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I fell asleep with the person I have a crush on
they're still sleeping.
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That's a cute little moment there OP.

Please don't do anything rape-y
That sounds nice.
Enjoy it while you can.
Did you cuddle?

That's all I want, to sleep with somebody I love.
Just sleeping, cuddled up to each other.
Naisu daiski

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fellow fags,

how can i be androgynous/femboi if i have religious parents? they wont even let me shave my face

>inb4 "faggot"
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mouve out
but you would still have to see them every once in a while?
either don t see them at all or just bee yourself, what can they do you already have moved out they cant kick you out anymore

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>be 8/10 chad confirmed by soc
>still KHV
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You lying fuck that's not you. Somone this attractive wouldn't even be posting on /r9k/ he would be swimming in pussy as we speak.
Literally wake up to a goddess giving him a blowjob while two girls make him his coffee and scramby eggs.
Its an overphotoshoped person of some dude whose pictures everyone was reposting, pretending to be him as a meme
your pic look like this

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What were the goth/emo kids like at your school anons?

did you ever have a chance with a qt goth girl?
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They were not attractive people.
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>had a crush on a qt pale black haired goth girl with perfect boobs
>nothing ever happened
The goths at my school were fucking psychotic

>the goth girl who stripped in class to a boy she likes
>she proceeded to empty a fire extinguisher on him when he rejected her

>the goth lads who set a guy on fire because he slept with one of the goth girls who they all crushed on

>the fucking goth kid who got his own truck and decided to run a rugby player over with it

>the group that got expelled becasuse they set a fucking computer lab on fire and locked a kid in for apparently "stealing" one of their friends away

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ITT: normies getting BTFO

Post Wikipedia articles, news stories or other sources where normies die or are maimed and laugh:

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>got convicted for killing two burglars
what the fuck

Didn't really help that he had cassette tapes full of delusional rantings, didn't report it right away, and gave a coup de grace to a small teenage girl. It's not like his home was being invaded by hulking Niggers with guns.

I'm pro-Castle Law but this guy went too far. Once the threat is neutralized, stop shooting.
Yeah that was unfortunate, and I'm also sad for the Sherpas who died in the Everest disaster, but it was worth it to see those normies get totally and irrevocably blown out.

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>he wears a hoody and jeans in the summer
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Excuse me
>He doesn't wear cargo pants
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i wear a blanket

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Screenshot (1670).jpg
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ITT we rate each other's desktops

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Wallpaper is a gif. It's raining.

Aesthetics meme and you have icons on your desktop.
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Have this for reference
Make way for your new god

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I'm home alone for a week and craving coke because I used to do it when my parents went away. Now I try to stay loyal but it's really hard, help me. r9k, the craving is strong
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It's the eternal battle between body and mind, I actually need to study a lot but I'm not studying at all I guess the body is stronger.
Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist or going to NA or CA sessions?
If you quit coke you will be able to enjoy scenes and everyday pleasures like nice views.

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why is lil uzi so cute?
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Ps and qs is my fav song
he looks like some trash crackhead ghettonigger if thats what your into man
is he wearing a shirt with an anime design onnit? only will attract more normalfags like (You) to liking anime.

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How do I guarantee morning sex?

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Wow, she's fucking ugly. Congrats.
rape will probably guarantee it
Why do you people come to a board full of virgins and ask questions like this? I'm a fucking normie too but damn at least I PRETEND to be a robot. Maybe you're a former robot-turned normie and you're excited about your new life so you want to show it off to everyone?

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Did he learn his lesson?
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Nigga took her back.
It will only get worse.
Can't wait for him pause his stream to prep the bull.
who.. ..asdw?
Is there any legit proof that she got BLACKED?

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how does one stop being a khv?
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By holding a girls hand, kissing a girl and then having sex with her obviously.
By hugging a girl, kissing her, and fucking her
thanks mr dictionary

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>you're walking down the road
>and this chick looks at you and smile

Be honest guys, what you will do?
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Smile back and say good morning then keep it moving.
Ask her if I can pet her dog
my autism would go off the charts due panic of dogs

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Help me. I've fallen in love with a dead man.
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Fucking nazi, get it right.
Join him in the Ghost Zone, you know how to do it.
he's extremely unlikable, he's pretty much every closeted fag and edgy fat chick you'll ever meet fused together

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Who will get them >>37777777

Make this get count robots
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Also greentext thread
me proppabbly
we should predict the future with this get

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