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What are you studying?

>tfw my Japanese will always be Ken Sama tier
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>learning Japanese on duolingo so he can watch undubbed anime is "studying"
Everything about /r9K/ is so second rate.
CompSci, so algorithms and math.

I thought it would be programming and computers. Oops.
I'm improving some search functions of Google Scholar.

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Waiting on STD results and probably gonna kill myself (and thought about killing someone else, but wouldn't) if positive

2014 - 2015
>Have sex with a feminist chick, unprotected, but always use plan B
>Later learn she identifies as a "slut," in part because she freely fucks who she wants
>Get tested in 2015 - all clear, thank heavens

>Sexless until this point when I have sex with a different chick, using a condom both times
>Find out she has herpes, and feel relieved I used condoms, yet anxious
>Near certain scrotum touched her genital area during sex
>Weeks later got tested for a host of STDs yesterday morning, results to be delivered in less than 36 hours from now

Pretty sure I'm gonna kill myself if I'm positive. And, even though I take responsibility for having sex and wouldn't do the following, I feel like taking her with me if so. What would you do?
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Clean yourself after you have sex and this shit will literally be a non-issue.
I always do, after asking if the person minds, even though I worry it's insulting to the girl.

I also don't believe that cleaning has much of an effect though, if any. I want you to be right.
>fucks slut
>is surprised to get infected
I wish herpes would mix with a deadly virus so all normies would get removed. Can you imagine, all promiscuous degens dead within a few years.

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my gf wants us to have sex for the first time in our relationship

the problem is, i have a legit micropenis, and she doesn't know

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Use your hands, toys, and mouth to pleasure her.
By micro, how micro we talking here?
you into pegging?

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Hey guys, I'm writing a screenplay based on the robot experience. Help inspire me by sharing some embarassing/ funny high school stories here.
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pls dont not include the time when the whole class got into a fight because Stacy invited everyone to her bday party but me and how she was forced to invite me while I was hidden in the bathroom to avoid the shame
masturbate too much
go to a birthday party with dj
dancing with one girl
she asks me if I want to go somewhere
we go to my car
we're making out and she goes for my pants
my dick is all chafed and peeling
so I flip around and pull down her pants and eat her out
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>be me
>9/10 qt3.14 down the street at friends house
>hot day
>playing kickball
>friend kinda chubby takes shirt off
>autism kicks in
>"yeah its kind of hot"
>be chubby myself (about 25lbs over weight but bigger and stronger than him)
>take shirt off infront of them
>they point and laugh
>put shirt back on
>have not talked to them since
> i pass both of their houses everyday walking my dog
>speed up and turn my head
>walk down another street if they are home

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>practice gf keeps trying to finger my asshole
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>practice gf wants to be seen together in public
>tfw black practice gf

I'm embarrassed that I had to start at the bottom of the barrel
>practice gf doesnt want to do anything sexual until marriage

dumped on the spot, how am i supposed to practice then you dumb roasty?

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Post yours, rate others

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David (0/10)

ilija (as in Elijah, Eliyyahu)

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/r9k/ has hit its lowest point in history, it has become completely flooded with /b/tard tier normalfags, while simultaneously containing some of the most obnoxiously depressed losers on Earth. I imagine that the average IQ of the board has dropped almost an entire standard deviation as a result of this, and yes I am being serious. People that lie in the Goldilocks zone are almost nowhere to be found, just those of one of two extremes. I've also noticed that only 25% of posts actually use grammar and punctuation. Most posts aren't any longer than one or two sentences either. Between these two groups of people, Having an intelligent exchange of ideas is almost impossible now. Just where the fuck is there to go to have anonymous "off topic" chats with chan-esque people? 8ch boards and all of the other chans are dead, and I'm having no luck finding anywhere else. Where can I go? Do I really have to go to /int/ or fucking /pol/? Do any of you know? There has to be some secret, I'm asking everyone I can (every site that is) because I can't take it anymore.
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> Having an intelligent exchange of ideas is almost impossible now.
It's entirely possible, just head over to /s4s/.
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le millenom girl.jpg
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le millen0m girl
The problem is, >>37410931, that you probably are not seeing all the posts. If you are just viewing [s4s] through the /s4s/ board, you don't see the green posts, the posts with letters in their ids, or anything numberless. Together, those make up about 40-70 percent of [s4s], depending on the day. So conversation will appear disjointed and spastic, because you won't be getting the full picture.

I actually just flipped over to the /s4s/ interface to make this post, and it's pretty funny how unintelligible [s4s] is like this.

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Anon why arent you a national trotskyist yet?

Its literally the robot's ideology

>autism approved
>leftist so it still allows autismbux
>you get free gf
>hates niggers and jews
>shits on liberals
>shits on libertarians
>shits on marxists-leninists
>shits on ''fascists''
>ideology made by pure white community
>is at war with nazbol gang
>feasible unlike commies
>impenetrable arguments
>hates normans
>created fidgets spinners as propaganda


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wtf i am a National Trotskyist now.
ive become truly redpilled,thank you anon
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Douglas MacArthur.jpg
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is douglas macarthur /nattrot/?

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Which one of them would you rather be?
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How come the one dude is moaning but his benis isn't hard
Always the one receiving the dick. The only exception is /ss/
>Which one of them would you rather be? right obviously

I wish I was able to prostate orgasm

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My my, is it that time again already? Wagies will defend not having beautiful hair.
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Is that the Dylan Roof haircut?
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I have a hospital job and pic related, i'm an intern
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>NEETS claim to have beautiful hair but never go outside to show anyone

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>Niece is visiting
How am I supposed to deal with this?
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Well, rule number 1, don't fuck her
Fap before she comes over. It makes it easier.

t. pedofag
be nice to her

sumtin original

>"it's another Anon is starved of human contact but has no friends and the people he does talk to quickly stop responding" episode
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Fuck. The people he talks to online. I can't even make a fucking thread.
>"it's another Anon should apply for a job but avoids it for weeks" episode
>"it's another normie thinks he's starved of human contact but he's just not the center of attention for a moment" episode

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bichos num pau.jpg
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My dick after fucking a modern woman.
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necrophilia is bad
So do you only fuck medieval or prehistoric women to avoid it?
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not op but theres nothing wrong with necrophilia

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Do you read? How many books have you read? What are you reading now?
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I've put off reading this semester to focus more on studies, of course the result is that i just read less in total, not more of the syllabus

Anyways, when i finish my last exam i'll read Manufacturing Consent, not sure what i'll read after that, though
I listen to audio books.
With all this nonsense that you go through. You should read The Silent Cry by Kenzaburo Oe.
After that you can go an hero.

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I'm feeling a craving for Chinese food but the store doesn't have any boiled water.
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Ice water boils the fastest, so get a pan of ice water and wait for it to boil.
you put it in the boiling machine
>put water in pan
>put pan on burner
>plug burner into electric outlet
>turn burner up to high
>wait for a while until water is boiling

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