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>R. Kelly is being accused of holding women in a "cult" where he dictates everything from what they can wear and eat to their sexual behavior and controls any communication they have with the outside world

>"You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom_ a master at mind control. ... He is a puppet master," said Mack. Mack is a woman previously in his sex cult.

>According to Mack, Jones and McGee, there was a 31-year-old "den mother" who recently vacated Kelly's residence. The women claim there is currently a 25-year-old woman, a 19-year-old model, a 26-year-old aspiring singer and an 18-year-old singer living with the R&B artist.

>"It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner. It was horrible. I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she's in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don't know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults,"

>Kelly beats them if they do something he doesn't approve, like talking to other men he doesn't like.

This is the true nature of women. Women will not have sex with you even if you offer nicely, but they will be the sex slave of Chad. They will alow Chad to beat him, allow Chad to control their social lives, allow Chad to punish them with starvation and other tortures, etc.

This proves that women have no free will. They are just machines programmed to look for a puppetmaster and after they find their puppet master they become the puppets they really are, with no agency.

Source of the story:
If you are a cuck then you can find it in HuffPost.
If you are uncucked the Fox news also has reported on it.
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>This proves that women have no free will.

This is nothing new, have you ever heard of a pimp? Someone with RKs power level would easily be a super pimp.

If a broke dirty nigga can control a dozen bitches you can only imagine what a RnB god can do. I salute him honestly, they obviously wanted, the one that told probably just didn't get her way now shes doing what woman do and placing all the blame on the man after he used her up.
>This is nothing new,

I know, but if women have no free will and are subhuman (meant to be the puppets of men) then why do we give them rights?

I think we can make a good case to take away women's rights with this.

lol would never happen. lets just let them continue pretenting to be sentient beings while we fill their holes with cock and cum

Hey, robotos.

So, I'm 22/M/Cali, visiting my mom's for the summer before my senior year of college starts in the Fall.

After hitting the gym, I'm shopping at the local Rite Aid, picking up essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, comb, and the like, carrying all the items in my left arm.

From across the aisle, I hear someone call out "hey!"

Confused, I turn my head.

I see a group of four girls, between ages 13-16 from what I could make out at the distance, one of them in the middle of the group waving to me and saying "hey!" again.

I'm really, really, really not used to girls I don't know calling to me or trying to get my attention when I go out in public, not even younger girls. Feeling slightly uncomfortable and awkward, but not wishing to be rude, I quickly smile, say "hi!" and wave, in an over friendly way, as if to say, "okay, silly, I see you calling me and I'm saying hey back," in a way one might almost call innocent flirting. I had no intentions of flirting with any of those girls, not just because of their ages, but because I'm an absolute fucking beta robot who's never had a girlfriend, is a virgin, doesn't go out, can't drive, and it currently unemployed. Now, I guess I understood that, shock of all shocks, those girls may have actually found me cute and attractive to the point where they wanted to get my attention. So, I guess my question is, how can next time something like this happens, hopefully with a girl within a better age group (18+), calls out to me or gets my attention, how can I go beyond saying "hi" and actually approach her, say something like "how are you doing?" or "where are you from?" or "what are you shopping for?" or "what school do you go to?" or "how are you enjoying this lovely weather?" or any other kind of normal conversation topic to have a pleasant, perhaps flirtatious encounter to make both parties feel happy and satisfied?

tl;dr How do I be less robot?
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Rise of the Planet of the Bump
Dawn of the Planet of the Bump
War for the Planet of the Bump

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This is for all you depressed robots, there's always something out there, remember that. Picture is extremely related
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The world can indeed be your oyster, arcanines
>indulge even further in degenerate acts
>see? The world is so beautiful

Yeah, no thanks. I don't want to be a scumbag AND a hypocrite. I'll just rot away in my room.
>having the courage and confidence to start a revolution or live dangerously or even talk to girls

uh yeah hi I know this post got you a lot of upvotes on reddit but /r9k/ is a bit different, uh I don't think this will resonate with many people here.

I have to see jonathan brandis face everyday its kind of like a morning coffee, anyone else know this feel
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why did he kill himself, he was such a qt
she's cute I love her so much
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its ok we're all part of a never ending story
hes up there watching us with great hair

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How do I stop being salty about the fact that I will never experience this but 99% of other people will?
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Why do you believe you have no chance at all of getting this?

I'm curious where you pulled that number from.
What are you, around the age of 20?
You have more than double your lifespan ahead of you.

Just be patient and work harder. Girls will suck anything that has a wad of cash.

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me on the right holding her head
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Cucked by dicklets. You must be a new species of fagg.
>that dolphin tattoo

why do people get tattoos? they are so fucking retarded
That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight losing my religion oregano

I will stop the booze and cigarettes today. I hope I can do it. Never did it successfully yet. Anybody managed to do it?
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Help me bumperinooOO
I never started. Do I win at life?
Yes. Theres a big bad challenge you passed on. Its so hard to quit for most people...

I want to live the neet life, but all suggestions on the topic of acquiring neetbux I've heard will permanently affect ones life. What is the easiest way to get neetbux in the U.S.?
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I will paypal you 10 dollars if you punch yourself in the face on video
This is pasta, but Uncle Remus will lead you to the land of neetbux and leeching of the government

Foist thang you gots to do is

1. study on up on yo "disibility" this mean that you need to decide what yo ailment is gone be and you has to know teh ins and outs so you can start to modify yo behavior to those specificationmins. that way it will appear genuine to the case worker and any quack they send you to.

now if you done has a real problem which if you're a shut in you prob do even better. its still good to be edumicated on what you want to convey so you can receives duh SSI.
There is no easy way. You will most likely be denied the first time too. It WILL take about a year to apply, including meetings with people at a SSA office and some random shrink that will ask you random questions.
Good luck on getting enough to live on too. It is possible to live alone on bux, but only if you move to a flyover state.

>Tfw remembers that by being atheist I have no idea what happens after death

How do my fellow robots cop with the constant fear/mystery of the after life ?

Will there be wi-fi in the void that I'm going to habit after I'm dead ??
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>how do my fellow robots cope?
i don't
i spend all day every day playing vidya trying to distract myself from it
worst part of the day is lying in bed where there's no more distractions
Death is the best thing there is. The problem is the suffering that usually comes before it.
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>How do my fellow robots cop
I realize that everything is a distraction and that people don't like to be reminded that time is running out but instead they sit down on their asses and focus on television

Nothing matters in the end, we're all nobodies whose graves will one day fall apart and new bodies will be placed over our old ones, it's happening right now, how many humans lived before you, do you ever think about them, no one does and someday you'll just be another number added to that forgotten list

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Why are cocks so erotic r9k?
I can't stop looking at them online.
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I love those shiny oily pink cocks.
I always disliked foreskin.. but something snapped recently and all of a sudden I really really like uncut dicks. Can't explain it for the life of me
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>I can't stop myself from stroking it

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im high as fug robots
what shoud i do?
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Send dick pics to your family members
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Hentai, what else is there to do
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What hentais do you recommend?

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seize it.jpg
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Capitalism not only accumulates wealth, it accumulates pussy too. Average and below women are replacing upper middle and bellow men in the workforce while top men retain their positions. Polygamy is coming soon to harvest the ripe crop.
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polygamy is a sin tho anon
>Capitalism not only accumulates wealth, it accumulates pussy too.

read Extension of the Means of Struggle
>it just hit me
karl marx was a lazy hobo jew who never worked a day in his life but wrote about exploitation

communism is a classic jewish trick

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>Be /pol/ack extreme, want to make a pure white ethnostate and erase degeneracy

>African girl in summer class flirted with me and my penis throbbed uncontrollably

>Have sexual fantasies about her constantly

Whats wrong with me?
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>we must stay true to nature!
>resists his natural urges

I dunno.

What do you *think* is wrong with you?
Your body is more intelligent than you and your stupid ideas desu.

Any rape experiences you ever had? You being raped or the rapist or forced sex.
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No but forced sex is my fetish
moar please you beta fool
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>said the future rapist

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Hay mods you gonna remove britfeel yet?

It's a thread that belongs on /int/
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I wonder why they won't just move the thread to where it belongs. There's absolutely no benefit to it being in /r9k/
it's literally just them talking about smegma and shit.
why wont mods remove it?
At least it's got a 100% filter rate, trap shit still creeps onto my board despite having 50ish filters

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