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I've never talked to this girl before but I remember her from high school before I graduated (she's a senior now) so I messaged her

She's already calling me daddy and sent me nudes after just 2 days of talking to her

It's literally that easy, you just gotta bee yourself
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Where did that soccer convo come from lmao
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that was about something i said earlier

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A .45 bullet to the head at point blank is impossible to survive, right? Like, 0.00001% chance that I'll live? I don't wanna turn myself into a veggie that's shitting himself all day.
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It's not impossible to survive. Plenty of people have. A shotgun though, that's pretty much guaranteed. Don't do it though, either way.
If you shoot yourself in the front of the head there's a very, very, *very* narrow chance it'll miss both hemispheres of your brain and pop out the back of your head. But realistically, if you shoot yourself anywhere in the brain you're going to die instantly.
Probably. Just dont do it with someone elses gun otherwise you will just ruin it. Brain guns end up pitted and rusted to hell inside police evidence bags and the grey matter blowback into the barrel ruins it.

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>lie down in bed trying to sleep
>think about all the huge mistakes I made in my life
>curl up and whisper "I want to fucking die" over and over again
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Same but mundane shit also makes me do it.
guaranteed i've made more and worse mistakes than you have

do what i do and repress your bad memories

avoid thinking about it, eventually you'll forget it ever happened
I can't since my friends bring it up again and again
every time I die inside a little

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Hey guys,

I made an android app and put it on the play store.

Could you help me out by trying it out and tell me what you think? I'd really appreciate it. I don't really have anyone I can ask personally.
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Fuck. I forgot to put the name on the first post, im so sorry.

It's called "AimlessEats" on the google play store.
Its fucking shit. You should just give up.
are you a cute girl(male) programmer?

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>Be naturally smart
>don't really try to hard in high school
>still get a 3.9 gpa
>get a couple scholarship offers that would allow me to go to a uni for almost nothing
>don't really care about getting a nice job so I turn it down
>currently living at my parents house
Who here /apathetic/
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>tfw dumb

Fuck you
It's really not anything special being intelligent.
>tfw made 33 on ACT but graduated with 2.8
>currently shitting up college, failed 2 classes this semester
I don't have the drive to do anything with my life except browse the internet and shitpost all day

What is your biggest obstacle to having a romantic relationship with someone you truly want?
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Not having someone I truly want
Finding someone I truly want
Being me, obviously

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Stop worshipping/orbiting women.
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Never how else will I get her to marry me
Can I still worship Space-Jin's hime?
Yes, 2D is love and life.

You see this guy? He had a girlfriend, and he was a brony. How does it feel to know that people on /mlp/ have a more active sex life than you?
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I don't believe it umtil I see some proof he had a gf
His gf must've been a literal mutant.
>tfw no horse gf

What do robots think about this video ?
Particularly interested in what non-english robots think and also views on the roasties and police
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sorry m8 couldn't watch that shit for more than 1 minute

you bongs are so fucking deformed looking because of your shit diets and lifestyles. accent is also disgusting
a pussy who is thrilled to have this "power" over the pedo.
if he was really that mad about it then would just gun the fucker down and go his way, all he is doing is using the opportunity to feel strong and cowers behind the cops when he feels threatened.
It's amazing how little authority English police seem to have.

Also you need to remove kebab

I love you twink anon, I'm going to marry you, you know who I'm talking about
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>implying there aren't a hundred twinks on r9k
You could be talking about me for all I know, be more specific
Maybe I am loser, if it's you I hope you know I'd go gay for you and be your black bf
Eugh no

Dropping out of college. I never liked it. The only good thing about college is that I lost my virginity in freshman year. Aside from that, I fuckin hate everything about it. I hate mindlessly going to classes, doing shit assignments that don't mean shit. I fell into a meme major (English) because I couldn't handle the actual hard classes like business, math and science classes. Have no plans for a career, haven't had a gf in a year, no friends, but fuck it. I think about life too much instead of actually living it. Honestly, I don't even care about having a six figure 9-5 desk job that'll crush my soul and make me hate my life. I just want to get laid, get paid, and have a cute, comfy girlfriend. It really sucks that society uses fear to manipulate kids into going to college
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>lost virginity
>had a gf
I'll say it once and no more
fuck off

it's not like I'm a womanizing playboy. It's been like 2 months since I last got laid. fuck it, I need to do something else with my life
Go to trade school

Anon, you need to be able to look at people in the eyes when talking to them. Practice with me
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>tfw you watched so much tushy videos, you recognize them by just one picture
Being a picture makes this a stare, you don't stare back unless accepting a challenge.
I-I can't do it-t

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please post gondola
i want to be comfy
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what a nice boy he is
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darn it
ohhhhhh wellllll
This comfy feel

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>Tfw no gf to bend over my knee and give a sound, well deserved spanking
>tfw no gf to cuddle after her spanking while she sobs, telling her I love her and that I only spank her for her own good
>tfw no gf to give a good dicking after a spanking to take the pain away

Feels pretty bad man
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>tfw no mommydom GF to give me spankings and gently love me afterwards
>tfw no gf to spank until she is ready to accept your seed
what a fucking degenerate, get out of my thread

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Is this worth killing myself over? I'm too weak to decide, please be honest.

So that's my younger brother in the pic beating the shit out of me in a recorded play fight. He's 11 years old, 70lbs and about a foot shorter than me. I'm 18 years old, 6'1 and 120lbs. The pic doesn't really show this well except for his leg muscles in pic, but he's strong for his size, got an 8 pack, more muscular than me, does gymnastics etc. This leads to him taunting and bullying me often, who is the opposite of him; i.e. an unfit dumbass.

It's not only that, but he's smarter than me too. Gets straight A's and is thinking of taking the Mensa test while I probably am not going to even go to University (college for mericans).

He's better looking than me as well. He's had countless girlfriends while I've never even kissed a girl before. I've found 2 used condoms in his room before, at 11 I was just playing dungeons and dragons all day.

Our parents love him more, you can tell they think of him as the successful son. And most importantly I'm just known as his bitch. For example, last week he pinned me down and spat on my face. He told me not to wipe it off until he said so which happened to be the next morning.

There's literally not one thing I'm better at. I guess I'm asking this for an ego boost, maybe for one of you to somehow persway (I'm so stupid I thought persway was a word until it corrected me) me that I'm better at something, anything but I doubt I am. Is suicide my best option here?
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Is he actually stronger than you?
Of course he is, spends all day at the gym, does gymnastics 24/7 while I struggle to do push ups.
>120 lbs
...do you have fucking cancer? You should weigh 160 at a minimum and still be anorexic.

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