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why some sperglords get triggered and legitimely offended when they receive the advice of "just be yourself"?

don't understand the meaning?
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Because "being yourself" only works if you're already handsome and have a personality compatible with other human beings
>just be yourself
>no, you idiot, don't actually be yourself
>no wonder you're alone, jeez
Often times society won't accept the personality of a lolicon, furry, trap or NEET
So telling some one to just be themselves when they realize society will automatically have a hate for them is just useless advice

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>my gf
>my bf
>connie threads
>you mad, whiteboi?
>cutfags BTFO

You niggers would stop this if you learned how to use sage. It's either that, or make /r9k/ into a blue board. I'd opt for the blue board, but even that won't magically make you retards learn not to reply to obvious bait, or at least use sage.

Come to think of it, that's probably why this place hasn't been made a blue board already. There's no point in trying to clean this place up, if you autists just keep on responding to bait, regardless of whether or not its NSFW.

Remember, the only threads that stay up long are the ones that get bumped.
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You forgot to mention

these digits

I don't think real robots post in those shitty threads, they're all normalfags in there.

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>forced to go to strip club with coworkers
>depraved faggots everywhere
>strippers are 6/10 nonstacys
>bouncers are giganiggers
>get lap dance from blondy
>soft as fuck cause anxiety meds mess with libido
>social autism so deadpan staring through her eyes
>blonde nervous throughout
>looks scared by end
>toss a literal fistful of ones at first naked bitch on pole I see
>sit down and order a burger
>bouncer asks me to fucking leave halfway through it

What is the appeal of this shit? I could saved hundreds staying at home, ordering a pizza and masturbating
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>bouncer asks me to fucking leave halfway through it
he gets paid to do this kind of shit. mind blown
How were you "forced" to go anywhere?
Coworkers went full
>we want an actual reason why you cant leave
and my beta years from high school kicked in

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itt: weird and otherwise autistic things you commit on a daily basis
i'll go first
>fart loudly and openly in public
>if anyone calls me out they're twice as autistic as me for being a damn adult and still getting bothered by universally human flatulence
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>make weird chirping noises
>sing weird songs to my pets
>change the letters of their names around
>air drums when i'm on public transportation
>pretend things matter 10 times more than they do while i'm at work

idk man i do so much spergy shit i can't sit here and make a list
>fart hard and a little poo grease comes out
>stall for hours on going to the bathroom to wipe the doodie oil out between the cleft of my buttocks
why am i like this
>I do this weird breathing thing that I cant explain
>move my jaw side to side to where my teeth hit each other to the beat of songs
> ^ that shit is loud but i do it without notice
>sometimes I am into a song playing in my head so much I day dream for a couple seconds, when I get back to reality I wonder to myself if I accidentally sang or hummed out loud.
>play with my phone in my hand, rolling it around
>pick out people in public who look like they would visit boards like /soc/ /fit/ /r9k/ or /tv/
>think about spontaneously just getting up in public and playing out a scenario where there is a shooter/ I am the shooter.
>think about odd ways to make lots of money, even if it includes crime

I could go on

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Come on little virgies!
It's feeding time!
Chad left a nice gooey load inside your "best friends" ass.
Open wide my little chirping babies, it's feeding time!
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reep reep
reep reep reep

lame, i know
>Given enemas to my gf
Who wants stories?


My last gf was up for it at one point but we broke up before

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Can we have a yandere thread?
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God I want a yandere gf so bad, it hurts.
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Why do you want a yandere gf?
>why do you want a girl completely obsessed with you
Gee anon, I wonder.

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Why not work at Starbucks ?
There will be plenty of young slutty teens for you to try your luck.
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Are girls ever going to stop pretending they're wearing this shit for "comfort"?

Because a girl walking around like that is LITERALLY asking to be fucked in a back alley until she bleeds.
>way to liberal
>also a guy actually started hitting on my sister at a Starbucks once.

>Lonely virgin on /r9k/ has rapist tendencies

Wow what a surprise. Maybe I should beat the fuck out of you because you're asking for it by wearing your geeky ass robot clothes lmao.

Nah, cuties like that will never let YOU pump their butt full of cum. That's reserved for the top dogs.

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What do you guys have dreams about? What was your most memorable dream?
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Also how anyone have experience with "Lucid dreaming"? How does that work?
I can tell you all about it, I have ten years experience but fuck typing that all out if you just abandoned this thread.
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hurry up and type it out faggot he made the thread literally 5 minutes ago

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happy birthday 2 me
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Happy birthday anony
Happy birthday, dear anon, my friend!
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Happy birthday to you anona

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"This is it, son...we are sending you to China because mom and i are tired of you being shut in your room all day, doing nothing but jack off watching those weird indonesian cartoons and speaking with what you call "robots". Don't think i'm stupid, robots doesn't exist! Your brother has also told me he saw you stealing mom's clothes . We want you to be sane and successful so mom and i can be proud of you. Now, put on your clothes and follow me to the car because i'll drive you to the airport. Don't forget to give your grandparents a firm handshake once you're there. I love you, son, but this is for your own good"
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"No, we do not want that half-laowai devil. I'm embarrassed for all of us."
"It's easy, son. You just walk into China, ask to see Prime Minister Xi Jinping, give him a firm handshake and you'll be a ranking party official in no time."
but father, ping pong chong chong!! (-_-)

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>go to DD every day
>they start to have my orders ready for me, usually having it fresh and ready by the time I walk in
>I actually like to spice things up sometimes
>too beta to actually tell them no
>only other breakfast place on the way to work is a mcdonalds
>forced to get the same thing every fucking morning
>feel the need to tip them anyway for their dedication

Do people actually eat the same thing every single day? How do I get out of this lads? I don't even like coffee that much but Im afraid my body is gonna get addicted to it if this keeps up.
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That's kinda nice OP. Somebody actually cared enough to remember your order. For all you know, it makes someone's day when OP comes in, gets his usual, and talks to the staff a little bit
thank them for noticing your order and tell them not to do it anymore
This might be hard to do if you're such a beta , but if you actually have been going there for a while , the staff probably remembers you so you could easily just say "Tommorrow I won't be coming because bla bla bla" go to mc's for a few days and then just go to DD and order something new , as simple as that.

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>about half of the new anime this season feature casual sex
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time to stop playing anime, watching vidya and look managers in the eyes while giving them firm handshakes instead
Most people enjoy a little romance in the media they consume. Anime is made for normies not neckbeards
no it is fucking not kill yourself

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>job interview was at 2:00
>store was closed and nobody there
>dark outside
>went home sad
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So it was obviously at 2 pm?
Op please don't tell me you went in for a job interview at 2 am
Please Op
how was I supposed to know? he said 2:00

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Is depression an actual disease or is it just caused by nihilism?

Cause I think my depression is logical, I think normies are the deluded ones.
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I think this too anon, my depression eventually manifested itself as a 'personality disorder' after years of it, and all the psyches are telling me I have a disorder, but I just see nihilism as the logical outcome when you really think about life. Normies don't think about things as deeply as we do, so of course, they're deluded. They've never questioned anything, always taken life for granted.
>Is depression an actual disease
Yes. Even if your depression is caused by "thinking too deep" then you still have a disease, i.e. a state where you are not able to function the way you want to.

You memed yourself into a diminished level of functionality, my hat is off to you.
its a modern illness with modern causes, as are most diseases

>nothing to fight for
>societal uncertainty
>no group or tribe
>spend most of our days indoors

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>tfw always get a bad haircut

its not fair, genetics gave me shit uncuttable hair from birth that will never look good
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Grow it out then. Real long. What's there to lose?
Have you given styling products a go? Whenever you see celebrities or models, they have product in their hair
Do you have messy hair like in the pic or is it weird and short?

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