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How can betas ever compete?
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That's not a Chad. His body is not cute and his face is a jawlet.
Mexicans are not Chads ever. Not even their celebs.
Chad is 45% looks, 55% personality

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Let's get a /thatkid/ thread going robots. I'll begin

>that kid who was afraid to have sex with his girlfriend because he knew she had an STD, but couldnt break up with her because she'd kill herself
>that kid who wrote EWITZ on the walls during graduation
>that kid who played with a yo-yo and went into competitions for it
>that horribly obese girl that wore her jacket half open so you could see her horrible tits and rolls
>that kid who was obsessed with ants and captured then when there was an infestation
>that weeaboo who only did anything if it was related to anime or manga.
>that stereotypical redneck kid who got into a heated argument with a liberal teacher over his confederate flag vest
>that kid who drew a penis on the hood of a teachers car
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>that kid who fucking killed himself
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>that kid who made fap-hands and put them on his forehead like he was holding invisible horns, then proceeded to unironically tell everyone he was the devil in (((devil voice)))
>that kid who had her first period in health class and left a menstrul stain on the desk during a group project
>that down syndrome janitor everyone called the oompaloompa that had to waddle in and clean it up with the mop bucket rag
>that redneck that tried to jump the bonfire while shitty drunk and ended up falling into it, unable to roll out because stuck in between burning pallets, causing the whole school to be forced into listening to a classic "alcohol is bad mmkay" assembly
my schools were fucked.
>That kid who acted like a big shot just because he went to /b/ in 2007
>That kid who shot the school up
>That kid who started blaring anime music from his headphones, almost always when they cried
>That kid who still watched cartoons
>That kid who shat her pants during an assembly
>That kid who went missing and was never found
>That Chad who was gay and lost all his friends when he came out
>Tfw you tripped the faggot who for years tripped you and he just started crying a damn storm

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Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character ?
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Maiden in Black comes to mind.

Demon souls is a very comfy game.
She has a smile worth protecting
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No, I'm only into anime characters.

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How would you react and what would you do if you went through a friend's (who doesn't seem to be a weirdo at aII and is well-adjusted) computer and found a folder containing thousands of non-nude and non-lewd innocent pictures of little girls in a folder titled "Cute little girls" inside a folder titled "Cuteness" which also contains another folder titled "Cute little animals" with thousands of non-sexual pictures of small animals (mostly puppies)?

What if these two folders (cute girls & cute animals) were in the "Inspiration" section of an "Art" folder which itself also contains many well-organized folders with thousands of paintings, drawings, sketches and sculptures?

What if there's also another folder in the "Inspiration" one titled "Beauty" which contains nearly 20 gigs of pictures of 18+ women and that, though countless are nude and erotic, not even a single one (picture) shows a man/cock/penetration?

What would you be thinking exactly in your head? What if you suspect whatever you may suspect but find absolutely nothing compromising? Would you pretend you didn't go through his computer or tell/ask him something?
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Please don't forget to answer the last paragraph's questions.
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Please stop posting this

I won't stop until I get enough answers to my questions.

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>tfw you're with Chad and your beta orbiter rings just to say hello

Any other fembots know this feel?
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>tfw I am that beta orbiter that calls

*monitors this thread closely*
Why would this interest you. Don't you think your oneitis would be happy feeling a sticky load from me that she puts off taking a bath to just enjoy the feel for a while?

*isnt here, only monitoring*

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Two corporations have put out Help Wanted ads. Aside from the information below, the two companies' offers are exactly the same. From a purely financial standpoint, which one should you work for?

>Company A will pay you $100,000 a year and give you a $20,000 raise yearly.

>Company B will pay you $50,000 every six months and give you a $5,000 raise every six months.
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Company A of course. 120k vs 110k a year.
This is a completely retarded question

lame bait

abort thread

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Why would a woman want your little dick when she can have this?
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I didn't even ask~
I mean i can understand women wanting to fuck nigs but for some reason i find black dicks disgusting, it's like a huge turd
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>his inner thigh
dear lord

I give her a 1/10 lol
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ugly 1
ugly but she will still marry
ugly 2

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Would there be an uprising that would fail faster than the Beta Uprising?
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A beta uprising would be successful. You see what happens when women protest they just strip down and screech and cry like children who want candy and they're usually successful.

Imagine what men could do.
Also theres a big difference in and violent and non-violent uprising.
literally all revolutions have been carried out by beta manlets

even ISIS is basically beta

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how can i gain more girth? my cock is 7.5x4.7 and it's so shit having a pencil dick

penis length is the only thing i can ever be proud of in my whole life so i'm pretty motivated to get my penis better
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Um you got a pimple

you can legit use the bathmate for girth, i used it for 10months, two times per day starting at like 15minutes per session and pretty low pressure and slowly building up to 30-40minutes per session and full pressure after a couple of months. i increased about 0.5inches after 10months so the process is slow as fuck. and for people doubting i haven't used it for over a year and my girth is still the same.

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please tell me you guys are actually miserable irl too and not chads roleplaying as faggot online

i will literally kms if its not true
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I am actually miserable irl
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yeah i am for the most part

i can't stop crushing on boys online and creates too much pain
Same I hate boys desu

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My waifu could kick your waifu's ass.

And she practices in the nude.
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saeko or whatever her name was is worst girl.
my waifu is cuter and stronger than your waifu!
and shes pure
No, she can't. My waifu would destroy her with no effort.

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Is it safe to say you'll never hit rock bottom like this?
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Chris doesn't have a rock bottom
He's not afraid of just getting out there and having fun.

I wish I could do that.
It can get worse, its why most of us avert our eyes how.

>got a job a month ago
>finally ready to escape neetdom
>fired today because the years of isolation really fucked my social skills
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How did you get fired for bad social skills?

If you were insufferable you wouldn't have made it past the interview.
put this shit in /r9k/ right now
ok hitlel

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We can always make another one Edition.
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h-hey guys malebot here :D
If dubs, femanons start /uprising/ together

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