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>Be gifted with height
>Throw away the best chance that anyone can get
You deserve nothing you failed chad.
>Slender: The younger years
>aliens can't be robots

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I think I'm gonna end it tonight.
I can't do it anymore.
I'm gonna go down as an hero.
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Do it. I don't even care who you go down as a hero with, or what you actually do.
The English speaking world needs more martyrs for any cause, I congratulate you on your dedication.
oh wait no
>an hero
I thought you were actually going to do something. My bad. Have fun dying anyway, I guess.
be sure to let us know if there is anything good on the other side

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Why don't you start drawing, colouring, or making some mandala?
>good for u
>makes u stay focused on something that's not useless
>your mom will be proud of you :)
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You draw those with a compass?

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Honestly? Because I'm lazy, like many on this board I'd love to draw characters in an anime-style so I could put my fantasies (non-lewd) to paper, though having to spend hundreds of GBP on quality equipment (I emphasize quality), applications, tablets etc. And then spending years learning how to draw to scale, apply thickness/shadowing and detail I know for a fact that I could not do it.

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I think all the time about impregnating a darkskin black woman. What's going on with me, guys?
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>darkskin black

I bet you get your money from an atm machine and play rpg games too
secretly you want to die, but havent accepted it yet. thats why your subconscious mind is telling you to sleep with black women. you want to die of aids OP
Deep down every robot wants a qt mixed race daughter

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Is getting a gf possible if you're not a physically attractive guy?
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Yeah, easier than if you're an unattractive female.
Confidence is the key. Dressing well and being fit is a bonus.

You know how women always say they want a man who can make them laugh? Weirdly, that's also true
>You know how women always say they want a man who can make them laugh? Weirdly, that's also true
Yeah, what they mean is they want a funny Chad instead of a boring Chad.

>Yeah, easier than if you're an unattractive female.
Fucking lol
If it wasn't possible we would've been bred out ages ago. Not that it makes it any less difficult. You can only put in as much as effort as you want but the girl decides at the end of the day.

Post creepy childhood experience

>be 5 or 6
>do weird shit in early elementary school
>lie constantly, show other kids my dick and get into fights all the time
>local family department wants to meet me and my mom
>go there
>it's some creepy soviet-looking tower building
>go up some stairs and through some doors
>suddenly in a round hall with 8 similar numbered doors
>they want to speak to both of us alone, mom and some other woman leave through some door
>i sit down with some lady in the round hall
>lady asks if I want a drink
>she goes get one
>leaves through another door that wasn't the one we entered from
>or so I think
>get confused
>lady doesn't come back
>feels like an eternity
>suddenly a door opens
>some guy walks in
>doesn't say anything and leaves through another door
>some more time goes by
>start regretting not asking the guy what the fuck is going on
>start crying really loudly
>door opens
>mom comes in and asks me what's wrong
>lady with the drinks is also there all of the sudden

I was upset for the rest of the day and kept crying according to my mom.
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>suddenly a door opens
>some guy walks in
>doesn't say anything and leaves through another door

Dunno why I laughed
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mine isnt creepy but i was a retarded child

>be me
>be 4 or 5
>i love exploring
>mom leaves me home with my older sister so she can shop
>its about 10pm
>i get extremely worried about my mom cause she was gone for 3 hours
>sister was going to bathe me so i got undressed
>i decided i had to go find my mom
>put my underwear back on and run full speed outside
>i walked a mile outside in the dark wearing nothing but underwear
>3 women in their late teens find me and walk me back home
>my mom beats me with a belt when i get back

Idk how im still alive
Did you leave in a shitty area or something? What's the worst that could have happened?

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Why are Asian men the hardest to race bait out of all the posters on r9k?
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/r/Hapas and /r/Asianmasculinity made them delusional as fuck
Because East Asians have the coolest blood of all races, so they don't get aggravated easily
*lowest T

>tfw clothes shopping
>tfw you find just what you were looking for
>tfw the smallest size they have is a small

Why did I have to be born a manlet?
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why not shop at teen stores?
I love in the UK and there are only "childrens departments". Even then, I have a kind of particular taste in clothing.
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>tfw you shop at kid stores with mom
>tfw literal manchild

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>tfw my family is doing nothing Easter
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So? You should be happy, Easter is a shit tier holiday.
What do you expect them to do?

garlic basil tarragon
What are they "supposed" to be doing?

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tonight i went to a dinner party

i can't fucking stand normies

i can't stand their stupid jokes

i can't stand their asinine laughter

i can't stand their questions "are you ok anon?"

i know there's tolerable people out there but tonight was intolerable

fucking normies

get out
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>tfw too much theology and too little geometry
>goes to dinner party
>thinks he is somehow not a normie

ok chad
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did you literally just complained about normies after stating that you just returned from a dinner party?


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dont fuck it up, anon

/r9k/ is behind you all the way
I even told her I was virgin
I can't believe how this shit is playing out.
If you can be a Chad, do it.

Be free, anon. Even if you don't lose it now, keep trying because you're very close.

>see qt girl
>imagine whole life together
h-how do i fix this /r9k/
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You gotta stop being a colossal faggot.
live your life a with a qt girl. won't have to imagine it then
Lol it took me like 2 minutes to figure out why she didn't sit next to him it was because he had cancer

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Does anyone else just feel intrinsically creepy? Like everywhere you go people are making fun of you behind your back? Before i dropped out of college my roommate wanted nothing to do with me. The only people who I can really relate to are my friends like im on a different wavelength as normies or something.
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I get what you mean about a different wavelength, normalfags don't trust me and apparently i am "unpredictable"
Normies can usually sense that you're not one of them, and they reject you right off the bat
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>Like everywhere you go people are making fun of you behind your back
baka senpai just turn around then problem solved

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people here are all acting, they want you to think it is normal to be in a bad life situation
you are all in on it, you are pretending to be pathetic, you are saying you are kissless, you are saying you have no girlfriend, you are saying you are a virgin, behind a monitor.

did you ever think for a second that there are people who exist that can expose threats like these. You are targeting people and basically telling them "Yeah well i have the same problems as you so it's okay"

None of you have any problems. you are lying.

you are probably healthy, you probably score pussy on the regular, you have a good family, you have money, etc.

You people weren't aware of what exists on the internet right? serious people are out there.

there are so many of you idiots posting on /soc/ and then pretending to come here and make up stories.

you think you are going to fool young teenagers by telling them its okay and that women are all whores.

You people have all the time and resources to do this, i am fascinated!

get a fucking life
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You posted this yesterday autist, your thread sucks. Saged.
its here again for the people who missed it.

also shut the fuck up
sum1 ne1

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>tfw shoes not expensive enough to get a black gf
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Just steal some better ones dawg
Who else here /wearssketchers/? Only way to win the shoes/clothes game is not to play

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