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>jacked off to fag shit again
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link it my dude wanna see your taste
I've stopped stopping myself.

I've just embraced it, I'm closet bisexual.

honestly it really helps me cope with being a loser, I can't get a gf so it's only natural I should be pounded mercilessly.
I know that feel bro. Why do I fap to it then feel sick?

What causes women to get hard nipples?

I really like hard nipples.
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Arousal. So don't count on it happening when you're around.
Hardest ever-
Fear and cold weather, this makes them so hard that the sensation is incredibly painful, as if the nipple is being pinched mercilessly by an unseen hand.
found the weirdo

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hard drive.jpg
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what's the creepiest thing on your hard drive?
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you tell me bro.

i'm just a small guy.
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I'm not gonna go into why this is creepy but it is
Diagrams of illegal hexing moondials.

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are there still threads where anons post their steams looking for friends ? If not we should start one !
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>are there still threads where anons post their steams looking for friends ? If not we should start one !
Why Steam specifically? Does the UI have benefits over say Discord or whatever? Do ppl actually play video games? What video games are there to play for an ultra poor/jewfag such as myself? Only multiplayers I have are 100% OJ and Tree of Savior which I don't play anymore.

They appear from time to time, OP. Cute GIF.

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I skipped them all except the first one. Who cares, they're already dead? It's not like I want to see any aunts or uncles.
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You owe your very existence to them.
Show a little gratitude & respect.

People who skip their grandparents funerals will be held in lower regard than the fellow in your picture.
This. FPBP.
Youre probably an American
It doesn't matter, it's just a normie ritual. Expect to catch flack for not abiding by it like any other normie ritual though.

>tfw I will never live in a cozy natural lit appartment with a cutie in a comfy city

feels bad senpaitachi
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>enjoys the sun
God, anon you're fucking gross
No privacy . Would be uncomfortable. Not good.
natural lit is so fucking shit you have no idea. When I was a kid my mom decided half the house should be a fucking solarium and it's caused no end of grief. big ass blinds for privacy is all well and good but for every extra inch of window you're losing control of room temperature or paying that much more each month to keep the place bearable.we invented better and better roofs for a reason.

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>walk around the house with a clenched fist when night in case burglars or demons are out
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plan entire conversations before talking to someone , just so they start talking about something you didn't plan and you don't know what to respond
You can't make a fist in a split second in case you need to punch someone? You should be walking around with a gun, knife, or at least a blunt object.
>hold imaginary conversations with people compulsively whenever alone
>pick my nose and eat the boogers
>daydream always
>have pants with a hole in the pocket because my anxiety makes me think I pissed myself constantly (and once at a bar I did but the pants are black so nobody noticed)

I'm so close to being a chad but I'm retarded someone help me

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Tuesday night /drinking/

What are my fellow robots up to tonight?
What are you drinking?
Are you having a damn good time?
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It's only Tuesday night? Fuck this week is going slow.
I had some bourbon before but I drank more than usual the last few nights so I wanna take it easy tonight.
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Ya bud this week is slow as fuck.
Personally I blame the loongweekend we had and a lack of being fucked up enough to enjoy myself.

What kinda bourbon you drinking?
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Drinking myself to sleep to escape the crushing sense of loneliness and failure that permiate every second of my life per usual. Whiskey and orange juice is my poison of choice. I'm not having fun but feeling numb is better than anything I feel while sober so fuck it, drink every day.

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download (2).jpg
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Robots, this is it. I'm hopeful that tonight I finally have sex. So here's the breakdown
>college friend keeps hitting me up
>she's a 7/10 whore
>with a friend right now, stoned like a gravel road
>he says it's possible bang her
>she's coming over to friends house right now as I type
>approx. 5 minutes till she gets here

The plan is we smoke with her, get her high, then make the move.

If I bang her I will post pics so help me pls
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LOL SHE'S trying to bang your friend bro
This thread has a lot of pins you better deliver OP
Me thinks this needs a bumperino

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> Be me
> 32 year old man child.
> Just finished a sweet Overwatch sesh.
> Finally back in masters.
> Feelsgoodman.jpg
> Need to take a break and refuel.
> Craving that sweet Taco Bell boxed lunch.
> Throw some clothes on and drive on over like a pro.
> Kick down the door like a fucking Overwatch Masters would.
> Quickly take a look around and survey the situation.
> Fat normies to the right; short line on the left.
> 'miring my pro peripheral vison.
> Get in the line and see female cashier.
> Rate 6/10. My confidence grows.
> Still have to rehearse what I am going to order in my head.
> Finally get up to the front of the line.
> "Hi, what can I get you?"
> Quickly look down to avoid eye contact.
> "Can I get the $5 chalua-loopa box?"
> The fuck did I just say 'chalua-loopa'?
> Confidence quickly wanes as I just went off script.
> Nervously check to the left and right to make sure no one heard me say 'chalula-loopa' box.
> "And what would you like to drink?"
> "Uh, Pepsi please."
> The drink of those in Masters, after all.
> "Sure. Total is $5.49. I will get your drink."
> "mmkay."
> Grab drink and receipt and sit down to wait for my food.
> See across the way a group of teenagers with pimples all over their faces. Ha, losers.
> Proceed to sip my drink and spill a bit all down my shirt.
> Teenagers witness it and proceed to laugh at me.
> Whatever. They're probably in low platinum anyhow.
> Hold the cup in front of me to hide the stain.
> My number is called. Time to get some of that sauce.
> Proceed to grab some of that Diablo sauce cause I know it is the best.
> Fumble and drop a few packets on the floor.
> niggletreflexes.swf
> 6/10 watches me bend over and get them. Probably the best view she had all day.
> Grab my box of tacos and decide to roll out.
> Get in the car, back up, and proceed to reverse over the curb.
> The fuck where did that curb come from?
> It's ok as I am buying a new car soon anyhow.
> Get home and load up Overwatch and promptly de-rank.

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Thats what yu get for playing a normie game like ow
Interesting. Yeah you probably deserved that mess up.
HOly shit are you me? I do this retarded shit every single time I go outside. I can't help it

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Anyone here have mommy gf?

tell me your story and how you met.. and how much you love mommy
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zambz I know it's you. stop making these fucking threads
kek havn't heard that name in about a year
>tfw will never be a cute baby boy to a loving mommy gf

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Why does an extroverted ugly guy have more chances to get laid than a shy good looking guy?

Aren't women supposed to care about looks?
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Women do care, and they are attentive to the shy guy when he's out and about. It's just that the shy guy may not have a high enough social status, or he is just too autistic.

They also know how to use an ugly extrovert, which is why they do.
>Why does an extroverted ugly guy have more chances to get laid than a shy good looking guy?
this just isn't true. Attractive guys get laid, always. You're just deluded about your looks
Women don't care about looks as much as men do. The only people who disagree are feminists and egalitarian cucks.

Shyness is a gay as fuck personality trait in a man. Shy and weak men died VERY often in prehistory.

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>"Just be confident bro, works for me"

Yes indeed, yes indeed
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sure does.
these fucks need to stop making excuses back by 4chan science
Hahahahah holy shit that hairline

>Hand tattoo

Hope he can deal with her bipolar freakouts

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I miss the early 2000's Internet guys and I can't get over it.

>the shitty band fansites
>MMORPG's were actually fun
>Early YouTube was full of amateur video uploads and not full of roastie whores looking for attention
>forums and IRC's were close-nit communities who welcomed anyone who stumbled across their little site.
>you actually made friends with people online and could take the time to have nice e-mail convo's with them
>early 4Chan memories of /b/ shenanigans and reminiscing of the time you were actually in the thread

I know much of this is just nostalgia because back when I was younger I had a life ahead of me and didn't think I would end up a 25 year old NEET but still I can't get those feels out of me.
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Early youtube was shit desu just look at videos from 2006 they were really bad. I agree that the internet felt more special when each website had its own culture though. Now everything is connected and it feels like an homogeneous mess
File: see.png (102KB, 444x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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was the internet like Serial Experiments Lain back then or no
File: 1299670417010.png (4KB, 205x246px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Your old pal's from the 2004-2009 era are now all 27-33-year-olds and have actual lifes

File: 4chan tan BG.jpg (17KB, 1360x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4chan tan BG.jpg
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ITT: Awkward as fuck moments.
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>waiting for him to finish his coffee
Longest 500 years of my life.
really love that picture lad
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Rethinking life.png
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...I'm just getting thread ideas from thread simulator videos on youtube

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