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Stop visiting /r9k/, this place isn't good for you.

Between all the baiting, trolling and self-loathing the only thing this place is doing is helping you cultivate your insecurities.

Go do something productive with your life.
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>Go do something productive with your life.

No, and you can't make me!
Jokes aside this guy is pretty right...
If I leave /r9k/ where am I gonna get my fembot gf from? Retard

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i fucking hate being australian, time zone does not line up with the rest of the world (the part that actually matters) and now that it's nearly midnight and i'm shit faced and want to spill my guts to some fellow robots it's like fucking day time for them
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tell us a story, australianachan
it's hot all year round and the wild life wants me dead. i'm a shut in alcoholic and i hate living here

that was a very short story

I'd like to get your take on the classic proverb "can't turn a ho into a housewife"

>Imagine you net yourself a legit 9-10 /10, has plenty of mutual interests and will be completely faithful and treat you well...... at first.
>The catch is that she has fucked over 50 men, easily, if not more than 100. If you can't fuck her better than they did, she will start being a passive bitch toward you slowly until the breaking point where she cheats.
>How will you ever accomplish the task of being the best lay she's had, knowing that your dick is nowhere near the biggest she has fucked and that you're nowhere near as talented at fucking as some of those other men?

Any robot who can answer this riddle will be hero of all
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its not about the sex. that's just degenerate commercialism. you need to be a fucking man that she looks up to. basically her new "daddy", but not in an RP way. do you remember when you were 10 and some 17 year old guy did something cool and you were in awe and all that, that's how women want to see their man.
Once you've had a variety of dick you'll get bored of locking one down eventually.
She will cheat. It's a guarantee. It's only a question of when.

She cheated on her daddy in the past and she'll cheat on her daddy in the future.
A whore is a whore.
this is why you should forget about wanting a "housewife". The "hos" can be used temporarily to sleep with if you're enough of a normie to do that.

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Honest question anons. What constitutes a premature ejaculation? What's average? How long do you anons last?
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why is this even a thing. just wait until it gets hard again and you will last longer?
five hours, it's bad, I know. >>>/adv/

You cum by accident

Literally it

i just stayed up all night playing video games for 4 nights in a row. lol ask me anything

>yes i do not have girlfriend
>i was playing mostly counter strike go and warframe
>no i did not ditch my job

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How old are you and when will you kill yourself?
Beck to thine magic oft childhood
Are you going to beat the current record of 135 hours of big gameing so your parents can be proud of you finally?

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So, we're working together on this project anon.
I hope you know what you're doing because I'm completely lost *tee hee*
Oh, are you looking at my top? Do you like it?
I just got it the other, day. I think it really brings out my best features

Hold on, I'm getting a text from my boyfriend, I'll be right back
>gets up and walks out of the room
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>has to leave the room to text her bf

OP doesn't know how life works
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>So, we're working together on this project anon.
It better be a milk related project
every girl does that. it's just common decency

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>lol anon not all women are like that

STOP THIS all women are whores in some way or another and all they want is simp men that can provide and white knight for them. All women will fuck you over in some way
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The west needs to put a lock down on females like islam has. No joke.
>implying islamic women aren't whores
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This desu, if you not secured a gf when you were a teenager you probably will be a cuck forever, all women are used goods after 15yo.

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Just found out I can't have children yesterday. It's pretty depressing and has me questioning why I should even live

Is there any meaning in life if you can't even pass on your genes
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Are you a guy or girl?

I heard there's ways for sterile guys to have a chance to have kids but it's expensive.
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If you couldn't have them yesterday, can't you have them tomorrow?
girl (female) but I really don't feel like posting tits. feel like shit

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Hello guys (:
New fembot here from reddit!

I've a small suggestion for this subchan. Since it's so difficult to navigate can we make it a bit more intuitive?

I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place like I said I'm new. Much love everyone <3
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Hello guys (:
Old robot here from YTMND!

I've a small suggestion for this fad machine. Since it's so hateful, can we make it a bit less jarring by not posting the hate symbols?

I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place like I said I'm old. Much love everyone <3
I don't understand what you mean my friend :( please explain
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Bad bait is bad, come back with something better

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Tell me how pathetic your life is.
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>mid 30s
>work at walmart overnight for the past 11 years
>no dreams or career goals
>stream LoL for 6 hours
>repeat until death

At least my life insurance payout will give the few people who treated me with a little bit of respect a nice payday.
I'm 21 and I haven't had any friends in 4 years, also never been on date and i'm a KHV.
Judging by my current trajectory, I doubt that any of this is going to change.
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>almost 30
>work graveyard for 4 years
>time and space is meaningless
>friendships and relationships confuse me
>no education, can't drive, don't want a cell phone
>never leave the house
>being alive confuses me

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so I just had a close encounter with a giraffe at a park for the first time in my life

what the fuck? How did this animal even came to existence?
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>had a close encounter
How close?
I was in a safari car and we were about 2-3 meters from it
no one knows desu. very mysterious animal.

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So, I have to ask you guys a question. How do you feel about female on male pedophilia?

Do you stand against it like you would male on female pedophilia? Or do you actually don't care?

Do you wish that it was more encouraged and that a female came after you when you were younger?

Just honestly curious. I know some people see it as no worse from an older male preying on pre-pubescent females, but I know that it doesn't seem to be particularly frowned upon in society.
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I wish a big breasted cow had raped me when I was <15 yo
It's wrong for the same reasons. That being said, when I was in my early teens, it was my fantasy to fuck an older woman, like 30s-40s, so for me personally I don't know if I wished it were encouraged, but I wish I'd be luckier.

I don't see pedophilia as something inherently wrong, but because of the harmful effects it can potentially have it usually is. My idea was to have the gov't develop a licence of consent, which would allow people at whatever age to be able to consent if they were able to pass tests of psychological maturity - i.e drinking, credit cards, sex.

That said, I don't think many 10 yr olds would be able to pass the test, but if they could, more power to them.
People whine about double standards but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it so long as you ensure that a minor is not legally responsible for any consequences of sex (ie, a woman who falls pregnant from sex with a minor should not expect child support payments).

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ITT: Shit that gets your blood boiling at work

Ill start co-worker calling in cause they are too hung over so im stuck here from open to close.
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Guy I work with will call in sick because he wakes up with a headache. Pop some pills and get into work, faggot. Then the next day he'll tell me about all the video games he played or the stuff he went in did while he was supposed to be at work.
ITT: artist freak out over entry level job problems and doesn't post animates
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>enter your room
>see this

What do in this situacion?
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start to blush because ive never had a cute girl (female boy) on my bed before
Dad wtf again?! Am I gonna have to called a Child Protective Services again? God I hate my family.
Are you 4 or what?

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>be me
>25 year old uni student
>find a pair of mummy's thongs
>slip into one cause they look comfy
>fast forward 2 days
>at summer wageslave job working manual labor
>bending over to work on somethings
>boss walks by
>"nice underwear faggot"
>feel like shit and embarrassed

what do i do?? I dont think i can go back there
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upgrade to thongs
get him in trouble for discrimination based on your sexual gender orientation
Are you in SoCal? You sound like you're from SoCal.

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