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Say something nice about Canada, RIGHT NOW.
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You canadians are cucks
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I met a cool girl from there once, but she was a roastie degenerate. Even so, I wish I could have had her as my gf. Oh well.
Once the US gets into war with North Korea, it'll be a whole entire week before we follow suit.

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>average /r9k/ user is an upper middle class, university educated, white collar professional, most likely married with children
>meanwhile I'm a single loser and can't get a job

I feel like I don't deserve to post here among you fine people.
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It's okay, we don't judge, we are welcoming. I'm even a bit of an oddball since I'm not married, only have a gf.
Wow, I thought I was the only one!
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>lower middle class
>working on masters
>kissless virgin
>gave up on plans for having a family
>also can't get a job

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I can hear dad raping my sister right now
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are you for real opie
Is this a common occurrence?

If not, better join in before you miss the chance.
>being a beta
welp you're on 4chan using epic meme reaction photos what else is there to expect.

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Does anyone else use Tinder just to screencap the worst profiles you can find?

Share your atrocities ITT.
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just absolutely cucked.
He's not even that bad looking relative to her. Girls are fucking psychopaths.
>not 27 years old
What did she mean by this?

Also is it bad that your pic actually cheered me up OP? Usually the single moms are wearing revealing clothing and have black kids. This woman is dressed modestly and has a white kid, she looks like she has it together.

Wow, how far have we fallen desu

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Husky boys do not feel bad. Some of us love you! Does anyone else like big boys?

My boyfriend is a big squishy bear and I love him. He is 5'11" and around 250-260lbs. Right now he's visiting his mom and my bed feels very empty and cold.
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Is this a real thing? I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. and I consider myself fat and beyond the point of no return. Your bf is a manlet and a land whale, what got you into him?
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rally fal.jpg
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I only need the warm embrace of Japanese cartoons
This might be hard for you to understand but personality matters, or he's rich.

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What would be your initial impression be of a white 18yo male listening to so far come- drake while driving this?
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Disappointment and disgust.
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:wow, what a try-hard fag lmao" -internal monologue upon seeing this
unironically would think "lel fuccboii" and then carry on my marry way if I even gave thought about it there are plenty of armenian fuccboiis and other mudshits who drive that car

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i made this thread to laugh at you
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This thread is what all true shitposters strive for.
no doubt op is giving oral pleasure to several men as we speak
Muh boy!

>there are people in 2017 who genuinely believe that god is real

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>there are people in 2017 who genuinely dismiss an infinitely dense behavioral record containing the accumulated wisdom of 10,000+ years of human history because they can't comprehend the complex and nuanced metaphors required to accomplish such a feat, so their cognitive dissonance chalks the entire phenomenon up into "lol theres no sky daddy im so smart ;)"

Christ frowns upon you. It's not too late to make Him smile.
I can't speak to every deity, but God/Adonai/Allah/Yahweh is definitely not real.
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I want to believe oregona

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please respond with an original comment in my thread
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gag on cock
I'm glad you feel the same way.
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Conald Eugene Petersen is Herking for both You and Me , Friend

let us Pete in the Name of Gene


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>tfw addicted to 4chan
I wish I never found this place
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Im in the same boat as you anon i hate this place with all my black shrivled up heart, this place has brought me nothing but disdain for the modern world, and made me realise the west will colapse by the end of mv lifetime and there is nothing that can be done, helping will simply prolong our suffering and demise. yet for some odd reason my addiction for eternal knowledge draws me in ever closer to the abyss, and each time I turn the monitor off and go to sleep I feel as if more of my life force has been sucked out my body and replaced with ever more foreboding in an incessant downward spiral towards the cold dephts of obblivion.
same, my original comrade.
But despite all this melancholy and my constantly bleak out look in regards to life, i have learned through reading many great works of philosophy and contemplating ideas of spirituality that all but one thing remains, the single thing most important thing imbedded within any man that lasts beyond the grave and seeps into the fabric of reality despite the enemies at the gate and even the ashes of everything on the floor.

And that is the eternal aspect of a man's honour this metalphysical embodient can never be stifled or forgotten no matter how hard they try a man's honour is something that goes beyond reality and deep into the realm of stactic conciousnes a place where countless mens convictions and sacrfices go to and will never be forgotten.

And thats how I carry on with my days despite all odds, by clinging to this notion of honor and the hope that one day i will be called upon to volunteer for something that i truly belive in and will be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for.

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Who here /big mac/

Why is it so fucking good?
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>Why is it so fucking good?
Because you're a fat fuck.
I fucking love trashy burgers

they are so good
doubles or die

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This happened to me today

>work at Taco Bell to get through university
>working drive through
>super cute and sweet redhead comes up
>we make nervous glances at each other while we wait for her food to be prepared
>when i give her her food, i say
>"You're really beautiful, so make sure to come back so i can see you again"
>she blushes and stammers a thank you and an okay
>i almost feel chad then realize my headset was still on and all my coworkers and the next person in line heard me
>quietly excuse myself to the restroom
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Nah homie that isn't a "Chad" moment.

That's a "just being confident/just being yourself" moment. Do it over and over again and you'll say goodbye to your virginity eventually.
You're adorable lad

these posts are both correct

>he doesn't browse 4chan in Catalog mode
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Only if im skimming through, or looking for a specific thread.
Idk ive just always browsed normally, its comfy for me.
I've been using an external catalogue since before moot made his, but I browse reddit9k in pages.
How else I'm going to reach page 10 and be free?

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ideal gf thread
sorry if I stole someone's gf to post
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wtf I love this gf. Give her to me right now
I can never think of what she would say because my only interactions with girls are online messages.
It's really fun to read this but women (and men) both will feed you bullshit, You really can't trust any thing any one says because the second they think they find some one better, all those positive remarks and compliments turn into silence
Every one abandons you for the next step because nobody is perfect and the longer some one knows you, the more faults they won't overlook

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How badly do you want a gf?
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Knight Weeaboo.jpg
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not bad enough
im willing to end my life because of how much i want 1, but not willing to live on through the pain to get 1
File: IMG_2823.jpg (325KB, 595x842px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yea, just someone to watch anime with and exercise would be cool. Obviously someone who hasn't banged a bajillion dudes too. All girls I meet have had 10+ partners.
I don't even care anymore
Roasties are gonna be a waste of time,money and energy.
Fuck that

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