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Former NEETs of /r9k/, tell me your success stories.
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>be neet
>somehow manage to get a job
>work 40 hours a week
>spend all week wishing for the weekend
>spend all weekend depressed

At least I get to feel a smug sense of superiority over neets though
thank you for your contribution sir
NEETs will never ever make it desu.

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Where would you live in the USA if you could go anywhere, barring stupidly expensive shit like Manhatten or San Francisco? This country seems so similar no matter where you go it's like it doesn't even matter where you live.
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La just cause I hate shoveling and driving in snow
That's like asking what I would eat if I could only eat different varieties of shit
LA is disgusting. Just go to an area with a not-temperate climate.

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how is your /nofap/ & /noporn/ august going guys?

>last time i fapped was in the early morning hours of the 31st july
>so basically day 4 of no fap
>feel horny as fuck, looked at some porn thumbs
>closed tab and put semi erect dick away

staying strong
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last wanked on the 30th. just keep your windows and doors open. feeling fine atm
Failed on day 2, wanked 4 times. Aiming for 3 days next.
7:00 AM, day 5.

I think my libido's been killed. But hey, here's to reaching day 30 lads. You all can do it.

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What the fuck?

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>What the fuck?
What makes them think he was aiming for her tho?
He was actually possessed by the ghost of Eddie Guerrero and took his vengeance on the world with a colossal frog splash

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should i get me a dog lads? i was thinking about geting me one cuddling him and crying saying that hes my only friend

redpill me on having a dog
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>cuddling him
>getting a male dog
>being this cucked
you can fuck it's warm little holes
redpill me on fuckin a female dog

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UH OH.jpg
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I have all the knowledge in the world. I know everything, ask me anything.
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How many spoons are next to me?
None thahaethaeraetagt
When will you die? Original oregano.

Iook at this fucking nigger. just look at him.
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would you just look at that
when I see a nigger like this I like to just look at it
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He literally has a weapon of mass destruction in his pants.
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You're really high right now, aren't you?

Give me one good reason you're not out hiking the Appalachian Trail right now.
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I have work in the morning
I live on the west coast, and I don't have the resources to mail myself packages of food for five months while hiking the PCT.
Ticks. Fuck those things.

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Why are so many robots on this board so happy about being unemployed? GET A JOB YOU FUCKING cucks. God damn. You take pride in leeching off of the system off of hard working people, you call us wagecucks, who do you think you are? You're worthless. You're scum. You're trash. I'm better than you.

I mean seriously, your entire existences are wastes. You sleep all day, get up, indulge yourselves, and then further proceed to DRAIN TAXPAYER MONEY and even the money of your family.

Get a fucking job, now. It's not fair that others have to work so hard while you all get away with being decadent leeches. GET A JOB NOW.
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i don't wanna work at fucking McDonalds as a best case scenario.
Not my fault to job market is fucked nowdays.
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Yea totally! If I Get a job then not only will my life still be pointless but I'll be able to make someone else a lot more richer, successful and happy! I'll finally be able to affors that $2k a month apartment I never wanted but have no choice to live in and let that eat away at 75% of my income! Oh wait, let's not forget taxes. Gotta give thw gubberment a large cut of my paycheck so they can buy a new shiny gold nuke bullet that they will never use! and now I'm left with a few dollars left to spend on some shitty fast food

Fuck off dumb slave

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>use 4chan terminology like chad/betabucks/wagecuck irl
>girls actually find me funny and want to hang out with me
>start speaking about the redpill in public
>guys start befriending me saying how I can relate to everything they experience
>social circle starting to explode
>girls want to date me because of all the guys and other girls who like me

Holy shit idk why this is working with these new friends, but I hope they don't google this shit
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Did you call these girls "roasties" as well?
I used the word cuck once IRL in it's actual context and was made fun of relentlessly by my mate telling me to spend less time on the internet.

We were talking about this girl who's bf asked her to marry him. He is ultra beta, studying astrophysics and I know for a fact she has cheated on him with a drug dealer I know.
I used the term redpill once in a discussion with cyborg friends.
They understood 'reptil' instead of 'redpill'. So they ended joking about reptilians and making fun of me.

Never again

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>browsing the book store
>see this qt
wat do
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this isn't a library cunt, get out the way
fuck with dick
*silently go around*

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is that you mom.jpg
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Do you think your mom masturbates, /r9k/?
If so, how often and what does she think about?
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a lot and she probably thinks about me
That's hot anon tell me more about your relationship with your mom.
No she just has loud sex. I got my PlayStation taken away along time ago for yelling SHUT THE FUCK UP at 2a.m.

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25+ pepe.png
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>"maybe this is the year i pull myself together"
>8 months in
>made little progress
>Halloween is less than 3 months away
>you can feel the seasons changing
>tfw hkv,probably won't lose virginity this year
>right now focusing on my garden
>thinking of planting rows of strawberries
>getting autistic with my diet and compost
>tfw making compost tea and measuring everything i eat
>people at starbucks are getting mad at me for going there collecting the free coffee grounds for my garden
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pence sad.png
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when that cool late summer breeze comes in and caresses your person and you're instantly brought back to a time when you were in your teens. Sure they sucked but you had that glimmer of hope that you'll find the means to get it together since "you're still young" You had more doors open then,than you do now. Most of the doors of opportunity have shut. You realize you can't pull the young card anymore and it's time to get to work and start making things happen now to salvage whatever you can get. you don't have the privilege to relax, your brain won't even let you play video games anymore without it telling you to get off your ass but you're so used to doing jack shit that you stay stagnant because being in the little dirty fishbowl of your room is what you're comfortable with and the big waters outside your glass are too scary. So you sit in a cloud of the same shitty thoughts and consuming the same media you have been consuming since your younger years because it's what you're comfortable with and your "routine" seems impossible to break.
I've had enough. I don't want to see 30.
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>graduated my tech school and ready to start career
>kind of worried I'm starting late but at the same time I should be well established by 30 at this rate which isn't so bad
>can't find job in field for months now
>going to be right back where I started before school working in a shitty warehouse soon because I'm getting too far in debt

Why can't I find a job. I didn't even pick a meme career or degree, I'm a mechanic.

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>so fucking sad I can't even sleep at night

Anyone else?
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I can only get 6 and a half hours of sleep. I can't sleep after that no matter how much i push my self the day prior. I try to lay in bed but once i'm up,that's it
I fear the faces of those lives that stayed in that God damn desert. Not worth the kike degree I got anon. Jew-S-A
This. Shit hurts so bad. I just want to catch up on sleep and not be so fucking deprived but whenever I go all out and go to bed early I always wake up 6-7 hours later, even if I'm still tired.

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Dominant Feelers need not apply.

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Yes, the MBTI is mostly bullshit; just use it as a guide or a form of entertainment.

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If you're not getting a constant Type no matter how many tests you take, you're either bi-polar or don't know yourself well enough to take the test accurately.

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