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All robots, listen up. Opbot here and I got some inside information. Seems like a new meme known as D R Y W A T E R is on the horizon and we need to buy buy buy fast. Once those stocks hit peak value at around the same time BONELESS did, sell sell sell. Good luck in the meme market, boys. Opbot out.
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I wish there was a meme stock market.

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If you don't marry in your 20s, what's the point? If you make it to 30-something and you're not married, all of the women your age are so unattractive.

Women's looks decline 95% between 20 and 30.
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What's up with the minimum at 49 on internal attractiveness?
Are old ladies secretly best girls?
This graph is bad and you should feel bad.
How long did you spend making this piece of shit?

Anyone else here start developing social anxiety and panic attacks in their early to mid twenties?
I feel like I was relatively normal before with socializing but now I can barely speak even around close friends and eye contact is hard now too.
And the depression is even worse now. I think about suicide every day. When before when I was younger those thoughts entered my head rarely but I would shake them off immediately. But now they stay with me and I contemplate them.
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Is anyone else utterly disconnected from most people and things? The mindset and philosophical outlook of 'normal' people disgusts me. Without fail, they are always nothing more than brainwashed, docile, trend-following, life-loving degenerate sheep. With the exception of three close friends that I speak with now and then, I cannot stand being around other people. It agitates and irritates the fuck out of me. At some point I'll probably become an hero, from all the apathy and spite. Human existence is just so empty and vain. Anyone else got similar feels?
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Hero that shit u edgelord
Idk if I'm chilling at work shitposting and someone initiates conversation I like blowing people the fuck away with all the gross redpills I've picked up.

Like I'm watching this shitty hotel being built and a guy comes up to me and starts talking.
I go straight to the tower disaster and drop all the stuff about the doors and sprinklers. I am seconds from blaming the lack of oversight on illegal subletting accomodating third world immigration and the guy decides he's had enough and says good day.

If only they knew how bad things really are.
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brainwashed, docile, trend-following, life-hating degenerate sheep.

^ 4chan

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How do I stop panicking? I'm stuck worrying despite my meds kicking in. Pic unrelated
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> be me, khv
> tired of being beta and makes a change
> one day in class
> chad tries to make fun of me, not going to take this anymore
> heated argument, shut him the fuck up
> to add insult to injuries, i add "you dumb faggot"
> everyone in class agrees
> " yeah you dumb faggot"
> later that day
> cute 6/10 girl approaches while waiting for teacher to come to class
> says she admires how i stand up against chad
> hes such an asshole etc etc
> invites me to her dorm to "study" tmrw
> way out of my comfort zone but fuck, all that adrenaline from fucking chad up got me hyped
> "sure"
> be there, and she starts taking off her jacket aleady
> gotdamn.gif
> start taking my clothes off
> once full naked i look and see she still dressed
> fuckmylife.jpeg
> chad and all his friends bursts in
> chad holding a butt plug with a donkey tail on it
> lets play pin the tail on the donkey
> they take my clothes and try to plug me
> chasing them around trying to get my clothes back makes a commotion
> people from other dorms come to see whats all the noise
> see whats happening and starts pulling out phone
> full panic mode
> runs down the hall and into the disable toilets and lock it
> chad and his friends try to kick the door down
> fuckmylife.pdf
> they finally give up and leave
> few moments later, said 6/10 knocks on the door
> sorry anon, nothing personal. they gave me $200
> gives me a towel
> waited 3 hrs in there so most people had left to have dinner
> quickly ran out half naked to my car and got the fuck out

> angry as fuck for being so dumb thinking that an average girl will even fuck a chubby guy like me
> everything r9k says is true
> dropping out and going on neetbucks tmrw
> tfw rolled her towel into a flesh and fuck it like her ass
> evil fucking roastie
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this story cannot be a work of non-fiction
Why didn't you let him plug you?

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>all these lewd posts "tfw no gf/bf to fuck my brains out/perform continuous sexual acts on me"

who else here not opposed to sex, but considers an emotional connection with someone to be more important?
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Holy shit anon what are you doing here
I'd like both desu. Though having an emotional connection is far more important long term. Once you got want you want sex wise you find the latter is better.
Same desu like I could go out and be a massive gayboi manslut and have my holes constantly filled with big hot cock oozing cum into me, but without the love it's meaningless.

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Man, fuck nornies so much
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Are you complaining about normies liking the outdoors, or using the phrase "said no one ever"?
I too hate nornies

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Post your dumb tinder roastie scams and stories.
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post responses
Just changed it to this, none yet. Looking forward to tomorrow
>poor guy pretending to be rich

This is why you're poor.

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Haven't made one in awhile so fuck it.
You know the rules.
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What a boring thread
I actually don't know the rules. What's going on?
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watch the dollars triology with me

>be 2007
>Freshmen to collage
>gotta take a bus to collage
>class starts 8.30AM
>every morning i catch the bus
>there is QT at my bus stop
>we basically share a full bus empty just between us
>Whole entire 6 months i dont speak a word to her at all
>even tho her looks are extremely undeniable
>all of the sudden we are talking together
>after 6 months
>We are sitting next to each other
>shes showing me signs she likes me
>be 18 year old anti social fuck retard like me doesnt understand this shit
>we actually walk on campus to each others classes and see each other often
>semester ends
>semester starts
>dont see her at the bus stop anymore
>didnt ask her personal questions to find out where she is
>only know her first name
>every bus ride to collage becomes a heart ache
>poof shes gone just like that vanished into thin air

I assure you this girl was 100% my only ever chance, i got to know her generally and we kicked off

Pic related looked similar to this, but she was perfect

Rachel i miss you so god damn much i wonder where you are now :(
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That looks like a roastie, anon. It was just a ruse. She would leave you for Chad in a heartbeat.
anon, you may have been idealizing that woman
let it go mang
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Guys she looked like the girl in the picture
>but she never acted like her

Her personality was more like pic related

the only reason why i know i fucked up so hard was that ive never had the opportunity occur in my life where i was alone with a girl that was the same age as me

when ur in ur 20s its hard to find a girl ur age alone and its hard to even find an escuse to talk to them

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Are cats the biggest chads?

>Ridiculously positive canthal tilt, slayer eyes
>Ridiculously high facial width-to-height ratio
>Good jaw
>Proportional skull
>Aloof, mysterious personality
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I was told I look catlike, am I a chad now?
>inb4 dog cucks

Normies love getting cucked by dogs so much they go and pick up their shit in the streets after work each day
>maybe 40lbs at most, usually not even half that
>clit sized penis

they're omegas

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The Egyptian creation myth is probably the best. Lots of jerking off and incest. You guys would like it. Pic related, Atum, the creator god.

Discuss Egyptian gods below
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I prefer the creation myth where the brother and sister are husband and wife and they have ritual sex and create a retard baby because the girl tried to role reversal, and then they do it correctly, and then the girl gives birth to fire an dies and then they become exes and he's a total dick, and then he cries out the sun and moon and hurricanes.
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>The Egyptian creation myth is probably the best. Lots of jerking off and incest. You guys would like it. Pic related, Atum, the creator god.
>Discuss Egyptian gods below
Good thread

>go to see a performance of Godspell at the local community theater
>never seen it before
>apparently they didn't think the script was good enough, so they added their own jokes
>references were made to fake news, Fiona the Hippo, Full House, Fidget Spinners, "fragile masculinity", whiping & nae naeing, and dabbing

I thought most of the songs were pretty boring too.
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Gotte some milke?
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