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> 30% of the degenerate, misogynistic, and autistic loser here still managed to get laid.

> You haven't

Literally, what is your excuse?
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Wonder how many use /britfeel/. Seems to be a larger majority of non virgins on there.
Anxiety. I know thats a shitty meme answer but its true. Im scared to interact with people and the very thought of it makes my stomach tie in a knot.
I bet they counted hookers

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Post characters that are literally you

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Roddy Piper from my all time fav movie They Live
Literally or figuratively? This is important
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Original posting I am a post

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I'm normally a forgiving person, but there is one robot I will never forgive for what he did to me. I don't care if he changes, I don't care if he seeks redemption. I will never give him a second chance, ever.
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did you get reapd irl by him
What did they do to you?

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Cheated on me.

It's been four years, Jakob, but I still hold a grudge. You're mistaken if you think we can ever be friends again. Stay away from me forever.

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>ywn hold her tightly
>ywn wallow in her comfy warmth
>ywn be loved or desired by anyone

Also, /cuddle/ thread
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Feels pretty bad, mang. Especially since my oneitis hates my guts.
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What do you mean anon? Did you do something wrong?
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I know that feeling, OP. Fucking sucks.

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>ywn be asexual
>ywn know what it's like not to be consumed by an irrepressible urge to mate with women
>ywn live a life free from constant sexual and romantic rejection and the subsequent feelings of inferiority
>ywn be able to completely renounce women and their superficiality and happily immerse yourself in your hobbies, interests and career.
>ywn have more money to spend on yourself because you didn't blow it on trying to get some woman to take a chance on you or a prostitute
>ywn be able to comfortably go about your day without needing to waste time masturbating
>ywn be a happier, healthier person unburdened by delusions of love and lust

Is asexuality the true god mode?
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Just jack off to hentai and you'll be asexual in no time my friendo
I never gave a fuck about sex, I always wanted just to kiss, cuddle and lie in bed with someone
Unironically and unoriginally this
It's kinda nice desu

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Is she /ourrabbit/ ?
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femanon here
everything is said
source please on the orignal rapbit.
>being romantic is evil! liking people is bad!

I want this generation to be over

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Dump your best ones. OC to start
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Lol put me in the screencap
Reddit sux
Spirituality is hard tho.

The voice in your head tells you you're wasting your time no matter how many results you see with your own eyes.

And a lot of emotional shit surfaces that you don't want to deal with.

Keep at it and life will prove for you, time and time again, what's right and what's wrong. Besides, you can feel the truth already, if you sit still and listen. Do some meditations, any type will do. Go to the nature, listen to positive music, wear vibrant clothes, don't eat corpses. Keep at it and you will change something in a way that will always suprise you.
this is a good beginner meditation.

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What discords do people meet fembots at?

i am new to to the discord meme. posts links here please
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I-I'm apart of this one.
>pretending to be a woman
>can't speak English properly
Fuck off
I would strongly suggest not joining or participating in that discord server. Consider this a friendly tip from someone that shouldn't offer it.

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i have not left my house a single time in 8 months
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How did this happen anon? Did you ever try to stop your habbit of isolation once you realized the path you were on?
Wanting to change or wanting something more is the first step to change. What are your options? Do your country have any affordable options? What would you have to do to get where you want? Make a list. See if that list could have alternative options
Why lol? Just go outside faggot

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Cigarettes I mean.

Does it make life more bareable?
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Yes, but the jews over charge for smokes and it makes you smell like a forest fire. But if youre like me and don't care about that or the cancer then its great to pass the time
No. It's a disgusting habit. Smokers fucking annoy me and stink like crap.
Yea, but not A class ones. I'll stick with rolling tobacco and papers.
It makes me not think of my life for 10-15 minutes, witch is good.

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>tfw i will never have the courage to kill myself
>tfw i will live 60 years more
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somehow I think it would make a good juxtaposition of a character like yourself observing some tragic hero in a book/movie/etc

but I this realized that's literally the definition of an narrator.

why don't you become morgan freedman, op?
>60 more years
You gotta be 18 or older to post here
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You can do it anon, I believe in you! After all, you only have to be courageous for a brief moment! Then it's all over!

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Do you know this cat?
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Should I know this cat?
Oh yeah we used to be dorm mates in tradeschool. He was a pretty cool cat (XDDDDDDD) when i was around. Would always ask for cheeze burgr and what not.good times.

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>get on /r9k/
>homo psyop
>trans psyop
>f*mbot threads
>normie threads
gettin really tired of this shit
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yes. if you've been around for a while and you still remember how it used to be, there's nothing for you here. go to the other imageboards
i said it before and ill say it again robot has to be deleted, wait a year or two and revive it again

other than that it serves no purpose at the moment

what other imageboards are there for people like us?
The only threads of quality on /r9k/ are latina and THICC threads.

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Have you ever been to a Swinger's Club?
Why not?
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Because my wife and I arent degenerate
What do you mean with degenerate?
Because I'm not a couple
Because I'm not pushing 40
Because I'm happy being clean
Because I want to cuddle with somebody familiar, not have degenerate sex with random people

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>mother just called me worthless
who else is a major disappointment to their parent or hated by them.
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meeeeeeeeee. makes me wanna kms even more
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>didnt want birthday party
>tell mother i can not like them
>she starts going off at me about not having responsibilities and asking what more do i want from her
>run away to my room
>next day 20+ people appear, though none are actual friends, not that I dislike them

i ask of you what have i done to deserve this? 22 yo btw
File: 1469031355621.jpg (106KB, 800x803px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i dont get why mothers do shit like this. if you dont want a birthday party then she shouldn't for you into one. my mother wants me to take her couch when i move out. i keep telling her i don't want to have to rent a U-Haul to move a fucking couch and can get by perfectly fine sitting on the floor or a folding chair. she then proceeds to blow a gasket and rant on and on for 10 minutes about how i'm not grateful. NO YOU STUPID CUNT I JUST DON'T WANT TO BOTHER MOVING A FUCKING HUGE ASS COUCH!!

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