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I will murder 100 women someday
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Join the military and shoot sand niggers.
Pretty certain that is a net positive for women.
Good luck.
We're all counting on you, OP

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Who else loves 2D feet?
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I love 2D in general.
im into your mom

how about that?

2D feet are the only feet I like.

The 2010's will be over in a little more than two years. What do you think was the worst year of this decade so far?
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It keeps getting worse. I bet this is how everybody in their 20s and 30s felt about their current timeline though.
Wait, except enslaved/discriminated peoples, of course.
2015 was the worst I think. But it all started to go wrong in 2013, so Id blame that yeae.

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This is my super handsome, super sexy boyfriend. Say something nice about him.
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Looks like a faggot to me OP. Do you let him eat your asshole?
>see: gif
You're my favorite faggot

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>You ready for the threesome, white boy?
Wat do?
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See, you either fuck monkeys, or you fuck people. There's no in-between.
only if you let me kiss your abs my nigga, no homo
As a blackbot, how do I get a qt black gf?
I'm tired of white women

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How the fuck can I stop overeating? I do alright most of the day then I binge eat a bunch of shit all at once. I think my brain is fucked up.
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Binge on high fiber foods. Spinach, brown rice, beans, broccoli. You'd be hard pressed to get fat from foods like that. They're very satiating
I'll try making some of this stuff in advance maybe. The problem is I just go on a feeding frenzy sometimes and eat what's available which is usually junk food. I wouldn't buy the stuff but I live with my mom (big surprise, right?) and she buys the stuff. Is white rice worse than brown?
Yeah white rice isn't exactly a health food. It spikes blood sugar pretty high. But if you eat it with beans the beans actually slow down digestion and blunt the blood sugar spike

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>see black people at work watching "white privilage" videos on their phones
>most of them are unmarried, single parents with multiple kids
Did my whiteness create your problems, lady? I'm legit worried that somewhere along the line someone's going to start shit with me over my race.
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>unmarried, single parents with multiple kids

Then who cares? The opinions of subhuman retards are irrelevant
/pol/ can you leave and stop race baiting.
If they say anything accuse them of being racist.

Use their own retarded tactics against them.

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Yumi best_00003.png
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tfw no gf that is into horse cock
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Why is that a thing you want? It's pretty gross in 3d
Would you get gf like this robots
she wants to play with a horsecock, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

watching a woman get off a horse would be enough for me, she wouldn't even need to have sex with me, just let me film all of it.

How do I make the bad thoughts go away?
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Tell them you're not interested in paying for their meals.
That's how I get bad thots to leave
You let the bad thoughts drift away like the ephemeral emotions that they are.
How? They won't go away

Would you date someone who has terminal cancer?
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How long is there?
Yeah but only if it's original.
Then you gotta go hospitals and funerals and whatnot... huge hassle. Then when it's all over what do you have? Just memories of a human rotting to death.

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>INTJ Edgelord
>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
>Beginner level
>Advanced level
>Bonus test

discord: 39dbhaY
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very nice.png
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So what you're saying is that ISTJ's are basically Uncle "Best character in the series" Iroh.

I can work with that.
who here /aquarius/

feels good being a top tier zodiac
Well fuck.

All pitbulls and their owners should be euthanized, in my opinion.
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all dogs should be erased from existence

disgusting animals
pit bulls are actually allowed as service dogs sometimes. It's unnerving as fuck. That said, a lot of pit bull mixes are qt
Blah blah I'm afraid of a dog cuz of memes

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Halt. You have been selected for a random search. There have been reports of dank memes in the area. Please turn and face the scanner.
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No dank memes here, officer. The only thing here is an annyoying namefag berating innocent robots
*disarms you and looting your harmbaton with id card*
>dank memes
2015 is over.

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>My footpussy is ovulating
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This board has broken me.
I'm fucking done.
What the hell is that thing dude? A popped cyst? Looks like maggots have been in there or something.
Diabetes or ...?

What kind of girls do guys like this fuck/date?
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Any they want.
any and every girl who is not monstrously deformed or super obese
White women with conservative husbands.

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