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Am I the only person on this website that doesn't browse reddit?
Please tell me I'm not.
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No me neither bro
People constantly call me a redditor though
i don't even know how to use it
dunno how to post on it and I don't lurk on it either

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>brother is 7 years younger than me
>has a job before me
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Don't compare yourself to him. He's better in ever way.
Hahaha you're an immature faggot hahaha
>He's better in ever way.

Stop comparing him to OP

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Small life improvement tips thread

Swap coffee for green tea
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>drink green tea
>tastes as bitter but isn't palatable

baka, does sugar even mask the taste?
Start doing cold showers.

My friends call me polar bear now

they also often leave early because they can't handle the cold water
Swap anime for cyanide

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How would you make him more attractive?
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He should grow a hipster beard and start dressing casually

Have him wear a suit that actually fits.
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Call of Pussy.png
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Reviewbrah alpha photoshop thread go

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>girls in friends circle decide to ask guys out for prom
>Every guy except me and my 5'7 friend was asked out

Feels bad that I look better than some of the guys in the group but because of my height I wasn't asked out
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>never asked out for prom either

Does this mean I'm a manlet too?
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>12 year old cousin can reach the top shelf and you can't
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builled at school
still had gf's and lost v at 15
how did you fuck this up r9k?

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STDs are a natural part of life. You're not going to stress everytime someone catches the cold. Why? because its the accepted norm as should STDs. People having sex is not news.
Filthy roastie detected.
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lol, no kidding. teenage girls are massive sluts with n-counts in the double digits before they turn 18.
>having an STD is just like having a cold

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how the fuck do I stop staying up late? I tell myself I'm gonna fix it every day then I see the clock and its already 2:00 AM
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You're a nigger faggot it's to late for you
I fixed that problem by getting a physically demanding job

Now I go to bed at 8pm and feel like dying literally all the time.
Go to the gym and realize after 2 months that no matter how good your diet or excerise plan is you will never get gains without enough sleep. Oh, and sleep at the same time everyday.

It will fix you right up.

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>Be shy femanon
>Only into thuggish, douchebag white guys

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Look for roblox hackers they'll rape your pussy good

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Is she a femanon?
What do her feet smell like?
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jesus fuck eye makeup is so gross

makeup in general is disgusting. Women walk around like clowns with their faces painted and the closer you get to them the grosser it becomes.
I hate that dumb whore so fucking much. I hope somebody shoots her in the head.
>t. Virgil

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>in game with 6 randoms
>one is a girl
>trash talk her
>the whiteknights jumps to her rescue
>whatever troll the game and move on
>next game the girl and the whiteknight is in premade
i felt terrible anons.
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Do they really win though?
so far its online but what if he meets her and they fuck?
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Well then, shes a roastie.


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post robot anime OST's

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Always thought this was decently robot tier.
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Not really sure what defines "robot" OST's but you're probably closer than the OP. Bebop OST is god mode overall.




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Why do women even keep existing after 25?

This is just painful.
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your mom is wondering the same thing about you OP
holy shit thats fucking sad
Yeah, she's turning into old leather. But she's not 38, she's 44.

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Job interview @ 11
It's 6 a.m. Been up all night.
Hour drive to interview.
Dad's going to leave for work by 7.
Then im gonna jerk it.
This will probably make me fall asleep and miss my interview.
Even if I do make it, I'm going to be braindead from no sleep.
So I best jerk it as soon as dad leaves
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What kind of job is it? Fug
Customer service

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tfw you messed up the private torrent tracker interview lasting over an hour, I get two more trys, why even life

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A reminder.

If you take anti depressants or anti anxiety pills, that makes you weak, subhuman, damaged, somebody to be careful around, and to avoid, in the eyes of normies.
If you get drunk regularly, hard liqueur, etc to get over your mental problems, they see it as if you've been hurt in some way and they feel like they need to cure you.
This applies specially with girls. A girl will respect you more as a man if you drink, than if you take pills.

So if you're ever put before a choice, alcohol vs pills. Chose alcohol. Even if its not as effective as pills.

Oh and another thing. If you've got nothing going in your life, get addicted to alcohol. You need some sort of an identity. Something people can emotionally connect to. And its much better to tell people you're a recovering alcoholic, than having nothing going in your life.
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>advocating alcoholism
Yeah, after a few stints in jail, 3 DUIs, loss of jobs, loss of friends, loss of family, living on the streets and eating out if garbage bins, I'd advise the lads to choose the nothing option.
And look at you now. People admire you for going through that. You've gone through a shitty period in your life, but now you're better. People know you've been in pain. They respect you for it. It gives you character.
Bullshit, I keep that shit real close to my chest. I once bashed a cab driver for not letting me smoke a cigarette. I'm not letting Normies know about that.

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I live in Sweden so we don't have college, the degree you apply for after high school will determine your career.

I'm 18 and so next year I'm going to apply for University and what education I pick will be the biggest decision in my life because it will determine my career for 40 years.

I have good grades (straight A's) so my parents want me to apply for medical school because the pay is good and it's easy to get a job.

The problem though is that I don't really have a burning interest for anything. I like science and philosophy but that's 50+% of all degrees.

I'm becoming very anxious, how do I know what career path is the right one?
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>we don't have college
University is college, it's just a shitty american term

Just b yourself
I find it hard to believe you aren't interested in anything, how boring are you?
They should let you take a bunch of unrelated classes first year?

Take like 8 classes that you could envision yourself interested in taking further and see where you go from there.

What did you like doing in high school?
Pilot. So much fun

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