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>Anon, take off your shirt and come here, water's warm! :)

wat do?
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If we're alone I charge at her and tackle her into the water from behind.
this but I ram her butt with my head and make angry goat noises.
>take off shirt and jump in the water
it's easy as that lads

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they better have saved the damn pizza as evidence. They kept a corpse preserved for years to show in court recently so they better show the pizza
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Why do you care if they preserve it? I'm pretty sure a corpse has higher priority than pizza that was thrown at someone.
you have to keep the weapon. if someone murderered someone with a slice of pizza you wouldn't just throw it away you have to catalog it.
Pizza isn't a weapon, they don't need to keep the pizza anyways because that article clearly states they have footage of the incident. And you can't murder someone with pizza. Also the guy should just get a littering ticket, not an assault charge.

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Hey guys I finally got a gf! Here's a pic of her.

She's always asking about my hobbies and what interests me.... strangely she doesn't like talking about herself but hey, maybe she was abused as a kid or something - I can sympathise.

How did I do, /b/ros?
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Is that one of those BLACKED porn stars?
Is that the joke? Did I get it?
Its crazy that even pretty girls like that reduce themselves to hat amount of degeneracy just for cash

and people get surprised why most of us here dont trust women...


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Daily reminder that even fisting doesn't permanently stretch out pussies.
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Labia size is determined by hormonal level. Idiots are getting cause/effect mixed up.

>This 20 year old girl with small breasts, small hips, and tiny inner labia. It must mean that she has small labia because she hasn't had sex.

>This 20 year old with big tits, round ass, and big inner labia. This must mean she has big labia because she has had lots of sex.


>Horny bitches are fucking and have bigger labia. Un-honry bithces are not fucking and have tiny labia.
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Daily reminder that OP is a liar.
>regular stretching can't permanently stretch muscles and skin

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jap virgins.jpg
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>A country with the biggest amount of virgins
>A country with the biggest amount of autistic people
>Anime, Vidya
>Shyness is prevalent, a part of the culture

Coincidence? I think not.
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USA is going japans path.
Society becomes so turbo normie outcasts have no choice
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Japs are redpilled

we dont need more humans in this dark world
>tfw japanese guy born in the body of a european

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Not putting you in the gentlemans club is where your father messed up in your life.
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I think it was actually the part where he and my mom divorced and I had no father for years and eventually got a horrible step-father who treated me like a piece of shit.
Also he died so I can't even go spend time with him as an adult.
No I think it was going to jail for downloading child pornography is where he messed up.
well he messed up in my life by abusing me when i was a child and letting me grew up feeling scared of him. which saddled me with a general load of fear, weakness and self-contempt.

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How do we solve the manlet problem?
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Men must stop breeding with short women.
It's simply a waiting game. Height has become a status symbol in this vain and decadent gilded-age of inequality. Although it seems as though this is a law that has been carved into the stone of our souls, that our value as humans forever doomed to be weighed out by the uncaring eyes of our peers, it will fall apart, and a new paradigm of social hierarchy will emerge.
Round them up and gas them. All of the womanlets, too.

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>son lived with me for 3 years since mother left
>play vidya, darts, snooker and get along all well
> He went to uni last year
>moved out and all, still came back once a month to play snooker and darts
>came back this weekend and he said he needed to talk to me
>he said he is into the whole "trap" culture and enjoys dressing cute and explained it all to me. i saidf i was okay with it all and he sempt really happy that i accepted it so quickly, he sempty genuinely scared about what i was going to say
>little does he know that traps are my absolute biggest turn on

what do anons? how do i deal with this?
what would you do?
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i know this is bait but you do realise that if your son is into the "trap" community or whatever there's a chance that he'll read this post, something that has the potential to destroy your relationship.

be proud your boy shares your love for feminine preenis
You just copy pasted this 2 days ago.

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Quickest ways to die without having to try suicide? Hanging and shotgun sound either hit or miss and easy to fuck up.

Drinking alchol or drugs is out of the picture because i definitely would be doped up all the time. i hust want somethibg i can do that doesnt raise eyebrows and kills me faster.

also what do you expect comes after death
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>easy to miss
Anon you put the barrel in your mouth and squeeze
Handcuff yourself to a steering wheel and drive off a bridge into a deep river.
Don't because they are all painful and your time will come eventually

Whats your favourite reaction image(s) this week anons?

post em'
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i gotchu senpai

heres my all time fave
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I feel that cats are making a comeback
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This is probably my favorite

Origami Killer

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Dear A

Am I really never going to hear from you again?

I know we said we're better off without each other, and I still believe that. But I miss you.

I'm not coping so well without you.
Even though I've been harbouring negative feelings towards you for a while now, A part of me still wants you in my life.
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C? Is that you? If it is then i will see you when you get back.
What were the low blow ad hominem attacks and doxxing me supposed to do? Making a whole hate page on 8ch? ARE YOU 12 YRS OLD?
Dear B

I still think about you sometimes even though I only knew you for a few weeks. I'm doing my best to repress the memories though.

It's hard for me to connect with others, I haven't really found anyone to talk to since we ceased contact so that sucks.

Part of me wants to reach out and try to re-establish communications but I don't think you'd be receptive and that would just hurt more.

Oh well, happy early birthday.


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>10% of men have a penis greater than 7 inches
>average woman has 8 male partners
>57% percent chance that any random woman has slept with a man with a >7 inch cock
>if you have even a decent sized 6 incher, she'll be thinking of his cock instead
>she won't be satisfied with you once she's had a >7 inch cock

Unless you're part of the top 1% of dicks, why are you even trying? Women don't deserve anything.

>average women probably watched porn before
>she will compare your size to all of the freaks in the industry
>she'll think you're small regardless of reality
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Of course they're gonna want the top 1%. Just like a guy will want a young, 10/10 with nice tits, ass, and a tight pussy. But that doesn't mean they'll get it and sooner or later they'll realise that fact.
In fairness you might as well say the same about breasts. Statistically a guy has had his hands on F and above chests, so he will always be disappointed with less.
Guys have varied tastes in women and generally low standards.

Women, on the other hand, could be 3/10 and can easily score a one-night stand with Chad. This inflates her self-esteem so much that she'll only date or marry 7+/10s.

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>tfw literally don't even know how to masturbate
Am I the most retarded person on this board?
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rub ur peen
Turns out, everyone is masturbating wrong.
It doesn't give me any fucking sensation whatsoever

>tfw i'm a 25 year old kissless virgin, and despite my best efforts have never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, never had sex
>tfw in the present day there are 17 and 18 year olds having girlfriends and sex without even trying

How unfair is this? What the fuck am I doing wrong, why is life unfair? what the fuck am i doing wrong?
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You aren't doing anything wrong probably. Women select now, men just wait and hope for the best. I am 27 and a khv too, at first i thought i was doing something wrong too but then after reading a lot i realized that it was because i didn't have looks or money. It's really that simple.
I lost all but kissing at 28, 5 months ago.
It's luck & a number game (lift/read/improve yourself to increase )
Bro, there are kids as young as like 12 probably having sex, and even younger fooling around. It's not about being fair, it's about dropping the desire. Life isn't fair, it doesn't get better, etc. I've found it's best to minimise suffering by purging as many desires as possible. I still *want* a girl, but I've convinced myself that it's not worth it. I've given up trying to play catch up and just go through the motions, and will do so until I kill myself

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What is a good way of making money, /r9k/?

>no wagecucking
>no memecoin
>no prostitution
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Lotto tickets? Marry rich spouse,
File: 1499467839928.png (51KB, 242x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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doubling money on Runescape
studying hard
pick a book, start reading

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