tonight. I'm finishing my breif goodbye note then jumping off my balcony. Wish I could say it's been fun. The best part about being anonymous is that no one can miss you when you're gone.
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Goodbye faggot.
Ill see you soon anon.
We all will.
Good luck.
what's in the note?
cool trips

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I have to stop visiting this place, but I can't, it's almost like I'm addicted.
Anyone else is experiencing this ?
It's not heathy, yesterday I spent 8 hours on this site, my head throbs and I should be really doing some work now but I can't find the motivation.
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Same. It's 4:30 am. I have to get up in 6 hours but i just keep refreshing the catalog
I've been on /r9k/ since 2009. Unless you make a dedicated effort to leave, you'll be stuck.
You can never originally leave.

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>make a profile on a dating website
>like and message dozens of decent girls in my area
>none of the ones i messaged or liked reply
>suddenly get a shit load of messages from fatties and trannies

What in the actual fuck I must be ugly or look like a total faggot I just want a normal girl

Why is it so hard to get a gf
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ur probably ugly anon. i mean no fatty or tranny would ask out an alpha male cuz they know they settle for staceys only
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>receives shitload of messages
>why is it so hard to get a gf

really makes u think
I made an OKC account once. I told true stuff about myself as humorously as I could. I seriously got a girl messaging me first. She told me that I was really funny and then asked if all of that was true. I said it was, and then shifted the conversation to her. We exchanged a few more messages before she stopped replying. I deleted my account after that

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My conversation with my dad minutes ago

>anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they want you to come to Guangzhou (a city in China) to live with them so they can make your normal again, what do you think?
>I'm not sure, I'll think about it
>well it doesn't seem like you're getting better, if you're going to be at home most of the time, you might as well try living in china. You can go with your grands to buy a computer once you're there.
>okay I'll think about it and let you know
>you can't keep being like this, just remember that.

Looks like my family's can't take it anymore.
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I love this post desu
This is a repost, saw this a month or so ago
stale pasta m88

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If you have a girlfriend you aren't allowed to complain about life.
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There are a lot of guys and girls who are in shitty relationships because they don't want to leave them for whatever reason.

You robots are so dumb. You think happiness is

IF gf THEN Happiness:Yes

When in reality true happiness has so many facets and dimensions, hence why it's one of the most debated topics in philosophy and psychology.

I understand why a lot of you are bitter because you've never been loved or have never had sex or whatever, but don't constantly shit on the people who have and assume that their lives are all peaches and sunshine.
you're probably new here if you bothered to argue about relationships and happiness

I've been posting on /r9k/ for almost a decade now. For a bunch of smart guys, they don't know how to outsmart (reportedly) a dumb breed of animal like the human female.

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Why so guys have to be the ones to approach girls? Why can't it be the other way around? Fuck this society.
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Its hardwired in through different biological imperatives. Men are able to cum as much as they need to, so they approach as many women as possible in order to fuck them.

Women on the other hand can only get pregnant once at a time, and it takes them 9 months to carry that baby, so they have more of an imperative to make sure they're getting the best possible mate because its a much bigger investment on their part. They let the men approach them and take the best available.
isn't that the point of bumble?
>tfw only 300 lb black landwhales would approach you
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ITT: Stacys
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I'm gonna need an explanation
a.drunk people at a party with an escort
b.drunk whore
either by her own idea or encouragement of the guys fills her ass with beer and proceeds to fart it out while spinning like a sprinkler
remind myself not to watch this in the living room where there's people around.

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When I was a high school freshman there was a senior who took a shine to me and would give me hugs in school. She was a big redhead girl with big tits. She was like a mommy girlfriend but we weren't dating or fucking. Those hugs and her smile were so nice. She was 6 feet tall and looked like Janis Joplin. I can't find a pic that looks like her. Huge ass.
She would put saliva on her finger and fix my hair and adjust my tie. She was so cheerful and made that year tolerable.
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Bump for more normie stories.
I had a sexy teacher in my last year of Uni.
She had a TV show on community TV where she would talk about books
She would have been in her mid 30s, tastefully thique
I didn't show up the first week, so when I finally came the second week she came and sat next to me and introduced herself and shit.
Later in the class she was at her desk, some student was talking about whatever and I was just looking out the window. Then I looked at the teacher and she was looking right at me, she smiled and winked at me and I think I came.
>be me
>be 20
>work at a place
>6/19 qt shyly gives me her number
>after my shift grab my phone and text her. (not allowed to have any electronic devices in the facility)
>Been talking for almost week now
>Find out she's 28
>Too old to date imo
>Trying to steer this into a FWB relationship> she still talks to me like she's into me though
Wat do?

>what's wrong anon? Aren't you going to jerk off? It's not like you're ever going to have sex, you know. I'm doing you a favor by letting you watch us go at it, at least try to enjoy it!
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>tfw I actually have a cuck fetish...
r9k ruined me
>smug anime grill face
Why do they always do this
*pulls roastie of chads cock*
*kicks her in the head multiple times*
*fucks chad*
Pssh nothin personel

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