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What makes feminism so appealing to women?
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Makes you feel important, I guess.
>it gives ugly women an excuse to openly hate men for not wanting them
so r9k vagina edition?

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So anon, why aren't you listening to Gorillaz right now?!

What a year to not go an hero
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Because I prefer to listen to albums and their album isn't out yet.
because they're basically tutorial music for kids who haven't really gotten into anything specific yet
This, have some real music

When did YouTube go to shit?
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When Google bought them
When they thought that just because they held a monopoly over the video sharing network world meant they never had to immediately act upon the things that threatened their existence

>Take down Pewdiepies Youtube RED series because Disney dropped him because of some false shit WSJ said about him
>WSJ realizes that Youtube has a weakness and exploits it by parading on about how Youtube is full of nazis and those nazis are making money off their nazi videos
>companies start taking their ads off youtube
When Youtubers started becoming a thing

I'm actually considering becoming a gay bottom porn actor.
I mean I'm kinda bara but fit after a year of cardio and working out, I've been in the closet fucking myself with big dildos for years, I'm still kinda young... I already know how to deepthroat on a dildo without gagging and I can cum hands-free with ease and I'd get paid to have sex with men who are casted to be clean. What's not to like? I might actually leave the NEET life.
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boo to that
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If you honestly want to become a porn actor, go for it. Just try to avoid shady shit as much as possible, I've heard bad stories about those kinds of things.
At some point I've uploaded a few amateur vids of me playing with a realistic doc johnson dildo, can't remember the name but it's a kinda big one, and I had like 2k views in a day, it was so unexpected, then a lot of people wanted to add me as their friend (it was on xtube) but my gay lust went away as always and I just deleted everything like a morron.
It was years ago though, and I feel more comfortable with this now, I think I really could do it.

What kind of bad stories? Also do you have any idea how I'm supposed to get in touch with gay porn producters? I live in europe btw.

Cover Your heavens, Zeus,
With cloud vapor
And try Your strike, as a boy
Beheading thistles,
Against oaken tree and mountain height;
You still must leave me
My Earth standing
And my hut which You did not build,
And my hearth, home's glowing
Fire which You begrudge me.

I know of nothing poorer
Under the sun than You gods!
Indigently You feed
Your majesty
On proffered sacrifice
And breathfuls of prayer.
You would starve to naught
If children and beggars
Were not such fools full of hope.

When I was a child
That knew not its way in the world
I would lift my deluded eyes
To the sun as though out beyond it
There were an ear to hear my complaints
A heart like mine
That would take pity on my oppression.

Who came to my aid
Against the Titans' and their insolent rage?
Who delivered me from death,
From slavery?
Was it not you, sacred heart ablaze,
Who achieved it all?
And, swindled in your youth and good will,
Did you not glow, with thanks fit for a Savior,
For that mere Sleeper on high?

I should honor You? For what?
Did You ever gentle
The ache of my burden?
Did You ever dry
The tears of tribulation?
Was l not forged to manhood
By Time Almighty
And Eternal Destiny,
My masters and Yours?

Perhaps You believed
I should find life hateful,
And flee to the wilderness
Because not all my blossom-dreams
Reached ripeness?

Here I sit, fashioning men
In my own image,
A race after my likeness,
A race that will suffer and weep,
And rejoice and delight with heads held high
And heed Your will no more
Than I!
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You should delete this, anon.
Hail Prometheus.
>u dum gods!!!
>me am be next god!!!

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>some chick I've spoken a total of 12 words in my lifetime likes me a lot
>sends me a text resembling sanskrit, utter nonsense
>ask what it meant
>"I just sent you some stupid shit because I wanted an excuse to talk to you"

Help. Girls don't like me.
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Hit her up OP. Even if it is a trap, what have you got to lose?
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Hit her up OP. Even if it is some kind of trap, what have you got to lose??
Hit her up, OP! Even of it's a trap, what could you possibly lose?

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>Realise you left your phone next to the TV
>Walk into living room to get it
>See this
Wat do?
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Enslave all of them
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autisticly accuse one of those bitches stole my phone
shoot them because they broke into my house

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>just fully realised that all those people I see online are real people who are (mostly) alive right now
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Those are all bots.
We are all bots.

You're alone.
Sorry anon.
>the people i see in porn have families
>they are more loved than me
Sorry, Anonymous poster 36078007, but we didn't quite understand you!
Might we suggest using terms such as "Women" "Nigger" "Chad" "Stacy" or "Depressed"?

Thank you! And have a fine stay at /r9k/!

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Which one would you choose?
>Have a loving wife and a loving family and an entire life of happiness and later be entirely forgotten by 5 generations?
>Die young and alone while successfully changing history and be forever remembered in history of mankind?
choose wisely robots
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either way i will be forgotten in 10 millinon years so i choose the happy life

>giving a shit about humanity and their history
Am I remembered for something good?
a wife, i dont give a fuck what happens after i die as it doesn't effect me.

I just want a gf with problems of the same magnitude as mine and with whom we can talk about them, complain and share our worries.

But no girl has problems with the same magnitude as a male robot, and no girl wants a guy with problems.
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For the first time in a long time I actually talked to a girl half an hour ago for a couple hours. It turned out that she had a lot of the same issues I had with struggling to make friends, and struggling with motivation issues.
Too bad she has a gf though, but I don't really care since I just want friends.
Struggling to make friends is the least of my problems. I'm a brainlet, have no problem solving skills, am an autist, yet I can't find a girl with which I would be comfortable to talk about these problems.
I don't really know where a person who's a brainlet and autist would go find others like them, but if there is something like that, you should try to find it.

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>/v/ has become diet-/b/ with even shittier memes and shittier bait
>/r9k/ has become diet-/pol/ and reddit-betas latching on to any attention whore that posts here
>/a/ is full of literally autistic manbabies
>no other boards interest me
>realize that I go to 4chan when I'm bored but now that 4chan is boring me I have nothing to do
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>>/a/ is full of literally autistic manbabies
Link to your thread you made. Show me where /a/ touched you.
Did /a/ tell your favorite anime is shit? it is
Go to reddit then you normie. If you have barely any interests, you better fuck off to plebdit and find other as equally braindead fucks there to circlejerk with.

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>tfw office worker
>tfw you will never be a manly blue collar worker

im 24 with a college degree its too late for me
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>tfw will never have a comfy work from home job where you spend a maximum 3 hours a week doing actual work
>you will never be a nigger

what is your job my man ?

does it make you feel like a real man and you have the sense of brotherhood with coworkers ?

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>Was in GT classes as a small boy
>Grow up
>Hit 13
>Friend spoke of atheism
>Go home and think about it
>Realize god's not real
>It wasn't much of a logical deduction so much as it was highly emotional
>Thought about how my father was a pedophile, and gave a great deal of thought to the kind of god that creates a man that desires his own daughter
>See that only a non-existent god would make a man in such a way
>In retrospect, I could have blinded myself if I had been taught that Satan tempts human beings
>20 now
>Blame my father for not shepherding me to Christianity as he was as a boy

I wish I was a Christian. Sometimes I fear it was inevitable that I'd become an atheist.

I've found I have a bad habit of digging until I find what's true even if it'll hurt me, but I didn't think at all when I was a boy.

If I were a Christian, I could gear my brain towards finding a girlfriend and reproducing in this world devoid of guilt. I could just say this existence is transitory.

Is anyone else an Atheist that wishes they weren't? I can't turn back now. I know too much, and the world synchronizes too well with evolution.
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>Was in GT classes as a small boy

stopped reading there, enjoy your mkultra brainwashing
I feel robbed of something that's universal to most human beings. I've no semblance of spirituality in my brain.

I can't see a reason to attend funerals. The people are dead. Gone.
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>Tfw the CIA spiked everyone's food with MKultra

I always wondered why those classes had funding in the first place.

I believe it's a way for the government to track the mentally superior in their populace.

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This is the end/my only friend the end

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I wonder how many breakdowns it'll take for her to suicide
when the money runs out Cosmo will transition back to being a man and disappear into obscurity
I really used to enjoy the speedruns back in the day, so it's a shame that everything went so downhill.
I mean I think transitioning can be positive for the individual to stop the mental demons, but everything surrounding it seems like it was so fucked up for her. Like just after she started it and her stream was 1/4 webcam, 1/4 game, 2/4 black screen. Pretty sure she didn't go for a psych evaluation or anything before starting the treatment either. Mongoloid.

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Le sad frog mêmè.jpg
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>There are kids born in the 90's that will be turning 30 soon

Does anyone else feel old as fuck? I mean, the 90's feel like they were practically yesterday, I have no idea where all the time went
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>born in 1990
>think about the comfy late 90's summers
>swapping pokemon cards
>watching wrestling
>playing stars wars episode 1 racer on my game boy colour
>hanging out with kids in the street until it got dark

Now I'm a pathetic 27 year old virgin who can't drive, has never had a gf and has no future. High School fucked me up bad.
lmao how did you two grandpas manage to get on the internet?
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>be 27 and a half

>I'm in the last quarter of my twenties

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