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-blocks your path-

before you can enter, we ask of you a simple question.

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Could you r-repeat that please?
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*drops mic*
*teleports behind you*
Your mumbling ends today, boy

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Hey fap-bots, what is the best site or resource for high quality hentai videos?
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Sukebei nyaa
Been wondering this too.

>Sukebei nyaa
Shit's dead yo

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really really good thread OP :)
Moar like this plox


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Be me
> 2 - 3 years ago
> looks : 0/10
> skele
> looked like shit basically
> had friends because knowledge of IT (really basic shit) and set up servers to play with people
> other grills 7-9/10 played games with me
> one day another robot who looked 5-7/10 admits he liked one of the grills
> the grill was creeped out and since she was popular she used her friends to socially ostracise the guy
>she said she liked me to piss off the other guy (obviously she did not)
>I played along with it and also took part in making fun of the other robot
> he probably had a terrible time at school because of it
Am I a bad person /r9k/?
Am I terrible for bullying my fellow robots?
Pic related : it's a gift from the girl
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Bros before hoes isnt just a meme desu
Am I my fellow robot's keeper?

I dont believe you

It was mean of you and you shouldve apoligized then. You fell victim to peer pressure. Kids do stupid shit though, assuming you were in hs still.

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golden peak.jpg
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I left one of these out unrefriderated for 1 month, though its unopened. Can I still drink it?
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Does it say it needs to be refrigerated on the bottle? If it does, make sure you film yourself when you drink it.
It might cause some unpleasantness but it definitely won't kill you.
you can drink it but you might get a bacterial disease, it says keep refrigerated for a reason.

Hey /b/, I've seen a lot of these on women nowadays. Can anyone tell me what this could mean?
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They mean if you remove them their heads will fall off
bbc slave
It means she has a black belt in mixed martial arts

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Does anyone else only poop like once a week?
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every 3 days or so desu. I consume only fruit/water/alcohol.
Once a week? Eat some vegetables for god's sake.
i used to only poop every few days but not anymore.

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Did god ONLY create 2 humans or did he create a lot more later on? if he didn't doesn't that mean we're all giga inbreds with severe retardation or something? What did he use as the base for our dna?
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Do you know where you're posting?
Are you stupid or am I the stupid one for taking the bait?
Monkeys and a "pure" blood
Eve vagina and Adam sperm was quite special

every kid they had, had different DNA, Eve had many babies and everytime had twins (one boy one girl), and the first twins marry second twins and it continues, so it isn't incest

What is this board supposed to be containing anyways? Its not like this board has any real use to it other than fostering the whiny bitchboys who think they have it bad.
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What is this board supposed to be containing anyways?

It's therapy for the borderline insane. Fuck off if you don't like it, fggt
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This is the official lonely sad autist board mmkay?

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>People in Illinois now have to pull an Elliot and drive out of state to buy Powerball tickets

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Why do you like this fag so much? Why does everyone here idolize him?
You obviously dont spend much time on this board or know anything about who he was.
I spend way too much time on this board and I know exactly who he is. I just don't get the admiration. He's a beta faggot.

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Long story short, I dated a girl for about two and a half years. Thought we were gonna get married, I took her v-card, moved across the state for her, etc. We broke up once last year because she didn't think things were going well, and I didn't fight it because I wanted to fuck some girl that I worked with. So I went ahead and fucked the girl, borderline dated her, and my ex went and got drunk and fucked some guy. We got back together, she told me, it broke my heart, but I denied everything about the girl. A few months later we broke up again, and she started talking to the guy she dated before me. I broke it off this time, and she went and dated him for a couple months (long distance). When she came back from visiting him, she would come over to my house and we would have sex and spend the night together. We sorta kinda got back together for a bit until we finally just said fuck it and stopped talking for a few months. In that time span she became polyamorous and started dating multiple people at once. When we started talking again, it fucking broke my heart to hear her finally tell me all about it and the guys/girl that she had been dating and slept with. So then it was this emotional shitstorm of not talking, talking/sleeping together/saying I love you/etc, having a breakdown, then not talking again. Rinse and repeat. A month ago she came into the restaurant I wait tables at with her new guy (it's a nice steakhouse, he surprised her but didn't know I worked there) and it broke my heart again to see them together. So that led to us having another rollercoaster that led to her telling me that she wanted to keep me in her life as a friend/boyfriend/whatever but she wouldn't stop dating that guy because she loved him too. So a few days ago I told her to stop messaging me, and it's really hurting to not be able to talk to her.

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The worst part? She was truly my best friend. When things were good, they were great. We'd cuddle and watch movies and go visit cool areas and laugh and talk about everything under the sun. She knew me better than even my own mother and we got along fantastically. She would talk to me just the way I wanted, and I'd do the same to her. But there was something about her sleeping with other people, about them touching her in ways that I used to, that would repulse me. Some nights I'd have to leave at 2am just because it made my stomach turn in knots to think of some other guy sweating on her.

Now I'm without a very important person in my life, all because I can't look at her the same way for sleeping with multiple people.
>She was truly my best friend
No she wasn't. Friends don't do that to each other.
>Her sleeping with other people, about them touching her in ways that I used to, that would repulse me.
She's probably in the same boat. Also you're at fault too for fucking around

You're right, she is in the same boat, but she just plays the ignorance card...I don't have that ability.

And part of me blames myself for this whole thing, if I fought her in the beginning about breaking up then I doubt any of this would have happened.


I just shit myself, literally. AMA

Pic related is tfw
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riperoni in originaloni
green text the details
I need a good laugh
Not op
>heat wave
>have to go buy worms for my dad
>have exploding diarrhea
>go anyways
>on my way back start sweating with double power
>feel like gas is leaking
>get back home and think im safe
>pull pants down and see liquid slime all over my undies
>smells like hamster
>clean my ass and go to grab new undiepanties
>feelsomething dripping down my leg
>sudden pressure
>run like nut to bathroom
>jump on toilet and ooze the content of my tummy
>literally shiting with cream
This has been going for far too long

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Comfy Japan thread VIII
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>tfw your gay country doesnt have sleep-in internet cafes
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Weird way to spell Korea

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>be me
>blackfag in middle school
>could not find any friends because I wasn't like the other black kids
>got my head slammed into a window because I acted white
> developed depression and paranoia
What do?
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Isn't it sad how niggers will punish the black folk for acting civilized?
How can I tell you're the kind of black guy who sucks off white people and spits the cum back out at us. You deserved what you got, nobody will miss you when you kill yourself
Make friends with white people.

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i want to lead a revolution
what are your dreams /r9k/?
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To have a private army or find my purpose in life..
Also this
>i want to lead a revolution
I want to play music and write songs and shit. Think punk pop punk kind of stuff. I can play guitar and Ive been writing riffs for awhile but playing and singing is hard especially when I hate my voice.

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