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femanons, have you ever had boob envy?
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No, I don't care about the size of my female fat sacks.
chestlet detected

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>asymmetrical tits

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>tfw no statens kriminaltekniska anstalt bf
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Leviticus 18:22
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nephren ok.png
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stats taken from: http://desuarchive.org, I know that some threads were lost.
>there are 2943 archived OP's using this exact image and some form of >tfw no bf
>the first archived post number was 18320267, which means there have been 19761120 posts between the first one and this one
>the first archived instance of this posts on the 29th of April 2015 at 03:22:41, meaning there has been 2 years, 2 months, 2 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes and 44 seconds between the original post and this one
>there are 1405632 archived OPs on /r9k/, thus >tfw no bf threads make up approximately 0.209372012% of all OPs
>tfw no harden Kumla boipucci

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>tfw Chad left me
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Happy 30th birthday to you
i'm 26 but thank you
Hahaha chad left you hahaha

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Any Kendrick Lamar fans here?
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bitch sit down
how can i start enjoying rap? do i have to be black?

Happy Canada Day Robot9000
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Here in butt fuck no where canada.
Everyones leaving or still doing coke like highschool.
Im lonely and too poor to leave.
This is where I was born and where I will die.
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Happy fucking canada day boy.
Hope you crack a cold one for me...I know I have not been around.
Just move to southern Ontario.

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Who /eatingdisorder/ here?
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I don't have an eating disorder but I am a /skelly/
>"why are you so skinny"
>"just eat more, its not hard"
>"here i bought you some food"
>"why arent you constantly stuffing your face like the rest of us fat people?"
>"how can you not like fried food??? i looooove fried food"
>"there's not enough meat on your plate"
>"dont bother with vegetables, they're a waste of stomach space"
>"i'm going to make you gain 20lbs while you're here"
>"how much do you weigh??"
>"why arent you eating anything?"
>"how can you not be hungry all the time???"
fuck fat people
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this. Why would I eat a lot of crap, when I have to get out somewhere from my PC?
Even captcha reminds me of that, kek

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Are NEETs really that bad for society? Which would you rather have? A NEET who's given $800/month to afford low-income housing with food/utilties/internet/phone/public transportation, along with basic health care (doctor check up/appointments) who's capable going out and enjoying himself (maybe even volunteering), and living life as a well-composed individual that serves no threat to the public. Or, the same NEET put in minimum wage employment, making roughly the same amount, but requiring hundreds of dollars worth of medication because he can barely function during the job, serving as a liability instead of a contribution, capable of losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to damage from accidents or under performance. That, coupled with the risk of being terminated and winding up homeless (or dead), costing more money just to keep them off the streets. Are people really going to choose the latter for the sake of "working for it", yet it requires doing more work that would not be needed otherwise? People aren't seeing the big picture.
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I need someone to flip my hamburgher
This isn't referring to fast food workers, it's referring to NEETs that show significant difficulty when put in that line of work. NEETs are not the majority, this isn't about the people who are already in those jobs who have no problems keeping employment.
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>he can barely function during the job

yeah let him go hungry for a bit or worse, get his internet cut off and see how quick he shapes up


Prove you aren't boring, i will judge you
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I'm really fucking boring and theres nothing to be done about it :<
Wow you're right what a great observation that I've defiantly never noticed before, thanks Chad
I have a girlfriend, but i did not for a long time.
One way to change this is.. Approach them, find a hobby so you dont seem desperate for having something to do. (and ofcourse look like you care for yourself)
Once i stopped doing nothing and started longboarding and working out i got a girlfriend. Girls dont like it when you have nothing to do/ nobody to talk to except her, it's important to have your own life.
And ofcourse, having a fit body is cool.

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>never really played videogames
>the closest interaction between me and modern gaming is playing Team Fortress 2 for an hour
I missed nothing, right? And watching streams is for little kids, right?
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It sounds like you're bragging for not playing videogames. Think you're 2mature4u?

On another note, I don't play vidya either but I'm sure there are still games that can be fun if you have the personality that allows you immerse yourself. You're not missing out if you do other things with your life and don't even enjoy games.
>It sounds like you're bragging for not playing videogames
I'm both bragging and looking for advice
Maybe drowning in the sea of degeneracy would be a good development in my life
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In terms of having it affect your life positively, no you really didn't miss that much apart from making friends and experiencing the various communities that have existed for different games throughout time.

Sure never playing any of the early halo games on Xbox Live isn't going to affect your chances of getting a job, but you'll never be able to experience that amazing sense of being part of a shitty toxic clusterfuck of a community that everyone loved so much.

You aren't going to make lifelong friends with anyone from your WoW guild and fly out to see two of them getting married.

You're never going to get that immense sense of accomplishment from winning a match for your team by yourself, or the feeling of pride when you and your buddies fucking stomp that shit eating enemy team/boss.

You aren't going to sit around until the sun comes up just shooting the shit with a group of people you barely know talking about anything and everything with no social limitations or restrictions.

It's like if someone went to college and never went out and socialized at all (Assuming they graduated with acceptable scores). Sure never socializing with randoms isn't going to stop you from succeeding in life or getting a job, but you're never going to hang around and make those amazing universal (while at the same time unique) experiences and memories.

You'll never have that instant "in" with a group of people because you never played the games they did, hell any games at all. You miss out on a huge chunk of cultural knowledge that effects your avenues for socializing and making friends. So to answer your question(s), no you didn't miss anything essential and unless an e-sports event is being shown streams are good background noise at best.


If you want evidence as to why you are hated, then here it is.

Take a look at this.

This is who you are. This is what girls with geeky interests are. This is what cosplayers are. This is what "femanons" are.

You have no shame about your past actions. I swear to God I wish your fathers would discover all of your secrets, all of your browser history, all of your past sexual activity and chatlogs, then correctively rape you.

Wouldn't be going out to cons to have threesomes after that would you?
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>3 years ago

I wonder if that bitch has learned anything or whether she's still whoring at cons

Also note the use of le sad anime girl pic. So deep and tragic, sucking all those dicks.
OP is too much of a loser to "claim" a girl for himself, so he lashes out at girls who have been around the dick buffet
You fantasize about rape yet complain about rape culture lol

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Americans actually elected a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot to be leader of the free world.
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Not this shit again....


They could have elected a rock and it would still be better than any other world leader or figurehead
To be fair: most Americans didn't want him. It happened because of general voter apathy, active meddling by means of registration restrictions, gerrymandering and propaganda, and our weird electoral system which was invented for an agrarian society.

None of those factors are new, though, so I think we got what we deserved.

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Have any of you guys engaged in sex tourism or any form of prostitution? Tell us your experiences
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Yep, Swedefag here. Every time I go to Spain, about two-three times a year, I tend to visit a brothel once.

I don't really have much problem getting girls, but when it comes to brothels the plus side is that you are GUARANTEED to fuck a 10/10 since it's just a big smorgasbord where you get to pick and choose whoever you want to fuck.
anyone here ever done happy ending?
What are the charges like in Spain? Like how much for full sex, bj and what not?

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You sit at your computer monitor. You're eyes have been fixed on the glowing screen now for hours, and you're beginning to grow weary. You feel exhausted, despite the fact that you've done nothing all day, and the day before that. You keep checking 4chan and refreshing the page, but the threads are boring and there's nothing new. You'd listen to some music but you're tired of it all and not sure how to get some new stuff. You could watch a movie or read a book but you're really just not in the mood. You check your phone. You quickly scroll through the short contacts list on your phone, realizing you'd never want to have anything to do with any of these people in a million years, not that they would ever text or call you anyway. You return to your monitor, and refresh the page. It's going to be a long night.
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>you're beginning to grow weary. You feel exhausted
If only. I can't even sleep. My mind is racing all day. And it just doesn't stop. I need drugs to sedate me to i can fall asleep.
>You could watch a movie or read a book but you're really just not in the mood
I've watched everything already. Twice. And books are expensive. I'm poor.
>You check your phone.
No i don't. If i get a text or an email, i get a notification. It would be retarded to expect something new without one.
>You quickly scroll through the short contacts list on your phone
Again. I don't. I never contact anybody. I don't need people.

Stop assuming things OP.
I don't understand the point of this post am I supposed to feel something like self disappointment? I chose to be on this website I chose to come hear and respond to these people.
I chose this life
I don't regret a single second of it
And yes I am exhausted but not of this site I'm exhausted of the world around me .
Don't act like you know how I think OP.
Does this style of writing have a name? Is it characteristic of some specific writer?

I can't put my finger us, but I think I've seen or heard it somewhere before.

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>mum is away for the week for work
>didn't buy any food for me to eat since she knew I had money
>only have 70 pounds in NEET bux left until next week
>decide to invest my NEET bux into lottery tickets and scratchers to try and get more money to last longer
>literally lose on every ticket
>no food left in the house except for half a loaf of bread and some out of date biscuits

what can I do? I literally have no money and I am going to starve to death.

thinking about getting a payday loan of like 50 pounds but I will have to repay like 65 and that will wipe out my NEET bux next week and the cycle will continue.
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>decide to gamble
>play lottery tickets and scratchies

Why not at least play something with a decent return on investment nigga
File: 4654645645.png (8KB, 509x619px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the jackpot was like 80 million and I thought it would be a solid investment because if I won I would get a gf and be happy.

don't know why I bought scracthers, the 10 pound ones have like a 4-5 million pound jackpot.

I don't ever gamble but I was kind of desperate to try and make it out of the NEET life.
You could have bought a lot of oats, beans, rice and milk with that money.

Also, my grandfather has been buying lotto tickets his whole life and the most he ever won was a thousand dollars. He probably would have gone through hundreds of tickets before he won that. In short, ya dun goofed, Anon.

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britfeel july 2.jpg
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A gentle reminder that as of 13:00 tomorrow we will be halfway through 2017 edition
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Does anyone have a really early version of the OP image to compare to? I swear it's gotten a hundred times bleaker over time.

Oregano because I posted this last thread just as it ended :(

Also, I do not want to think about this. Not at all.
I found this a couple weeks ago
third for crewe

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