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whats the purpose of 'get a job' if i cant have a qt gf because im a 5'6 ugly manlet
>you need to pay things uhhhh

im not an americuck, my parents didnt kick me out of house and im not a homeless, they will die in 30 years
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Ok then. Glad we got that sorted out.
yea same lets fug
>what's the point of getting a job if no gf
My nigger.

If I support society, by getting taxed, they need to make me VR friends and or advanced robot, rather than my money get gangstered into such high tech stuff going into only the military. But not even free healthcare? No free education? Then fuck you, don't expect us not to be very crooked.

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Why is smoking cigarettes considered bad today but in the 50s literally everywhere had ashtrays and no one was constantly cough shit up and suffocating
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Because back then people had no idea what kind of damage they were doing and I also assume that (((tobacco companies))) weren't putting rat poison in them.
Why is asbestos bad today whrn back then it was used everywhere and no one got mesothelioma?

it's really only dangerous to people who smoke. there's something much much worse about the combination of the two than either alone

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Who's the main villain in your life story?
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>inb4 "myself"
That'd be real original.
I guess I'm nothing if not predictable
dr. octopus desu

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This thread is for 28+ year olds.

We're all too far gone at this point. Extremely close to 30, no longer near the semi-safe range of being 25 with some hope left.

How you holding up?
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>semi-safe range
>hope left
>implying I haven't had sex

kys virgin
25 is still some what safe.

When you're 28+ and closer to 30, you're now at the point where you're pretty much never going to change.

There's still some hope at 25 though. I've known guys who turn things completely around at 25. It's the ones who reach 28-30 who are the ones who end up never changing.

>tfw you're a Christian and during the course of conversation with another Christian it becomes blatant they're an American literalist

What is going on with this borderline fundamentalist anti-science strain of Christianity in America? It baffles me.
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I am Roman Catholic but I am also a professional street nigga
It bother me a lot too, from his birth Christianism never stopped to rethinks herself, particualry in front of science and new discoveries (only a sad par of Renaissance was pretty harsh, when Catholicism was threatened). Because Christianity must promote the truth. Saint Thomas d'Aquin or Pascal were very faithfull people and fantastic man of science as well.
I totally understand that Christianity can be opposed to modernity and "progress", but being opposed to science is just dumb.
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I think most people don't give it too much thought, they just go to church every sunday and listen to what their pastor says. American Christians generally aren't very educated about their faith, even when they think they are.

I really hope I am not one of these people

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>next hour time will freeze

If time freezes, then how can an hour pass
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>I'd also see how it feels to hold hands with a woman

It's warm and a little sweaty. It's always nice when they lift your hand up to their mouth to kiss it.
I would rape, feel like a god
Fuck you

Original oregano oreganous

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I know they aren't all bad but..

For one it seems these days they're mostly all either alt-right neo-nazis/rednecks or liberals, both are racist because (Alt right for obvious reasons) and liberals (Treating minorities like special needs children).

Then you have white/european history which is mostly pillaging, genocide, war, slavery and colonization.
>inb4 hurr durr other races have done that stuff once or twice too1!one!!

The hypocrisy is just overwhelming, they give certain groups shit for being supposedly violent or for "invading" places like britain for example(Which has invaded and colonized 20% of the world btw) when europeans have attempted(And failed several times) to invade other lands throughout the centuries. Their only way of justifying this is by saying "oh they made it better for the people there"(Even though this is blatantly false in most cases except maybe australia). Even if they did, that really doesn't justify anything, it's like beating up a stranger to a bloody pulp and earning $1000 from it, only to give him $20 and keeping the rest for yourself.

Anyway you get the picture or my picture at least i don't hate white people but it's really hard not to especially when some have the audacity to be "nationalist" or "supremacist".

black,brown and yellow bots who whine about not being white or how they hate their own people honestly make me sick in the stomach and i wish i could reach through the screen and slap the shit out of them for being so pathetic.
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I unironically wish I was fully white.
White women are so cummy, they're literally all I go for nowadays

t. black
Nobody fucking cares desu...

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>tfw no thick as fuck mommy gf
Is this truly the worst feeling known to man?
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i feel you m8, i wanna rail a milf so bad.
The general "no mommy gf" is a worse feel.
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Oh man it's been way too long since we had a mommy thread.

What are your biggest mommy fantasies? How would you spend time with her? Would she be more controlling or just generally supportive?

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Do you stalk any roasties online for no particular reason?

I've been stalking this one roastie for over a decade now since I found out about her on MySpace. Not sure why. She's a butterface and maybe 5 years older than me but I've kept stalking her and saving all the lewd pics she would post on social media. She eventually started posting topless and ass pics but I've yet to see her post her pussy. I'm still waiting for that day.
I've never talked to her nor do I ever plan on doing so. It's weird. It's like I'm collecting pokemon cards. Every day I check her profiles about 3 times for new pics/vids to save.
Pic related.
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yeah there are a few I "look after". one of them looks a LOT like the one in your picture, shes a titcow white girl. shes a friend of a friend i met one time and talked to for like twenty seconds. i like to keep tabs
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whats her name? maybe its her :^) does it start with an St?
nah I can see by her face that it's not her. my chick's hairline is lower than the one in your pic

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General chatting thread, dwindling self-worth edition.

Hey /r9k/, resident normie here. If you have something on your mind or anything you'd like to talk about, please come post it here. I can't promise I'll offer any meaningful advice, but I'd be very happy to talk through whatever you guys wanna talk about(:

>inb4 normie get off my board reeeeeeeee
>inb4 OP can't inb4
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Remember totype sage in the option field guys. Also OP you should really stop. This place means alot to people and when you fags try to ruin it by "helping" us it makes me want to kms
I'm not trying to help right now, I honestly just want to have a conversation right now - I want someone to talk to me and bounce whatever's on their mind off me, and for me to do the same(:
Ok I'll shoot. Why would you describe yourself as a normie? What puts you in a position above me or anyone else on this board?

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Staci Ree.jpg
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>degenerate staci with drugs and booze, resists arrest then claims to be sexually assaulted hahaha
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"I don't really give a fuck and my excuse is that i'm young"

I guess maybe now she won't use that excuse bwhahaha
hahaha people say girls arn't funny
>someone is having harmless fun
>cops come to fuck everything up
Fuck you OP stuff like this makes me rage.

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Any of you virgins get the chance to inadvertently see tits/ass/puss in person whether through dumb luck or happenstance or right place/right itme? I have a few i'll share if you share. Bonus points if you still fap to the memory
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>be kid
>with my friend Austin on his dad's yacht
>his dad invites a girl he's dating
>she's a teacher
>later on in the day we go on his speed boat
>she's a bikini
>start staring at her boobs
>her tits come out of her bikini
>she doesn't even bother to fix it
>her tits are out the whole time till we get back to the dock
still fap to it sometimes m8
Maybe you're just telekenetic?
Well it was pretty bumpy so I think that's why :)

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Is Dungeons and Dragons for Normies?
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My group consists of a recovering heroin addict, an actual autist, a necrophiliac, a NEET who profesionally writes anime reviews, and a robot.

Maybe we're all normies because we can make our combined turbo autism work, but I don't know. You tell me.

Now why would you ask that?
Maybe they're weird in eyes of true normie scum, but in comparison with typical robot they're more normal.

Another Friday night out getting smashed with the lads edition
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I just played a game of Yu-Gi-Oh against myself. I think I'm finally losing it lads.
did ya win lad
That's pretty funny about the farts
Only ever owned one pet. That's why I'm apprehensive about having a pet bird, I know they need a lot of attention and my last pet was a cat

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Robots with jobs, what is your occupation?
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Occupation: retail
Desired job: a job that requires little customer interaction
Sous chef at mcdonalds
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i do research in geospatial software development

a prof also asked if i wanted to take on a contract updating his boring as shit website. i guess i'll do it since i need the extra cashola

still better than my last gig where i was basically just a technician for a company doing environmental assessments for pipelines in canada. but that sucked. everything you hear about oil companies is true. they are fucking pieces of shit that know they are wrecking the environment and they literally do not care. they fucking laugh about it.

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