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this board preys on timid submissive young men that are desperate for affection and brainwashes them to be gay

it's happening to me and I don't like it

I've reached the point where I would 100% take a dick in my ass if they looked like a woman and were kind and gentle to me

I don't want to be bisexual I don't want to fucking like dick, this is a travesty
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News flash, you were already gay. The straight way to handle all the gay threads is to hide them, just like MBTI or britfag threads.
>News flash, you were already gay.
I really wasn't
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OP that's hot as fuck 2bh

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It really isn't. got bored of it once i rushed to prestige. tfw i wanted it to replace my unhealthy LoL addiction but it only made me go back to LoL...
Ik this feel except i use old school rs. God i just wanna quit league im not good enough to get masters im just a shitty d5 player for past 4 years

Would you be a slave boy for life for a chubby master? I know this isn't for everyone, but I know some of you cute little sluts are into it.

Where are you ?
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I have a fever that can only be cured by having a cute boy whimpering on the end of my buttbreaker.

Chubby as in muscular (aka bear)
Or chubby as in a fucking fatass?

>A 5'0 woman can be attractive
>A 5'10 woman can be attractive
>A 5'7 man might struggle with women his whole life for being merely two inches below average height.
How is this okay? I thought being an attractive man was all about personality and being confident and stuff right?
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Fuck off, cunt. Short people pretty much have the same opportunities in terms of employment and what have you as tall ones. People finding you ugly isn't a form of systematic discrimination. I say this as a turbomanlet.
Men used to have to be tall to defend the woman, and women still find being tall attractive because of it being embedded mentally.

Taller men tend to be more successful, and ugly men are almost never successful. you fucking bootlicking piece of shit.

Look at all the politicians, CEOs, upper management, etc: it's all tall men. Manlets get fucking shit on by everyone, including other men. Height discrimination is real.

Fuck you.

Is my fetish weird? I Photoshop pictures of Cara Delevingne with Nazi stuff and white supremacists and it makes me really hard for some reason. I have more photos of this stuff if you want to see
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>Is my fetish weird?
>I have more photos of this stuff if you want to see
No thank you.
>Is my fetish weird?
nah, your photoshop skills are 5/10 tho
Ignore this fool

Post them pls. I'm sure theres a few jewels

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What do you think your future gf is doing right now?

Will you be happy to end up with the same girl who is serving Chad now?
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What do you mean? That's Chad's gf he's gonna take care of her.
>future gf

I have already given up on such delusions
>your future gf

Which one? I'm tall, attractive, gainfully employed, and fun to be around. I'm gonna have plenty of them.

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Damn, whiteboi. You real cute. Come holla at me.
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what? i dont speak ebonics
Only if you stop the shitty hair straightening bullshit. You're not fooling anyone, nigger.
>U-uhmm y-y-you to-o?

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>have housemates
>sharing some common spaces
>go to the kitchen
>one of them is cooking home made bath salts
>we don't have a bath

What exactly is going on? Is it a code name for explosives or something? The ingredients didn't look edible or smokeable.
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Smoking was close
"Bath salts is a term used in North America and Europe to describe a number of recreational designer drugs."
What do you think it was? It seems complex but not too much and there were some colorful material like thick salt but green or some shit.

New census, reveal the race of r9k.
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Claiming this thread in the name of Blackbots. Cumskins need not apply.
Just try to make it active for a while. If you are white, do you consider yourself better than others?
I have a /pol/-tier question: are slavs white?

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A girl likes me for some reason, but I don't like her the same she likes me. I don't know what to do. I just want to die live and die alone in peace with my waifu, now this girl bugs me all the time. I'm not even good looking, what did I do?
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Describe her anon. if you don't seem interested she's either ugly, fat or mentally disabled or you're some extreme autist.

You'll be fine Lej ;)
I don't know how to describe people, she has dark brown hair is 1,56m small weighs 55kg and looks average.
Is this how you do it?

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Want to enjoy a /comfy/ minecraft experience with some of your fellow bots? Come on down to Gondolacraft, we have Non-pvp factions and a consistent community. No normies allowed!
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pvp is for normalfags, robots are the real builders
maybe but griefing is pretty antisocial and I'm gonna do it

I have had epiphany.

I have nothing to lose but my freedom.

There are numerous robots here that want to die yet cant because

>muh mommy
>muh daddy
>muh pride

If you live in the united States I will come and kill you.

I have enough money to travel and enough time.

But no will to earn enough to afford a HOUSE or a place to live to end my suffering.

But you guys do.

So lets engineer a solution

Say if I kill enough of you guys and spare you the shame of suicide.

I get the death penalty and get to die too

I am serious about this.
Text me.
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Okay, FBI.
Im also baffled as to why this hasn't happened yet.

Don't be an idiot either, tell me how you want to die and we'll work on making it painless
You're obviously too dumb to understand how that doesn't make sense and therefore content with life.

Get the fuck out of my thread you mouthbreathing deadeyed waste of sperm and oxygen.

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How do traps get pregnant like pic related?

I thought they don't have a womb
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The baby grows inside their boipussies
Those are cum babbies. The take in so much cum it begins to hardened and dry out, forming a womb for the sperm to stay and form a baby.
I thought he was just REALLY fat.

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>2020 is closer to us than 2014
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We're closer to 2030 than 2000

This was surprisingly not original
We are closer to 2300 than 1980
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This actually fooled me for a second

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Is Danielle a passable /r9k/ infatuation? Could I, dare I say it, waifu her?
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She has amazing boobs.

I wouldn't say she's waifu material though.
Piss off mate, she is mine.
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images (13).jpg
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She also has a qt face.
I can't help me if she chooses me to have her as waifu.

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