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post /r9k/ albums
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There are tshirts with that album on it: it's normie as fuck.
>One of my all time favorites

>Comfy, nostalgic, easy to drift off to, weird but not too weird
this is my favorite album of all time anon, good pick

aquarius is the best song ever made also

who /chinese autism balls/ here?

Fuck those spinning meme things. These tickle my autism just right. It's tactile AND auditory because of that little noise they make.
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>literally fondling black balls
> everytime i feel angsty in pubilc, i just take out my balls and play with them for a bit
They have different colors senpai, and patterns. I have those same yin-yang ones in dark blues, I really like how they feel because it's not just painted it's embossed into the balls itself. I also have red dragon ones, and plain chrome ones.

That's right, and I often go on the computer with just one hand as I rotate my balls

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I slept with my friend once and she sent me these drawings of us having sex, is she totally nuts or is this normal?
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This is us
Are you retarded? She wannts to fuck
nothin normal bout them digits boy

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>Hey anon, remember that one time you pretended to be drunk to be cool?
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Bump , my friends i ngrade 9 didthis they were so cringy and they still act like they were drunk lmao
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No, I got wasted and pretended to be sober. It went well.
I am doing this right now

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How are /r9k/'s language skills?


I scored 127 on this, compared to 110 on a regular IQ test.
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>35 minutes
>internet circlejerking test
I'm good son
>tfw to intelligent too do internet tests
>tfw too insecure to do internet test
Don't want to know how smart I actually am

This is probably why I've never done anything worthwhile in my life guys
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just do it, and stop thinking about wasted oppurtunities, be a yes man

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When will the faggot fucking mods gets rid of the shitty hug your relative threads that are spammed every single fucking day with a bunch of fucking tripfags.

Why is /r9k/ just full of garbage nowadays in general?

What went wrong?
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>When will the faggot fucking mods gets rid of the shitty hug your relative threads that are spammed every single fucking day with a bunch of fucking tripfags.
>Why is /r9k/ just full of garbage nowadays in general?
>What went wrong?


Those threads are the biggest load of horseshit cancer that have ever been posted on this board

Ban them please mods, no, I will not hug my sister, no, I will not hug my cousin. BAN THE THREAD
How about they get rid of the stupid /britfeel/ circlejerk first, it's not like the brits don't have a general in every single board in the site already.
All boards are garbage, and always were garbage. Congrats robot, you've finally regressed enough to gain social awareness.

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>tfw you realize he is 100% correct
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>having children
cuck by default
This guy wants to fuck his daughter hahaha
there is nothing wrong with sex between loving partners
patriarchal love is not diminished by an external sexual love

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>qt3.14 I like is a lesbian
Anyone else dealing with similar feels?
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Are you a Weezer song?
>qt3.14 I like is a lesbian
She wasn't until she met you
A lesbian or actually bi and you just assume she's a lesbian because she's with a woman?

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Is there a place where intelligent black people congregate online?

Being here for so long has dehumanized the race for me, I see a non-black person and I presume any number of complex thoughts, concerns and emotions could be going through their head. I see a black person and my presumption of their inner thoughts doesn't go much beyond that of an animal.
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>Is there a place where intelligent black people congregate online?
365black.com. It's deeply rooted in the community.
I feel the same, we all need to get together
Is this bait? You said "congregate", you clearly meant "conglomerate". You wanted to form a compact mass of black people, correct -anon?

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who /Kerbal/ here?
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i uninstalled it because i struggled so much with docking.. 1 month of trying hard and watching youtube tutorials
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I haven't bothered with space stations because I don't want to use up all the fuel trying to RV with something and then dock. Mostly I just get hung up on making planes though
I feel you anon, I truly do

How the fuck do I get more science points? I'm trying to get to the moon, but it's hard with only the stuff I've unlocked, and everything I do now it only worth like 2.8 science points

>i've made huge rockets and it still can't reach the fucking moon

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> 28
> work manual labor jobs on and off part time
> social skills terrible and deteriorated over the years
> alcoholic
> never finished college
> live with parents and grandmother
> little hope for the future

How are you older robots holding up ? I think I am close to the breaking point. Trying to socialize or relate to people my age is impossible and I feel so isolated and lonely most of the time. Shit sucks man... considering the military as last beacon of hope.
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come on i know there are some old robots here
>27, 28th birthday coming up
>trying university again because I didn't finish the first time, only a sophomore
>still don't know what I want to do
>Surviving on schizobux and funds running low. Only about $3k in bank. No job.
>Few friends, and rarely hang out with them anyway. Those that I do have are further along in life and can't relate to.
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>About to get Master's Degree
>Just finished professional internship
>Still no job
>Hard to relate to others
>Socially anxious
>Hoping all these years of hard work and sacrifice initiated to turn my life around do not fail as I am so close to success I can almost taste it.

I would be the guy who blows it at the buzzer.

*sits on your face*
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thanks for not farting or shitting on me
cute nigger chick

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Can we get a drug thread?

I'm planning on taking Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds and was wondering if any robots had experience with them.
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Never been to Hawaii, heard that a lot of men are cut there though.
never heard of it. there was a drug thread yesterday though and someone said they took them. im sure they're around this board somewhere.
I will just leave this here:

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True love is throwing a big party for a girl where you buy her expensive dresses and jewellery in return for her promise that she will never have sex with other people.
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True love is her wanting to understand and have a good life with you.
But I doubt love is something that is tangible.
"Til death do us part"

>tfw you've known that was bullshit since you were 8
Thanks mum and dad. Guess they saved me a whole lot of headaches though.

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This will be my last post on this board.
I shall not be coming back.

Overall, I'd like to thank any lurking robots for the great moments I've had on this board since it's conception, back in 2011.
The shitposts we shared, the threads we crossed.
The many beautiful moments we had, and the escapism we found. The magic of forming bonds with completely anonymous individuals, only to break them in the same instant.
The fun times, the times of pain, and the feels.

Now, this board seems to have gone through the cycle of every fandom in history, first being a small niche community, without much attention, only to gather "early adopters", normies who were the first ones to discover everything. Then, as roasties discovered untapped sources of beta attention, the traffic multiplied tenfold. Now normies have joined by discovering this place has roasties in turn.

Farewell my fellow robots, anons, shitposters. Goodbye roasts, normies, Chads.

Thank you, /r9k/.
see you all in the next life.
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See you space cowboy...Some times its better to leave then stay with people who are nothing like you.
boy I got news for you, the board was created for the first time in 2008.
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Oh, how far we've fallen.

'till we meet again, stranger.

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