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Sup /r9k/ Ausfag here Im having trouble waking up every morning. im in year 12 and struggleing to keep my attendance up. I stayed a estimated 34 days this year and Im going to get kicked out if I continue
No matter what I do I cannot get up on time
pls halp
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What are you doing the night before?
either trying fall asleep or on my phone trying to fall asleep
around 10-11ish
I tried 9pm but I can not sleep
Get something to help you sleep. Like melatonin.
9 or 10 is pretty early for me desu. I would shoot for being in bed by 11/11:30.
Also being on your phone before sleeping makes it worse.
Maybe have a little coffee

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trips will tell us the esoteric meaning of covfefe
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He meant to say "coverage"
The original benis
No trips so you are wrong

Indians are easily among the most disgusting, repulsive creatures on this planet. I wonder why the British didn't exterminate them and do the world a favor when they had the chance. They shit everywhere, on streets, in rivers, on their rape victims' bodies; even the shitty code they write smells of shit. The Brits tried so hard to teach them how to use the loo, but they have still refused to learn until this day. India is also the rape capital of the world. Rape is so common in India, even niggers rape less than Indians do. And yet we allow these subhumans into the USA and let them take our jobs and slowly ruin the IT industry. We let them in so they can shit on American streets and rape White women. How can we stop these shitskins from ruining our country?
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>tfw no daddy
I just want a big mature man to completely overpower me tbdesu
>tfw no daddy to cum inside me
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Lately I've wanted to be naked around my house. Anyone else has had this feel?

Have you try it? Is it as comfy as I think it could be?
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Not as comfy as you think

A lot of material will feel weird and you get cold real quick
Ya op
i walk around a lake near my house barefoot
it feels nice
i live w my parents tho so house nakey is a no go
Really not that comfy. It's nice at first, but it just gets really uncomfortable after a while.
The nicest part of it was knowing I can, the worst part was actually doing it.

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>ready for our date, anon?
>I was thinking heart attack grill
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If have to use a floor jack to explore that cave
that's too much!
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Sure thing babe, let me call to reserve a table! (The sooner this thing kills over from eating like a pig all the time the sooner I may know relief from this misery)

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How do I join a gang?
I want friends money and weed
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You could join mine if you want
join,,, the only REAL gang,,, naTROT GANG
Just remember, blood in, blood out.

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So is being alt-right not cool anymore? (As far as on this website)
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who gives a giuseppe about politics?
Wtf am I looking at
Original comment
Fucking kill yourself, if you didn't get that the Alt-Right was a meme by some /pol/acks get off my fucking board.

/pol/ and /r9k/ have always been contrarian you autist

>mfw our society is literally beginning to fall apart

we never stood a chance it was only a matter of time
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I'm glad. Wish it'd come sooner though. Either this will lead to a next step of evolution through ultimate destruction, wether it be becoming machines or continuing our biology, or it's the end of our line. We are unfit to even govern ourselves, we don't have the capabilities for so many of us to try to thrive. In the end, we're just animals like the others on this planet. We're just a part of the universe trying to organize and understand itself, and it's gotta move on or improve eventually
You're glad there will be no more internet and anime ???

You are garbage.

I didn't see you trying to save society.
It's pretty fun watching it burn down. I legit have an ipod with the only song on it being ''where is my mind'' in case a terrorist attack or nuke goes out near where I live so I can watch in awe as death approaches.

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*blocks your path*
>"Hold up anon! Your not going anywhere until this ass is on your face! Pants off and lay down!"
What do you do?
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I undo my own belt and hang myself from a doorframe
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Shes fuckin fat as hell so probably laugh and wait until she tires out from standing so I can leave
touch these tits and then bounce while she pants and pants to keep me in the room with her

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*deletes every Ed episode*
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Water you talking about mane? Ed a best
*represses underlying pedophilia*
I can understand being attracted to one of the girls in Persona 5 or something. If you're attracted to Ed, you have legit mental problems.

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Yanking this thing for a while now. Not sure where to spill my juices.
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Right in my mouth pls
Looks tasty...
>too intelligent to have a foreskin
Hey your dick matches your body.

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>you lose 100-150 calories per masturbation session
>if you masturbate 30 times a day, you'd lose a pound worth of calories

challenge accepted
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>you lose 100-150 calories per masturbation session
[citation needed]
Is that why I can't gain weight?
i've gained weight during nofap for sure, but I'm also eating more snacks. dopamine is a harsh mistress

Have qt grill I've known forever, used to work together at animal shelter I ran the kennel for. We text a lot, but just text, usually one send pic of a pet doing something cute.
Haven't heard from her in a few days. Feel lonely because my texty gf hasn't talked to me. Send pic related.
That's too aspie, isn't it? She usually replies within minutes, if not seconds. Still,no reply to that....

How do I stop being like this.
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I was actually expecting something seriously spergy
You're cute OP
You're fine op
don't over think it. the text is fine
dont blue pill him

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Who the fuck is this girl, and why am I seeing her picture everywhere?
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this is nosebleed-chan the most elusive of r9k fembots





maybe it's because they get to live out their fantasy of being some teenage girl but they need to take that shit to a roleplay chatroom.


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Spit a verse, /r9k/.
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I hope they find your body on the 13th of may dumped in a river by gary ridgeway

I want green, eggs, and ham bitch. and a sandwich
All this shit i be postin
All these roasties be a toastin
Normies gettin raped and jews be roastin

Pretty boy NEET comin thru your hood nigga
Run up in yo house and give your girl my wood nigga

You think you hard, you think you crunk, when you snort a line of that junk
Get fucked, get jumped, put yo ass in my trunk

Off the top of my head. How'd I do?
>Nigga nigga nigga
>Got his finga on da trigga
>watch his finga flicka
>does he got the vigor?

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