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>find out my blood relative has a fucking twitch channel (18+)
>she's a girl with low views playing Nintendo games like Splatwoon
>I'm at least a decade older and want to scare her away
>the last time I talked to her was when she was a kid under 10
wat do?
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Is she being a filthy whore or just playing the game
>not donating a good amount of money getting her to be a twitch whore then record and send to her parents

It's to eazy
Link pls? I want to splat her with my squelcher

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If you strip away the ability to relieve sexual desire, provide faked affection and reproduce (all things technology will soon be able to provide) what value does the female creature hold?

What right would these devils have to exist in the new world? What could possibly excuse it?
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do you think making these threads justifies your hatred towards robots in bait threads or something?

you don't think i know your game?

guess again.
>mom says I'm being irrational over being circumcised
>calls it just a piece of skin
I hate roasties. They're the cause of all my problems.

god I wish I was gay

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>get a job as a cable technician after 4 years of being a NEET
>traininjg is really simple
>guy training me that it's really easy to get laid doing this job
Guess I should quit? My anxiety will surely prevent any of that from happening..
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You're a fucking pussy. Just work you scum.
But what if a girl wants to fuck? literally cannot do that
Trust me, when he said easy he meant easy if you try. You won't try because you're a man-baby with no courage.

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Lyrics you relate to
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>I buried my first victim when I was 19
>Went through her bedroom and the pockets of her jeans
>And found her letters that said so many things that really hurt me bad
>I never heard her name again
>But I like to dream about what could have been
>I never heard her calls again
>But I like to dream...
>The future teaches you to be alone
>The present to be afraid and cold
>So if I can shoot rabbits then I can shoot fascists."
>Bullets for your brain today
>But we'll forget it all again
>Monuments put from pen to paper
>Turns me into a gutless wonder.

is a lefties song when lefties where ok (i'm slightly right wing now)
>we're all going to die and that's okay
>we're all going to die and that's okay

>big bunni xDDDD
If I see any of you REDDIT FUCKS post this rabbit one more time I'm going to leave this website and go to a better chan.
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k... keep me posted
Bugs...easy on the carrots. oregano
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>stop having fun u big poopyheads
>ur bumping my trap and faggot shit off the board

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What boards do you lurk?
>went from lurking and posting on 12 boards to just 3
>/fit/, /ic/, and /r9k/
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/pol/ and /r9k/ and /gif/
/vg/ mostly. /vp/ the year prior
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>spoiling that and not /pol/

>tfw just saw the most fucked up thing ive ever seen on tor
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what was it?

Well, what was it?
Sheriff's department alerted and en route to your location now with electronic devices search warrant.
You're going down, kid.

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>that kid that played russian roulette and lost
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>that kid who was a transgender happa who ended up killing himself after he came out
No he won

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>haven't had PC since March 4th
>no internet since April
>drawing, listening to the same 60 songs every day
>cat chewed my $75 Mic
>beat all my boring offline console games
>I've been asleep for most of the past few days

I just want my PC back, man
All I do is draw, talk on Discord with my 100kb data and browse /r9k/, sometimes/a/

Anyone have any ideas on what to do? Idk when I'm getting it back.

Also becoming wagie in 20 days.
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kys you'reself please
Jeez, what's with you kids and your Discord? How come i never found a good one to stay but only overly autistic ones or normie shit?
But, well, that reminds me that i'm bad at socializing and it's probably my fault that not even internet strangers would want to talk to me.
I have a group with my best 4 friends, there are other people in it, but we're the only ones who really talk in it.

You're right though, it's the only comfy one I've been in.

Facts are a matter of opinion.
Free minds are diseased.
The herd is always correct.
Conform to your peers.
The media is trustworthy.

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>mfw cucks are trying to be deep
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I worked this shit out about 8 years ago before redpill even was a thing
hey i saw this post while scrolling the front page and i just wanted to say that this is a very aesthetic post

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>get a job to buy a gun to kill myself with
>get gun
>quit job
>still haven't killed myself yet

What do /r9k/? I want to die but I guess I don't want to kill myself, otherwise I would've already gone through with it. Don't know why I'm such a pussy
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Buy yourself some drugs.
What kind? Shrooms and acid are cool, don't do much for me anymore though. Currently only have cocaine
Bump because dunno what to do

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>tfw no high school dropout bf
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I rejected 3 girls in the past 3 months, roastie isn't getting me espically when I don't go outside much
Why would you want a highschool dropout boyfriend. Do you want to end up a pregnant single mother or something?
I dropped out and i fucking hate myself

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How do I lower my standards so I can go for the ugly chicks I attract?
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Focus on any facet of their body that can be considered attractive
I did this once and I realized being alone is better than being with someone ugly
even chad fucks ugly's

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>mom bought cucumbers for her work
>have been using my sister's brush to play with my ass, not doing it for me anymore
>the cucumbers are much thicker
convince me not to stick one of the cucumbers up my ass
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s-s-send pic
Nigga I don't care
go for it OP
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Post pic of pickle in ass pls

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it's 00:08 here so it's my birthday already
my birthday wish will be that all frens here find happiness soon
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Happy Berfday OP
>my birthday wish will be that all frens here find happiness soon
Thanks famalam, y-you too.
Happy birthday.
Hap birth

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