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>yeah. F- fudge them
>oka okay, Rick.
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Is wanting a long-term loving gf unrealistic? I don't care about losing my virginity, I just want a gf. I want her to spend time with me on all sorts of things. We could go hiking, camping, swimming, etc. After that, we could have intimate sexual relations. It feels hopeless looking for such a person as most girls get dicked by a lot of men now. My fear is that once they've had a few partners, I'll feel like just another guy to them instead of THE guy, while they'll be the only girl I've ever truly loved. Before someone says "it's just vagina bro hurr durr" I would like you to know that I am not wanting JUST that. If I did, I'd just hire an escort. I feel like there's no hope, especially considering I'm 22 already. Kill me, robot bros.
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Lads, help me out here. I need to know if I'm delusional.
You and me both. I hope it's not unrealistic
It's pretty unlikely in this day and age, and if you're hoping she's a virgin, you pretty much have to get to her before she graduates high school. I've recently torrented the "girlfriend application system". It seems to have some solid advice on how to go from meeting a girl to making her your gf, but it doesn't really help on how/where to actually meet girls, which is definitely where I struggle the most.

>tfw no fat gf who Iets her gut hang out
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take this


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>tfw my dick length is 5.5 inches
can we end this

this shit has ruined my life, my girth is ok but i hate my fucking length
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Considering you'll never use it, it doesn't matter how big or small it is.

why worry if you will never use it on a female, fap away happily
Stfu, my lenght is between 5-5.5 and its a pencildick, also it has a curve because it was fucked at birth so doctors had to fix it and its not straight now.

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People actually meet and get laid here? How does that happen? It has to be the same rules as in practically everywhere else, wooing with subtlety and proper emotional back-and-forth since outright asking to meet would no doubt get shamed by newfags and oldfags alike in said thread, but... everything about how this website is structured is supposed to prevent that!

It's seriously blowing my mind. I've been here for years, not whoring myself out, with Chad-tier looks and body, and with a borderline sociopathic amount of self-esteem and confidence (kudos aspergers). I've managed sex with roasties a couple of times, but somehow can't seem to find a 4chan female I'm sure would actually "get" me

Fuck this gay earth /blogpost
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>he responds to bait threads with "sage"
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I just had the craziest fucking dream.

It started out that I was home on leave or something living my life just the way I would any other day. I went and visited all my family, had dinner with everyone and had spent a couple of days with my girlfriend. Everything was going so good while I was on leave so it was a really good dream. Once leave ended I had to go back to my duty station in Japan and surprisingly things were going really good there as well. I had ran a PFT and did really well and I was platoon sergeant in my section. Then, all of a sudden I was out on the flight line on base having some big celebration. My girlfriend and alot of my close family was there. It was the most beautiful day outside and me and my girlfriend were so happy and then out of no where everything slowed way down and for a couple of seconds I couldn't figure out why. I looked up and there was a nuke about to hit the flight line. My girlfriend had disappeared from my side but she wasn't far. So I started running as fast as I could while everything was slow and praying to God that I could make it to her. I saw my life flash before my eyes while I was running like, real memories that I've had throughout my life. I finally got her in my arms and said I loved you and I watched the bomb hit then I woke up. Trippy AF
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>"Dude come join the voice"
>"Pfhahahahaha nigga stop that shit quit roleplaying"
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>having a microphone
fuck off chad
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>Dude come on voice
>woah dang show boipussi?????? haha DANG hands off hes MINE

fucking robots

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Just got some hydrocodon-acetaminophen 7.5-325 after I got my wisdom teeth out. How many pills for a good time? Anyone else /drugs/?
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15-20 is a good dose for hydrocoden, I would recommend 20, it's better to start off strong, because your tolerance builds so fast that you will never feel that good again, so I would highly recommend a 20 does. If you are on the heavier side I would do 25 grams
Good to know I'm not the only one who didn't get Vicodin for wisdom teeth doctors be fucking crazy.
That and these videos of people high as hell after the surgery, like what the fuck.
they're probably xr, so snort/cold water that shit

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>start exercising and eating healthy
>4 months pass and become physically better looking, feel healthier and people can tell I work out (not that buff though)
>it stops feeling good so I start doing it less and less, and start eating mcdonalds again
>back to being out of shape slob
is this just how it goes or is it a sign I should go get depression meds?
and needless to say, im still khv,
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How long until the world would lie in ruins?
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>Hey, if we got rid of all the strong people in the world, we couldn't hurt each other anymore!

women were a mistake
>a law against mansplaining
stopped reading there

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>so when i hear about a new guy going away the hanging way i start thinking
>can it be me next time?
>i mean, what doeas it take to push someone off the edge!
>i have these bad days when i think about it, i get an urge to go through with it
>but then it fades away
>two days later i'm a happy dude again
Will you do it? Is it possible
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I dunno. I've set a date. Given myself a year to plan it. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the day arrives.
>two days later i'm a happy dude again
Why does this happen? There's no rhyme or reason to any of it.
Why can't i just be happy every day?
>i have these bad days when i think about it
Is there anything at all that you think about, which makes you feel like killing yourself?

For me it's whenever I have days where I remember my lack of validation, how I've wasted the better part of the past ten years, or when I think about the future. Basically whenever I don't do a good enough job distracting myself.

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>tfw no tranny or femboy to kindly bully but encourage her and helping her getting confident at the same time
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I'm your girl lmao

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what is the opinion of Kekistan concerning the feminism influencing movie scenarios these last years ?
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kekistan is leddit shit m8
mix of a market move and agencies playing with people like mices

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Why are so called "Alpha males" such a plague for humanity and our youth?
Why is nobody doing anything to stop those people from spoiling the youth's mind?

They're the source of the problems we're encountering today, worshipping people like those can only do harm, but everybody seems to keep silent about it.
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>this guy bullied the shit out of other kids when he was in school
>got famous making vines where he says "ratchet girls be like this"
>released a song literally called "it's every day bro"
>making millions of dollars

He's like a disney channel villain


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