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I don't understand how you can hate me based on something I never chose.
Why are you so evil?
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I don't hate you, I just don't wanna be around you.
you choosed everything at char creation

enjo;y ur h8
dont pretend black people arent hating white people either

if i hear one more mayo joke im gonna blow a fucking gasket

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What's wrong with being desired for your body?

As a guy it seems pretty cool that chicks would be into me by the very fact that I exist.
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But they wouldn't because girls do not like guys and apparently your proof of that.

>I thoroughly dislike people who pose as 'girl gamers' but really are just dishing out softcore pornography with a side dish of drama.

>But can they be blamed for exploiting their assets (no pun intended) in order to make money? I imagine that being a 'fake girl gamer' on Twitch is a convenient halfway point between being a truly-competent game commentator and being a fully-pornographic camgirl.

>In presenting themselves as 'gamers', they sully the reputation of actual female video-game enthusiasts who seek to build their reputations based on actual game-playing. As a female who considers herself to be genuinely interested in video games, I find it extremely irksome that, when the average person thinks of a female video-game commentator, he imagines, not a competent commentator who happens to speak with a female voice, but a hot girl who shows off her own body more than she shows off the game she's (badly) playing.
>Yes, as a hot girl, I could do the same thing myself--but I prefer to aspire to the big leagues of truly-informative and intellectually-entertaining commentary, rather than merely exploiting people's base instincts for my own personal gain.
Can you blame them? I'd be into chicks too if I were a woman.

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Any of you here became more sensitive as you gotten older to the point that your bad memories would trigger you much worse than when you were younger?
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Aren't you supposed to grow a thicker skin as you get older not the other way around?
Yeah. I think the stress related to those memories builds up every time I have an emotional breakdown.
I don't become more sensitive, but I just think back to when I was like 10 - 14 and realise how much of a faggot I was.

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Hey Uncle Anon, you really should be more funny and outgoing, women like that
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Piss off young Stacy before you get pissed on
How the fuck do american have such nice teeth? Mine look yellow and will probably fall out by the time I'm 35.

do they go to the dentist yearly or something?
I don't concern myself with a lot of women, they'll be fine without your uncle.

I just had sex with my dog dude! It was totally rad!
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What's a normie?

>using the term normie

God, grow up. You're not special.
Haha! That's soooo weird!!

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How do I sort out my life?
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Terrible place to ask that question
Start going to Church. Ask about faith and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour.

So many people here are atheists. Becoming a genuine Christian really fixes people and makes them happy.
is Jordan B Peterson the ultimate academic Chad?

If pro-lifers believe life begins at conception wouldn't it make sense to hand out condoms instead of protest abortion clinics?

>Guarantee people are having safe, responsible sex
>The egg is never fertilized so no fetus is created
>Abortion clinics become all but obsolete

Everybody wins.
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Abortion should be legalized.

$200,000 usd per abortion procedure.

Abortion is legalized you oblique tard. It should be free. Abortion clinics should be on every street corner like Starbucks.
This t b h
We should stop allowing more people to be brought into this horrible world.

>in cafeteria, eating alone as usual
>a pack of chads comes into cafeteria and starts looking around for a place
>it's pretty crowded and the only table that can fit them all is mine own
>they are ignoring me, just talking about some normie shit
>after a while they start chatting about some games
>my crippling anxiety and obsession of vidya are fiercely fighting
>decide to try to join in
>"yeah in the pacific heist only one guy has to deliver the loot which helps if you are playing with idiots haha"
>they looked at me as they acknowledged my existence
>one of the chads chuckled, they start chatting with me
>after 3 minutes or so of conversation I say something like
>"haha honestly you guys are totally chads thundercocks so I'm quite surprised you're talking with me
>"wh... who is chad thundercock?"
>mrw I tried frantically to explain them the concept of chads and stacys
>they never ate with me anymore
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>>mrw I tried frantically to explain them the concept of chads and stacys

literal autism

original now
kill yourself underage. orogonoi

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What's so great about boys who look, dress, and behave like girls?
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Used to be the fact that they were 2D, but memelords started doing it and fucking it up for everyone.
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It is a fetish for straight people
you would use to think a girl would be best at being a girl
but this prove that boys also are better at that too

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I went through childhood with no strong parenting and now I'll crave to be controlled and dominated for the rest of my life.

Can someone give me a bedtime?
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sure thing, as long as you're not counting on getting sleep
so whats my bedtime then?
Same op, I just want a daddy to control every little aspect of my life. I want to be treated like I'm incapable of making decisions or doing anything on my own. My life is so terrible and I feel worthless, I just want someone to love me and take care of me.

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Hows your tinder game?

Gotten close to 300 matches in 6 months. One date (she was 50lbs heavier than I thought). Other than that lots of heartbreak
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>lots of heartbreak
>on an app designed for casual sex

You're doing it wrong.
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Then do it right for me robot
Drop what you're doing right now because you have a one-way ticket on the fucktrain, and I happen to be the passenger with the biggest fun-stick.

Works literally every time

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>hairline has made the transition from receding M shape to horseshoe shape

Game over bros
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Mohawk hides it
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I don't want a fucking mohawk. I just a want a normal haircut but my dumb genes fucked me over.
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>tfw you know that there is a cure, but the pharma-jew is keeping under lock and key so that they can continue to profit off of desperate men who will pay alot of money for mediocre "treatments"
Just shoot me in my balding head please

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How to talk to grill when you have no classes together, don't have any mutual friends, and don't live anywhere near each other?
Inb4 "just go up to her man"
I put myself in her shoes and I realized some random tryna start conversation w you like you know each other is pretty awkward
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Stop posting random girls pictures on 4chan you creep
normies out
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You just got baited sonn

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It's another "robot runs out of weed so he gets drunk on cheap wine and hits the streets in search of weed" episode.

Going out there real soon, wish me luck brobots
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You're probably gonna get your boipucci stretched by niggers
Smoke less weed to make more money to buy in greater bulk and you won't run out anymore.
find yourself a better weed dealer. thats some shit weed bro

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Is anyone else writing their life story? I'm really bad at English, but compared to what I usually write, I feel like I've done quite a good job writing it. I've found that it helps ease the pain by getting my emotions out.
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yeah i'm actually doing the same thing. i've only written up to my 6th birthday so far and it's hard since i don't really have the motivation to write most of the time but it's coming along.
i have a journal too, it works for getting emotions out pretty well.
>tfw my life has always been boring as fuck
Nothing interesting has ever happened in my life, pointless for me.
It doesn't matter, just write about it. My life's not particularly interesting either, but it helps to write it out.

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