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Do you also sometimes have a feeling like you understand some social interaction or a piece of art or something MUCH better than almost anybody else around you?
And I don't mean stuff that happened to you but rather stuff you see as a stranger on the streets etc.
I had this revelation while I went to see pic related. Like everybody kinda understood what's it about. But I have this deep feeling that I was the only person who could actually relate to the main character. Maybe even more than the creators itself...
And since then I started observing this stuff on much more regular basis. Like when people argue around me or I go and see a movie or listen to music etc.

Is it just a special snowflake syndrome or can somebody relate to this?
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Well, living a life of mental manouvering like most of us /r9k/ poster do, one to a more intense level than others. might give rise to new brain connections so seeing/understanding on a deeper level. (like the ''real'' autist who has superhuman talent, like hearing music one time and being able to play it right away. see link

I never thought about myself as being autistic tho. And I don't think I am. Probably just socially inept..
The fact that you challenge and question such thoughts and ask yourself if you are "just a special snowflake" is a good sign I think. A certain amount of self doubt is very helpful. Look it up.

Idiots breeze through life assuming they are correct all the time.

Smart people constantly question themselves.

It's a real thing. If you ever lose your inner critic it probably means you're a dumbass. And always remember. The more you learn the less you know. I.e. the more you learn about anything the more you realise there are nearly infinite variables affecting everything making it impossible to actually "know" everything.

Only the truly stupid deal in absolutes. (And I appreciate the irony of that statement.)

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>/pol/ full of white chads who've had multiple girlfriends and plenty of sex with white women
>they don't care about female sexual degeneracy or punishing female sexuality because they are the ones banging and gurlfriending all the hot white Stacy sluts
>for some reason they spend all their time hating on Asian, Indian and Muslim beta males who pose no threat to them and can't even get a woman

Why do people who have so much going for them get attracted to such an autistic ideology?
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It's infested with Reddit filth.
It's one of the few places online where anyone can air their true views. Everyone is censored elsewhere. Surely this will attract some normies too.
Because they think they can debate


How many of these do you have?

4/4 = perma-virgin status.
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I'm 5'8 and people talk to me including girls but I push them away. Not fatbeither

So only 1/4(Just be confident bro tier)
1 out of 4. I fuck girls easily and regularly.
If you're not at least 3/4 you cannot be a robot.

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>looking for jobs on Google Maps
>see this

Do you think it's real?
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Why does he look like that despicable me guy

He looks more like a swastika
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what the hek
how do u find an image like this on google maps

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Why do the democrats keep losing now?
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Generally unlikable candidates, and too much pandering to groups who don't actually turn up to vote.
>say white people are the cause of every problem
>act surprised when you don't get voted into office
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That's what they get for ruining my peoples chance to make something of ourselves in america.

>[profession] here, that's not...
>[board related to the discussion] here, let me tell you

If you do any of those, you should consider amputating your arms to spare the rest of the world embarrassment and cringe.
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looks like someone's uneducated opinion was just proven wrong and he'd rather be mad about it than change his mind
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Boob-ologist here, let me tell you...

That's not the case and if that's your only argument then you must be one of those narcissists attention whores who do those things.
Since there is no way to prove their credibility, there is no reason to post such things. It doesn't reinforce what is written after that. It only serves to boost the author's ego. Only narcissistic retards do it.

Except for this >>37904290 guy, he's good.

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If you shot a gun out of someone's hand, would it break?

I see this happen all the time in movies and comics and shit and I'm curious as to weather or not you could actually use a gun after it's been hit by a bullet? I'd assume it would get dinged at the very least.
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It'll be time to get a new peashooter. Even with a .22, the barrel or components would get bent causing it to miss fire, become unusable, or destroyed out of repair. Unless you shot in the right place of a rifle with a .22, hitting any actions would cause the gun to fail.
It could keep working fine, work with some problems, or get completely fucked, depending on what part of what gun you shot with what bullet.
Some parts are durable enough it could bounce off, some parts still work with a hole in them.

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What did she mean by this? Is she assburgers?
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If you say yes you've just given her the position of power and she'll start ignoring you and chasing the next goal, IE someone better looking or more influential than you are.
Ask her why you should.

Make her sell you on it.
make it into a game
gives u the power and creates a flirtatious environment

How does it feel knowing that roasties would fuck this guy than a law abiding nice guy?
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Wew lad look at all those likes and hearts
why would you care who a roastie fucks?
3D women are filth.

I can't believe people tear themselves apart over these living sewer waste.

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is anyone else here really scared of heights?

i seriously cant even take an escalator or go above a 2nd floor building with absolutely freaking out

how do i fix this?
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Same way you fix any phobia: exposure therapy. Google it.
Hypnotherapy and ssris. They worked for me with a very similar issue

It was mainly anxiety induced. I'm now ok
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>tfw work on roof all day

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Ophelia is now doing porn as Misha Mayfair and it fucks me up that someone who's supposed to be a fuck up looks like they're having a blast.

Do pornstars have fun?
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Have a nude of her why not
>Do pornstars have fun?
Most have an arm length of substance/social problems.
But yes they do have fun but the majority probably hate themselves more than the average normie
Thanks, Zoidberg.

just hopped off guys, filled her up and took some fancy turns down near the coast on an early ride. time to crack open a few beers, it's already well over 10AM and I'm falling behind.

>pic related, old shot, same lovely route

who else riding here ?
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I ride a vintage scooter, just cruising the neighbouring villages while the sunshine hits my blond hair, do it almost daily. Mostly in the morning at about 10am, i go outside tke a nice deep breath and cruise by the 9-5ers just having a good day
>going outside
When did /r9k/ becomes such a normie infested shithole?
When i ride i wear dark sunglasses and face covering cap to avoid all human contact... I always look the other way when passing other people... does this make it /r9k/ approved.

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>It's another "Too depressed to feel like doing anything but not tired enough to go to bed" episode
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Sure it is, how was your day, OP?
rather bland. killed a bit of time playing vidya beforegoing to see my mom in the hospital. surgery went well, but that's to be expected for a simple appendectomy. just been shitpostin' since getting home, though I really shoulda got some writing done...like I shoulda been doing all week.

what about you, anon?
Do you have an actual job?

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ITT' General complaints and gripes

>Roasties in the house across have had a party every single night this week.

Make it stop anons
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>brown people down the street are playing brown people music
> people say mean things like the guy above me on 4chan and it makes me mildly upset
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>someone called me an annoying twat on /TV/

Been dwelling in it the entire night

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Fucking transsexuals shitting up my Dwarf Fortress modding forum. Is there ANYWHERE these mentally handicapped snowflake shitstormers can't find and make it all about themselves?

Share the stories
(It got much worse than pic related)
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>used to be on a forum
>all of the members were kids a few years under me
>watch as a few faggot trannies turn the entire group into trans-fags
>the group chat gets filled with casual faggotry
>can't go one page without some gay rp shit or tulpas
You've not seen shit til you've seen a normal kid you used to talk with start chatting about how xer half insane tulpa wants to kill them and take over their body.
That sounds... damn. It's one thing with invaders, it's another when they infect people you've personally interacted with to that degree of faggotry.

Kind of happened with my neighbor infected from the Undertale community, but it wasn't that bad

Do trans people really go on about tulpas tho? I never quite understood what corner of the internet/world the whole tulpa fad started.
>Do trans people really go on about tulpas tho?
I'm a tranny I know many other trannies and no one I know has a tulpa. I'd be surprised if any of them even knew what a tulpa was.

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