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>like girl's picture on instagram
>leave comment "nice picture, pretty!"
>wake up the next morning and find out she blocked me
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Good. Now learn your lesson and stop blindly worshipping girls just because you think they look good.

If you do the same things every other guy on the planet is doing, you'll get the same response from women they get.
yeah op stop being such a homo
How Indian are you?

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We have been inundated with Black men-White men miscegenation propaganda. In the media, in the public school, in the universities, we see Black men with White women - particularly White blonde women.

The fact is - the woman propagates the race. That's why men target the women. To destroy the genetic women. ISIS targets Yazidi women to destroy their blood. This is the nature of the game. Black men know that conquering White women has a demoralizing effect on White men.

Thus, we must produce White men on Black women/Hispanic women/Asian women propaganda to demoralize competing groups.

>Spread - via Facebook and Twitter and comments - White men conquering non-White women propaganda
>This will have a demoralizing effect on non-Whites
>Will produce fear in competing groups
>Will produce a 'Strategy of Tension' effect, resulting in destabilization
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what the fuck is wrong with you race baiters?
Caption is kinda cringe. If blacks didn't have such high std rates I would go after a negress
>Black men know that conquering White women
You misunderstand the entire issue, OP.

Black men don't know shit and aren't the ones doing all this. Someone else is behind it. Someone else is in control of the propaganda, the media, the universities. Someone else who wants the demoralisation and destruction of all whites. Can you guess who? Are you smart enough to figure it out?

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>tfw boys don't bully me and call me a faggot anymore
I DESERVE to be bullied
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I want to bully you to the point of suicide.
id much rather be sweet with you and treat you like the wonderful person you are :3
You're a faggot. Get the fuck off this board cunt.

Happy now?

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I'm watching Welcome to NHK for the first time. I'm only on episode 1 and already this is too fucking relatable. Should I stop?
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No. It gets good. Just remember to push through the boring bit in the middle where they travel to a manga shop or something and the animation gets really bad for, like, one episode.
>Should I stop?
Yes. It's a shitty anime.
>No. It gets good
No, it doesn't. In the end Seto becomes a normie and the "message" of the show is "your a robot because u want to xd... mental issues? yeah we talked about that but who cares that dont exist xdddd"
>No, it doesn't.
Yes it does. Just because it didn't provide you with the answers you were looking for doesn't mean the show is no good. Let the man enjoy it for himself.

I have a small dick. How do you guys cope with your own small dicks?

I'm a virgin with no pussy in the horizon and this still makes me insecure for some reason.
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Shave it all and HRT.

Worst case you turn into a femboy, best case you look like a hot trap.
I don't. It eats away at me constantly. Frequently I'll be fapping, it crosses my mind, and bam, erection lost. Not that I get strong erections anyway. It's a good thing no one will ever see it.
Are you the guy who made a webm of fapping with a rubber band around your dick?

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halef lief 3.jpg
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Never pick a girl as a teammate if you're an engineering major. It unnecessarily complicates things with drama.You focus attention on the goal and the girl subconciously feels the need to compete for attention over the goal and does stupid shit like creating unnecessary drama and does nothing but bitch, wine and blame you for the problems she's causing.

The bros who were working with me actually apologized for her behavior towards me. Her part of the presntation was the worst and rpobably lowered our collective grade. She bumbled liek an idiot and I had to step in and present. Afterwards she told me that I cut her off. She should've been thanking me for salvaging that shit show. This applies to girls in general as she's Chinese.

If you find a gf who can work with you on engineering projects wife her. that's my litmus test. If she cannot detach herself from the fact that she is not the center of attention and blames you for correcting her. RUN A MILE !!!

She also contradicted me over petty things that I objectively proved as right in front of the whole group. (She's in love with my one team mate bro so it was funny seeing her try to save face)

Guys communicate more efficiently without all the implied drama and backstabbing and bickering.

Ironically enough this bullshit makes me want to do my project sooner. I'm going downtown on Monday and then getting together with my bros to build this biometric surveillance system ASAP

She can design a poster or some shit. It helps that I'm not attracted to her in anyway since we're different species. (I'm white and male)

That's all, sorry for the rant if you beared with my emotional bullshit plz bampz diz thread to keeep it alive.

Pic: I still like half life
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I enjoy what I do too much to let her bother me. My work feels better than porn.
women are noticeably worse at engineering than men, as far as I can tell. on top of that, just by joining a group they add this possibility of sexual tension that has to be pointedly ignored at all times and makes everyone uptight.

the plus side is that many women are pretty diligent at studying and getting the group together. they can be good resources for information, but they often miss the point during actual implementation.

this is just based on my personal experiences, obviously.
>Never pick a girl as a teammate if you're an engineering major.
I don't even have to read anything past this point.
Who the fuck in their right mind would trust any woman in that kind of field?

What do I do against my horrible crooked teeth?
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Damn, anon

Should've got braces when you had the chance
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Ahh I see you parents were also too poor or cheap to pay for braces. Braces would fix your shit, mine probably require a bit of surgery first.
Smile with your teeth together. The top ones aren't that bad and hopefully they cover the bottom.

Yikes. You're going to lose teeth early unless you're extremely meticulous with your hygiene. Crowding like that is a recipie for gum disease.

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What will you be thinking when you're on your deathbed?
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>"wakey wakey wagie, another day to work hard for mr.shekelstein while im here comfy in bed"

This fag still owes me money
It's about god damn time

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First impression of us /r9k/?
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Too young and also out of my league.

kindly fuck off?
I would drag my ballsack over 10,000 miles of shattered glass for the opportunity to sniff one of your farts

Pls b Los Angeles

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i'm trying to start getting into anime. can someone give me some good feels anime for me to start with??
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preferably on netflix
crunchyroll is a good place to look. i quite like Gabriel Dropout or YuruYuri. both are very light-hearted
plz i'm too lazy 2 search and i just wanna sit down and get into my feels

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pepe rope.jpg
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Well robots?

I'm still holding out hope that my waifu is as-yet undiscovered to me and that my end of the bargain to enjoy true love is to endure suffering and loneliness until we meet. Also the hope that my country will stop turning to shit.
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too scared of failure
scared of failure, living even temporarily after pulling the trigger and ending up a vegetable or retarded

even with a shotgun someway id probably live
>the hope that my country will stop turning to shit
The jews and brown people will never stop, white man.

\baked potato general\
baked potatos are good, i've started cutting mine like in the picture so its easier to eat all the potato skin (which is the most vitamin-rich part).
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>not eating it like a hand fruit
When I was much poorer i would carry a potato in my pocket and eat it throughout the day
huh, do you just bake it and eat it plain or is there a way to get butter and salt into it while keeping it pocketable?

>visiting family to have dinner
>going ok, they are drinking like always
>family cat has obviously developed some issues walking since the last time I saw him.
>family blames it on old age

Fast forward 3 hours..

>family cat laying in living room near a wall
>drunk alcoholic mom stands directly on cat's leg, doesn't notice
>cat crys out in pain for 4 full seconds before she moves
>stoned alcoholic younger brother (that never moved out) chimes in:
>it's not your fault mom, the dumb cat shouldn't be laying there

Fuck these people. I cant comment or lecture them or they will rage because their drunken belligerence will amplify the situation and the neighbors will call the cops...

Should I just kidnap the cat? He likes me and would like my apartment. Y'all decide
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yes steal the cat poor baby :(
>Should I just kidnap the cat
Yes do it. And if they want it back, report maltreatment on animal at Police.
snatch that nigga, hombre!

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>tfw internet addiction killing my dopamine receptors
>lack of sleep killing my brain cells
>poor diet killing my brain cells
>stress killing my brain cells
>internet killing my attention span
>loneliness killing me inside

My brain is fucked, I can't think properly, everything is too hard for me now
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Unless you're 40 you have plenty of time to fix the damage you've done, but you don't want to hear that do you? You want to hear others say the exact same thing as you, in a slightly different way, so you can get a brief pseudo-twinge of camaraderie.

I bet you aren't even 30 yet. You can change every one of the things you listed, but if all you do is complain about it, that's fine too.
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Try LSD. Worked for me
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>tfw years of hiding away from my thoughts and boredom on the computer have worked to permanently slow me down
>can never feel complete or adequate again
>this makes me want to waste away on a screen more

But you're right, normie, everyone should just get up, go outside, and just be themselves.
How about you take charge and show us how it's done?

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Based entirely on the body, which ONE (1) do you choose?

Its L for me dog.
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The entire bottom row
E, although C is tempting.
I and L
t b h

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