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every time I see an anime profile picture I wish harm upon the person behind it

why do you have to be so fucking cringey?
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Anime is one of the worst things to happen to humanity.
Well normally I'd say It's the jews fault.
But one could have predicted this
>theyre either greasy weeb betas or actual bemales that act like traps

theres no way around it, anon

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>taking to a normie
>they're on their phone the whole time, taking pictures of the ground
>ask what they're doing
>'oh just keeping up my streaks'
Why are normies so obsessed with this shit?
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on one hand, normans aren't autistic. [citation needed]

On the other, they care about dead memes, retarded trends, and scary, grotesque frankenstein's monster esque pop culture

just for attention
What are streaks in this context? For some phone game or something?

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I want a gf. I wish I could meet a lovely girl from the east coast.
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ok dude nice blog
>why do you want gf

Intimacy or seks?
I don't live in the east coast, but I hope you find a good gf. Here is some luck: *just imagine me sending you luck in an cute envelope*

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Why are so many of you guys so gay?
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I never chose to be gay and repressed it for a long time forcing myself to masturbate to straight porn
I am hardcore repressed robot fag.
No one would suspect I am gay because I have a deep voice and am not feminine.
Sadly I have no friends and when not at college I stay in my room all the time. Girls occasionally approach me and try to flirt with me by flicking their hair and starting small talk. I just reply with bluntly and frown at them.
>Why are so many of you guys so gay?
it's good
sexual deprivation + porn = robots with very low standards

most guys here woudlnt fuck any of the dudes in pic related, prison gay. infact most trap lovers would accept a regular woman if given the chance

Tell me about the state of your knees anon.
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left knee is fucked and I even have a bandage for it, I dont use it anyway, its not that bad. Other is fine tho
They're fine, hairy but fine
Is it true that fapping too much affects knees?
My knees are fine but my back is fucked.

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>Evil roastie whore women should be killed for not fucking me!
>Men dindu nuffin and are saints who are always right!
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I sure hope that he's talking to his female girlfriend
It doesn't matter who he's talking to.
Nice abs, moot.

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It's Friday, motherfucker! What're you up to this afternoon/evening/morning?

What are you
>Listenan to?

Come hang out for a little while!
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I'm getting fucking stoned! I'm high as FUCK right now holy shit tutti fruition I'm in a fucking high ass condition! Man you gotta get high and jack off! Get fucking stoned OUT OF YOUR MIND ON.. WEED! Smoke weed every day!
watching baseball
playing nothing
eating nothing
drinking beer
listening to the byrds possibly

hopefully i don't annoy my neighbors with my drunken singing again.
Sitting in the middle of nowhere in Africa trying to stay sane until I go home in 3 days. Getting depressed because I know I'll never find a gf.

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>oh you like music? what do you listen to anon?
>tfw only listen to dungeon synth and sea shanties
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Phil Collins and Huey Lewis
Why do robots have such differing tastes in media than normies? I understand they have different lives and values so they search for different experiences and underlying from their media, but
>just because you don't agree with a songs message doesnt mean it sounds bad
>just because you don't like the object a painting depicts, doesn't mean its bad to look at

A lot of taste here seems like flat out contrarianism

That said OP, theres nothing wrong with liking a different type of music, its unique and interesting, don't ever be ashamed of taste unless its degenerate (pedophilia, anime, etc)
I always hear people say it's bad if you say you listen to anything that isn't rap or country, but that's what I do. Granted, I still have more specific preferences within what I listen to.

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Are asian girls the biggest sluts on Earth?
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American asians yes
Nope. That'd be white women.
White women are sluts on the surface but once you try anything they turn out to be very prude.
Asians on the other hand are mostly opposite. Look cute and innocent but are natural whores.

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>tfw 180cm manlet

should i end it lads
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> 180 cm
> manlet

nani nani
xander i know its you
grow a pair you bald faggot
what's next?
killing yourself if you are under 2 meters?

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Worst person you've ever met?
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Myself, easy. Everyone else has redeeming factors.
Some dickhead methhead who harrased me back in highschool. He came over to me to aparantly apologize for being rude. He made shake his hand that was lathered in mayonnaise.
Myself when I look in the mirror. I try my best to be a good person but I'm the bad guy all along

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>Working as a Dishwasher.
>Have only been working as one for 3 days.
>Tfw I already want to kill myself.

How the fuck do you guys do it? I'll be going back in a few hours and I'm already contemplating suicide. I've only been there for 3 days and I'm already looking for another job. Also, it ain't like this is my first job. I've worked in factories and shit but Dishwashing is on a whole different level.
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I don't. Wagecuckery is hell. Just try and get another one that's more bearable.
I was a dishwasher for 3 days and quit..it was an absolutely miserable job and all the waitresses were bitches to me
I quit after a day. Mostly because the chef was a cunt. There's other low end jobs that aren't as miserable. Go do those, OP.

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Hate being a nigger

Going to Kill myself and be reincarnated as an East Asian

Wish me luck!
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dont forget to study on the other side boy
remember to fall for the racism meme too because everyone should be white and american


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As promised in another thread, here is a fake Okcupid account I made a while ago which we could potentially have some fun with.

Email: [email protected]
Password: throwawayr9k

Say whatever you want to whoever you want. Feel free to change the picture, country or whatever else you want as well. Post caps
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You're not gonna do it yourself? Why? I mean, I can claim it if you really don't want it, but why not?
I thought it could be more entertaining than having me just post what people say to random girls, but you could if you want.
Very well, I will try to make it fun for you guys.

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So when is hiro going to delete this fucking piece of shit board?
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i honestly hope he doesn't, because where else can i manipulate virgins to pay for sex
When women stop having an overwhelming amount of power in society for how useless they are and when normies stop valuing female life more than male life.
This kind of shit is what this board is cultivating. A culture of little bitches

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